Example Answers to Questions on HRM Processes Essay

Types of HRM Aims

The Human Resources organisation will lend its professional abilities to the establishment ‘s fulfilment of its aims and accomplishment of the KPMG ‘s strategic program ends ( Besides known as Organizational Effectiveness ). Otherwise, it besides guarantee to formal subject while advancing compassion, informal interactions, underscore competency, part, corporate attempts, self-respect and decorousness in all that affairs to the house.

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Example Answers to Questions on HRM Processes Essay
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Furthermore, HR will set about reappraisal and sweetening of HR procedures, processs, systems, and policies by used BASIC of uninterrupted quality betterment and to knit client service ( Ankur, 2009 ). Meanwhile, the aims besides help KPMG to construct on its strengths and to cut down its failings. All attempts should be concentrated to take organisation become more effectual each twenty-four hours and HR has a possible chance as a accelerator and a facilitator to hold a portion in a fantastic manner.

Furthermore, HR will supply and develop preparation plans for staff and directors to assist them carry through the ends of the KPMG ‘s strategic program, which mean create or develop the cultural of ageless acquisition ( Dwivedi, 2007 ). From at that place, HR section will make up one’s mind and assist to minimise the socio-economic detrimental like unemployment, perturbation in the allotment of income and wealth, and besides better the public assistance of the society by cut downing favoritism to adult females in work topographic point and disadvantaged subdivisions of the society.

On the other manus, HR will supply support of Enterprise Resources Planning ( ERP ) enterprises, including alteration direction, and systems development activities. The result of the reappraisal has established the way for HRM ( Dwivedi, 2007 ). First the KPMG is now concentrating more on its strategic function, reding subdivisions and sections on execution, finding policy, puting guidelines and regulations. Within this, KPMG is intrusting every bit much authorization as possible to sections, and simplifying regulations and processs. Otherwise, the accent is now more on the direction of people instead than the disposal of regulations. Last, the company sections are expected to reexamine and develop their ain HRM plans to assist them run into their operational demands.

Features of Human Resource Management Strategy ( HRMS )

Human Resource Management Strategy is a procedure of uniting people and organisation together and allow the ends of each are met. It aims to procure the best from people by winning their full co-operation. HRMS besides can be defined such as procuring, developing and keeping good work force to accomplish the ends of an organisation effectual ( Nankervis, Compton, & A ; Baird, 2001 ).

A longer term focal point.

An add-on of several old ages strategic, plans for human resource use is often measured as the beginning in the development of a strategically oriented HRM map.

New linkages between HRM and strategic planning.

It is come into position as an of import characteristic in many theoretical accounts of HRMS. One-way linkage will give attending to the functions of HRM activities by back uping scheme execution, while a bipartisan linkage explains a more pattern attack where HRM puts forth control on scheme preparation as good ( Nankervis, Compton, & A ; Baird, 2001 ).

HRMS concerns for the employees to assist them.

The work squad successful depends on how good the group can work together and set attempts to raise productiveness and public presentation. Other point is to do certain the countries of duty and authorization of line director and staff forces are recognized. With clearly recognized lines of authorization and duty, each group will hold better understand their function in the organisation.

Proposed linkages between HRM and organisational public presentation.

Most theoretical accounts of HRMS include the proposal that HRM plays an of import function in making the strategic ends. As the usual result of company schemes is development of the house ‘s economic value, HRM should straight away contribute to the house ‘s bottom line in order to be judged expeditiously.

Inclusion of line directors in the HRM policy doing procedure.

The importance of HRM ‘s strategic worth may good make an added line of direction duty, chiefly in parts refering the choice and compensation of directors. Meanwhile, Human Resource usually would be responsible for staff applications, staff files and any jobs such clip off ill, covering with staff transportations and so on. The line director is besides responsible for staff at work, so any jobs, the staff would describe to him. In other words, doing certain the work gets done ( Timothy, & A ; Heneman, 2006 ).

Attempts at acquiring the undermentioned cooperation of the people for the accomplishment of organisation ends.

Employee ‘s authorization is to advice or intention those with line authorization. For case, HR section aid other sections by select and develop a standard work force. A quality control director will assist production director by finding the suited quality degree of products/services at company, get downing quality plans, and feedback statistical analysis to do certain it wills conformity with quality demands. Hence, staff authorization provides staffs the right to give advice to better line operations.

