Example Answers to Questions on Strategies and Discrimination Essay

Read as many text editions, articles and web sites as possible. This will do it easier for you to move in the direction environment and will enrich your experience with Management Practice I!

1.1 ) Roll up a list of at least five ( 5 ) beginnings ( excepting your prescribed text edition and the survey usher ) that you have obtained and read sing direction. ( 5 )

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Example Answers to Questions on Strategies and Discrimination Essay
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Hurwitz, J. , Bloor, R. , Kaufman, M. & A ; Halper, F. 2009. Service Management for Dummies. New Jersey: Wiley Publishing.

Drucker, P.F. 1986. Management: Undertakings, Responsibilities, Practices. New York: Truman Talley Books.

Kemp, K. 2009. Endowment Function: A manner to place endowment. Management Today, 25 ( 10 ) : 38-39

McNeilly, M. 1996. Sun Tzu and the Art of Business. New York: Oxford University Press

Zeller, D. 2009. Successful Time direction for Dummies. New Jersey: Wiley Printing

1.2 ) Explain how each beginning contributed to your apprehension of direction. ( 10 )

1 ) Management for Dummies points out that due to betterments in engineering, and the new ‘Digital Age ‘ in which we live, all concern now involve an component of Service Management, non merely the tradition service industries of the yesteryear ( Hurwitz, J. et Al. 2009 )

2 ) Management: Undertakings, Responsibilities, Practices by Peter Drucker shows that, although guided by economic forces, it is the direction of an administration that decides what the administration does, non the economic system.

3 ) The article written by Kim Kemp highlighted that Talent Mapping of bing employee ‘s might be more good than using outside endowment. I have ne’er considered this direction scheme.

4 ) Sun Tzu and the Art of Business takes the universe renowned Sun Tzu: Art of War rules are translates them into usage by concern leaders. It highlights that directors should see concern competition as a conflict, and should near competition with a war like attack.

5 ) Successful clip direction for silent persons points out that we all get the same sum of clip during each twenty-four hours, from the proprietor of a little corner coffeehouse to Donald Trump himself. The difference between the two is the manner they manage their clip for the good of their concern. Time is the 1 and lone thing that makes ALL MEN EQUAL.

Question 2:
Hellrigel et Al. ( 2004 ) refers to an administration asaˆ¦ ” a group of people that has a construction and strives to accomplish ends that the persons moving entirely can non make ” .

Find one definition from a text edition on direction or from the worldwide web ( WWW ) . Is this definition similar to the definition above? List the similarities and/or differences. Remember to cite your text right. ( 10 )

“ An administration is an organized organic structure of people with a peculiar intent ” ( Oxford Online Dictionary 2010 )

This definition provided by the Oxford online lexicon is similar to the definition from Hellriegel et Al ( 2004 ) in that the undermentioned list of similarities are noted:

Both definitions refer to a group or organic structure of people,

Both definitions refer to a structured or organised organic structure of people,

Both definitions indicate that all the people involved are working towards a common end or intent.

Question 3:
Reproduce and finish the tabular array below in your assignment. Your reply must

be based on facts – do non do premises. ( 10 )

Diverseness and the range of strategic planning
Dominant-Business Firm
Unrelated-Business Firm
Example ( Existing Firm )
Reasons why this house autumn into the class ( why is it, for illustration, a single-business house ) .
Diverseness and the range of strategic planning
Single-Business Firm
Dominant-Business Firm
Unrelated-Business Firm
Example ( Existing Firm )
McDonalds Fast Food

Abu Dhabi Aviation ( ADA )

Daewoo International

Reasons why this house autumn into the class ( why is it, for illustration, a single-business Firm ) .
They provide a set figure of merchandises, harmonizing to a set bill of fare, to one particular market which is clients desiring fast nutrient.

ADA deals merely with air power, but trades in ALL facets of air power, such as air power care, chopper operations, fixed wing operation, etc.

Daewoo produces a diverse scope of merchandises from motor vehicles to kitchen contraptions and electronics. Their mark markets for the different merchandises are unrelated to each other.

Question 4:
The Generic Strategies Model ( besides known as Porter ‘s Generic Strategies Model ) comprises a model of three basic business-level schemes. It is called generic schemes because it is non steadfast or industry dependent – it can be applied to a assortment of administrations in diverse industries. Four ( 4 ) schemes can be distinguished in this respect. Use your ain illustrations to depict the four ( 4 ) schemes that form portion of the Generic Strategies Model. [ 20 ]

The generic ( Porters ) schemes Model is a graphical expression at the relationship between a company ‘s strategic marks, and how a company plans to derive an advantage over the competition. We will briefly look at each of the four schemes and expression at illustrations of companies that use each of these schemes.

The first scheme that we will look at will be the Differentiation Strategy. This is achieved by offering merchandises and service that appeal to clients, and that clients see as being alone to the company ‘s specific trade name of merchandise ( Hellriegel, D. et al. 2010 ) . These ‘special ‘ differences are aimed at no peculiar market, but at clients as a whole. A good illustration of a company doing usage of this scheme is Sony Ericson. Since there amalgamation on 1st October 2001 ( Telford, C. 2008 ) , Sony Ericson has used their nomadic phone camera engineering as a alone gross revenues point aimed at their general gross revenues.