Question 2: Planning

Basic Components of Job Analysis

Human resource planning is the procedure by which directors guarantee that they have the right figure and types of people in the right topographic points, with the suited accomplishments, experience and competences in the right occupations at the good clip with suited cost, which are capable of efficaciously and expeditiously executing assigned undertakings. Through planning, organisations can avoid sudden endowment deficits and excesss. HR planning can be condensed into two stairss: ( 1 ) measuring current HRs and ( 2 ) measuring future HRs demands and developing a plan to run into those future demands ( Stone, 2007 ).

Job content: explains the responsibilities and duties of the occupation in the manner that can change from planetary statements to a really complete description of undertakings and procedural stairss. The single one-self controlled these factors such as public presentation, liberty, acknowledgment, and so on. For an person to win at accountant adjunct occupation at KPMG to harvest the best status degree of public presentation out of the person, it is paramount for the person every bit good as the organisation to integrate motive techniques that will promote the worker to be of increase public-service corporation and cut down cost.

Occupation demands: recognizes the prescribed making, cognition, skills abilities and personal features that employees require to put to death the content of the occupation in a specific state of affairs. An employer ‘s patterns seek to place and engage the best appliers. Job analysis can take employers achieve this object by placing standard choice, like the experience, abilities or cognition needed that suited for a occupation. A house ‘s directors and HR professionals can utilize this information to manage and chose the suited choice devices such as interview inquiries, trials.

Job context: refers to situational and back uping information about a peculiar occupation, its purpose, where it fits within the organisation, care of human or material resources, handiness of guidelines, likely effects of mistake, sum of supervising received or provided ( Stone, 2005 ). Organization controlled these factors such as base wage, company policies, work status, and so on. From the Herzberg ‘s motivation-hygiene theory, the hygiene factors are occupation context, and motive factors are occupation content ( Stone, 2007 ).

Environmental Tendencies

Economic Factors

As we can see throughout the KPMG, economic alteration can hold large impact on a house ‘s behaviour. For case:

Higher involvement rates may barrier investing because of increasing costs to borrow.

A strong currency can do exporting more hard because it may acquire higher monetary value impacted from foreign currency.

Inflation can increase costs and besides strike higher pay demands from employees.

Higher national income increasing might raise demand for a house ‘s merchandises.

Social Factors

Social tendencies altering can consequence on the demand for an organisation ‘s merchandises and the vacancy and willingness to work of persons. In Singapore, for illustration, the population is being ageing. The increasing of cost for pension payments of houses for their employees increased because their staffs are populating longer. That means some houses such as KPMG started to concentrate about older employees to cover with this turning labour rate. The ageing population besides has consequence on demand for sheltered adjustment and medical specialties have increased.

Demographic Factors

The successful of Asia ‘s demographic is associated with the impressive changing of economic and societal alterations during this period. Large societal alterations occurred aboard quaint economic growing. Furthermore, there were large rises in existent incomes and monolithic decreases in poorness degrees as the part ‘s economic systems transform from about depends on agribusiness to increasing accent on modern urban-based industries. These include the spread of basic instruction and the associated rise in literacy degrees ( Singh & A ; Narlawar, 2010 ).

As Asia ‘s demographic passage gathered growing in the early 1970s, following the crisp decrease in human death, particularly of babies and kids, the population growing really fast. Subsequently, as birth rate diminution gained impulse, the growing rate has about reduced into half, with the inactiveness of demographic impulse accounting for much of the current 1.3 % one-year growing in population ( Health Status Report, 2005 ).

Technological Factors

Presents, new engineerings are doing more new merchandises and new procedures. Online shopping, barcode, and computing machine design are betterments to assist houses to make concern with a better engineering. Computer games, High-tech Mobile are all possible markets appeared from technological progresss. Technology cut downing costs and besides bettering quality and create invention ( Kleiman, n.d. ). These developments can supply for consumers more benefits and besides helps the houses supplying their services, particularly in the fiscal market today.

Question 3: Resourcing & A ; Development

Approachs Used to Attract External Candidates

For enrolling successful, each occupation must be clearly defined. Enrolling scheme entails placing where to enroll, whom to enroll, and what the occupation demands will be ( Stone, 2005 ). An of import determination, which is to be taken by the company, is whether to follow internal enlisting or external enlisting for the occupation vacancy that has arisen in the KPMG Company.


Ad is a manner of pass oning the employers utilizing through media such as telecasting, wireless, newspapers, or industry publications. The cyberspace is the newest and fastest turning ERM. Regardless of the advertisement method utilised, in finding the content of an advertisement message, a house must make up one’s mind on the corporate image its wants to project. Obviously, the house should give prospective employees an accurate image of the occupation and the organisation.

Employment Agencies

Employment bureau is an organisation that helps houses enroll employees and at the same clip helps campaigners to making the occupation. There are 2 types of employment bureau. ( 1 ) Private employment bureaus, known best for enrolling white-collar employees, offer an of import service in conveying qualified appliers and unfastened places together. ( 2 ) Public employment bureaus, operated by each province, receive overall policy way from the U.S. Employment Service. Public employment bureaus, best known for recruiting and puting persons in operative occupations, have become progressively involved in fiting people with proficient, professional, and managerial places.

Professional Organization

Professional associations in concern countries including finance, selling, accounting, and human resources provide enlisting and arrangement services for their members. The Society for HRM, for illustration, operates a occupation referral service for members seeking new places and employers with places to make full. SHRM has a ace Web site for HR professionals.

Open House

Open houses are a valuable recruiting tool, particularly during yearss of low unemployment. Open houses are cheaper and faster than engaging through enlisting bureaus, and they are besides more popular than occupation carnivals. There are pros and cons to keeping a genuinely unfastened house. Ad of unfastened houses may be through both conventional media and the Internet, where a house might have its unfastened house on its home page.


Internet is a manner that happening acceptable qualified appliers rapidly at the possible cost is a basic end for employers. The advantages of cyberspace are more cost-efficient than most recruitment methods, entree to major group and choose more campaigners, besides can aim the type of people needed, easy to utilize, convenience, and so on. However, disadvantages of cyberspace are increased volume of appliers whose may inadequate for the occupation when recruiting by cyberspace.

Needs of Performance Appraisal

Employers appraise public presentation for several grounds. Performance assessments usually are used to back up HR determination including virtue additions, expiration, and publicities. Employers who plan to utilize a virtue wage program must hold a public presentation assessment system, which is effectual and assesses right the employee ‘s public presentation. Merit wage determination non based on a correct and just public presentation assessment system can take to charges of favoritism, every bit good as employee disappointed with the wage system ( Mathis & A ; Jackson, 2000 ).

Furthermore, employers use a figure of methods to measure and enter employee public presentation. Not all public presentation assessment methods work every bit good for every employer. Choosing the right public presentation assessment method depends on a figure of factors, factors to be taken in to consideration when HR staff chooses an appropriate public presentation assessment method in KPMG will be as follow: classs of employees to be appraised, types of occupations Employees Perform, nature of relationship, dependability of method, cogency or relevancy of method, utility in productiveness betterment, and easy to utilize.

Question 4: Rewarding

Pull offing Employees ‘ Motivation

Maslow has attempted a more sophisticated categorization ranking the assorted demands in a definite order. Harmonizing to him there are five types of demands, which include any adult male into action, depending on the precedence, which he links with each other.

Beginning: the-happy-manager.com, 2007.

Physiological Needs

These are biological demands. They are including demands for nutrient, H2O, air and a changeless organic structure temperature. These demands can see strongest demands because if a individual were starved of all demands, the physiological demands would come foremost to fulfill their basic demands.

Safety Needs

When all physiological demands are satisfied and are no longer commanding ideas and behaviours, the demands for security can go active. Adults have small consciousness of their security needs except in times of exigency or periods of disorganisation in the societal construction ( such as widespread rioting ). Children frequently display the marks of insecurity and the demand to be safe ( Maslow, 1954 ).

Needs of Love, Affection and Belongingness

When the demands for safety and physiological are satisfied, following degree of demands will be demands of love, fondness and belongingness. Maslow states that people seek to get the better of feelings of solitariness and shame. This includes giving and having love, and the sense of belonging ( abraham-maslow.com, 2009 ).

Needs for Esteem

When the above categories of demands are satisfied, the demands for regard can go advantage. These include demands for self-pride and the regard a individual gets from others. Worlds have a demand for high degree of self-respect, a stable, and regard from others. When these demands are satisfied, the individual feels self-confident and go more valuable. When these demands are failed, the individual feels inferior, weak and helpless.

Needs for Self-Actualization

When all of the foregoing demands are satisfied, so and merely so are the demands for self-actualization activated. Maslow describes self-actualization as a individual ‘s demand to be and make that which the individual was “ born to make ”. These demands make themselves felt in marks of restlessness. The individual feels on border, tense, missing something, in short, ungratified. If a individual is hungry, insecure, non loved or accepted, or missing self-esteem, it is really easy to cognize what the individual is ungratified about. It is non ever clear what a individual wants when there is a demand for self-actualization ( NetMBA, 2004 ).

Traditional Pay and Incentive Pay

Incentive wage, besides referred to as variable wage, is used by employers alternatively of the traditional wage mechanism, like virtue additions and fixed wages. Under an incentive wage plan, salary degrees can be linked to the public presentation of the person, group, or overall organisation. Incentive can be offered to higher-level executives, lower-level direction, and non-management employees.

Harmonizing to Mathis and Jackson ( 2000 ) understanding differences between traditional wage and incentive wage can assist employers find what combination of attacks best suites corporate civilization and concern demands. Traditional wage, sometimes called the hierarchal attack, sets a standard wage for a peculiar occupation based on its degree follow the company hierarchy. Raises are based on periodic employee occupation ratings by the manner employees perform their occupation. The consequences of the rating determine the degree of the employee ‘s virtue addition, where they get a little per centum addition in their base wage. Incentive wage is based on the public presentation or consequence of an employee, a squad of employees who works towards specific organisation ends. In an inducement program, public presentation steps are viewed at least normally to find the degree of incentive wage. The incentive wage can be awarded as a erstwhile fillip or a per centum of base wage.

Question 5: HRM and Law

Employers and Employees ‘ Duties

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) has developed compulsory and voluntary wellness and safety demands to guarantee that employers provide safe workplaces, maintain records of hurts and unwellness, and acknowledge employee ‘s rights to decline insecure work. Meanwhile, employers from KPMG that fail to follow with compulsory OSHA guidelines typically are capable to mulcts or other punishments.

KPMG is committed to supply the wellness, safety and wellbeing of their people and any visitants to company premises. The company besides complies with applicable occupational wellness and safety statute law, and provides a scope of wellness and safety related support systems for their people and visitants ( KPMG, n.d. ). The company purpose to forestall accidents and advance good heath, safety and well-being by:

Decreasing wellness and safety hazards combined with their concern operations, every bit good as moderately patterns.

Developing a wellbeing, wellness, and safety civilization in the company.

Encouraging and back uping communicating on wellness, safety and well-being issues in the company.

Furthermore, employers are required to supply and keep a safe and hazard free working environment for their employees. Some of the specific responsibilities of the employers are:

Supplying and keeping safe works and system of work.

Arranging safe systems of work in connexion with works and substances.

Supplying a safe working environment.

Supplying equal information on jeopardies, every bit good as direction, preparation and supervising to employees to enable them to work safely.

Supply information to their employees in such linguistic communications as are appropriate.

On the other manus, the responsibilities of employees apply to all the people working in the organisation and that includes even the people in the managerial degree. Employees are required to take attention of their ain wellness and safety, and of their colleagues. Wherever safety processs are laid down employees must follow them and when appropriate safety equipment is provided, employees must utilize it. Harmonizing to Stone ( 2005 ), employees must non wilfully or heedlessly interfere with or misapply anything provided in the involvements of wellness and safety or wilfully put at hazard the wellness and safe of other.

Criticisms on Ethical Role

Short and Callaghan ( 2005 ) discourse the ethical function of HR development professional in international organisations. In seeking to place what is ethical behaviour for an international organisation, they propose that the first thing to understand is the possible negative impacts of globalisation.

Poor status of work, including wage degrees below poorness lines and utmost wellness hazard. Good wellness and personal well-being aid you get the most out of life every bit good as lending to superior professional public presentation. “ We want you to remain fit and healthy with plentifulness of energy and enthusiasm. It ‘s cardinal to our civilization and besides makes sense for us as a concern. KPMG ‘s “ myWellbeing ” plan covers a scope of relevant benefits ” ( KPMG, n.d. ).

‘Race-to-the-bottom ‘ in term of working criterions as houses seeks cost efficiencies around the universe. Keeping a balance among the house spends and salvaging is truly of import in concern – particularly in break uping economic periods. Operationss should concern about their cost base same like an investing and continually reexamine whether it is being made in the right countries ( KPMG, n.d. ).

Company from developing states can non vie with big MNEs. HR professionals need to see the impact that their organisation has on the universe and take proactive determinations.

Furthermore, the societal struggle from altering outlook. The struggle can be described as actions and procedures which seek to change the assorted features and manifestations of struggle by turn toing the root causes of a peculiar struggle over the long term ( Lehman, 1995 ). Group struggle can be viewed as an indispensable model of societal alteration, about for those extremist and unexpected societal transmutations recognized as revolutions.

Womans and cultural minorities still find it harder to acquire a good occupation than other workers in many states, and more likely to work in ill paid occupations without corporate representation and hapless labour safe-guards, despite impressive betterments in recent old ages. One ground for this go oning job is discrimination – unequal intervention of every bit productive persons because of gender or race ( ScienceDaily, 2010 ).


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