The 2nd scheme that we will look at is the Focused Differentiation scheme. Although similar in attack to the Differentiation scheme, it is aimed at a more specific mark market, whilst paying small or no attending to other clients ( Hellriegel, D. et al. 2010 ) that do non run into the needed standards. An illustration of this type of scheme is with many over the really high-end athleticss auto traders like Ferrari or Lamborghini. In order for a gross revenues representative to help you, cogent evidence of income and fiscal statements need to be provided as cogent evidence that you are a serious client, and non merely person that want a joyride ( test-drive ) in a athleticss auto.

The tierce of the four schemes that we encounter is the Cost Leadership scheme. It is this scheme that sees companies trying to derive clients by offering costs that are every bit low as, or lower than, the competition ( Hellriegel, D. et al. 2010 ) . They do nevertheless merely lower their monetary values if needed to derive an border in the market. As can be expected, the No-Frills budget air hose Kulula.com is a good illustration of this type of concern scheme.

The concluding scheme in the generic ( Porters ) schemes theoretical account is the Focused Cost Leadership scheme. As with the Focused Differentiation scheme, it is similar to the Cost Leadership scheme, but aimed at a more specific ( focussed ) mark market. A all right illustration of this scheme would be Vodacom and their prepaid starting motor battalion. Vodacom were the first Mobile phone

company to offer their starter battalion at a laughably low monetary value purpose at deriving new clients. The low cost of the starter battalion has no consequence on bing clients.

In decision we see that the four generic schemes that are highlighted in the generic ( Porters ) schemes theoretical account can be implemented by a assorted figure of concern types, aimed at assorted mark markets, which means it is a really various and utile tool for any concern.

Question 5:
AIDS is an of import consideration in any administration. Gather relevant statistical informations on the extent of the job in South Africa. With mention to specific administrations, depict what South African administrations are making sing AIDS in the workplace. [ 15 ]

While the rate of new HIV/AIDS infections has declined, there is still an estimated 22.4 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa populating with HIV/AIDS as of 2008 ( AIDS epidemic update. 2009 ) . It has been predicted that the figure will transcend 6 million people by the twelvemonth 2015 ( “ The Demographic Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa – 2006 ) .

Many big organisations within South Africa have been impacted to a great extent by the HIV/AIDS state of affairs, and as such have needed to play a more active function in the instruction, bar and intervention of HIV/AIDS. Anglo American Mining Company for illustration has started passing out free retroviral drugs to infected employees. The consequence is a A? betterment in staff absenteeism ( Beresford, B. 2001 ) . Anglo Coal, a division of Anglo American, won the 2009 Global Business Coalitions ( GBC ) award for their comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa ( SAGoodNews, 2009 ) . Telkom SA won this same award in 2008, for their incorporate Voluntary Counseling Testing and Treatment Programme called the ‘Thuso HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme ‘ ( Telkom SA Website ) . Eskom excessively have won the GBC award in 2007 for their managed attention system, which concentrates on attention for septic employees, concentrating on funding support and psychosocial support of all employees ( Global Business Coalition, 2007. )

In decision, we see that South Africa concern has been really negatively impacted by the spread of HIV/AIDS, big South African administrations are taking this menace to the labour force earnestly, and are taking an active function in instruction and intervention of their employees.

Question 6:
6.1 ) Table your strengths and failings refering to your managerial competences.

Below is a tabular array of my strengths and failing in the managerial competences. The replies are self-evaluatedaˆ¦

Very Diplomatic in my diction of my messages

Do non bask presenting bad intelligence

Planning and Administration
Good at advanced planning

Frequently OVER-Plan simple undertakings and do n’t wish paperwork

Very Capable due to Emergency Medical Background

Do non bask being a follower

Strategic Action
Find it reasonably easy to see the ‘Big ‘ image

Get a small tense when planned actions do n’t work

Global Awareness
Very accepting of cultural diverseness

Not an devouring follower of planetary events

High Self Disciple when motivated

Need to work on my personal clip direction and motive

6.2 ) Choose a comparative or friend whom you can swear to be honest with you. Describe the six ( 6 ) managerial competences and inquire that individual to notice on your strengths and failings of each competence. Compare the consequences with your reply in 6.1.

Below are sentiments of a sure friend, Mr. Alex Nader ( Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and Masters Degree in Education ) , with respect to the managerial competences tabulated aboveaˆ¦

Communication: Agrees wholly that diplomatic diction of written and spoken messages are one of my strengths, but can non notice on my failing as he has ne’er experience me presenting bad intelligence.

Planing & A ; Administration: Mr. Nader agrees that I am able to be after events good in progress, but does NOT hold that I over plan events. From experience, he is happy with my planning abilities.

Teamwork: Mr. Nader has ne’er seen me in an environment that requires teamwork. Fellow work co-workers nevertheless do agree with my teamwork competence as stated in inquiry 6.1. They do nevertheless differ with me non wishing to be a follower, as I ne’er seem to inquiry instructions.

Strategic Action: Mr. Nader agrees that my failing is when things do non travel harmonizing to program. He does non wholly agree that seeing the ‘Big Picture ‘ is one of my strengths, but can non believe of any others.

Global Awareness: Mr. Nader agrees that my clip life and working in a multicultural society in the Middle East has decidedly helped me develop my credence of other civilizations into a strength. Besides agrees that I ever seem to be behind on planetary personal businesss.

Self-Management: Mr. Nader tends to hold that I ever seem motivated when finishing undertakings. However, does non hold with clip direction as a failing.

6.3 ) Write down three ( 3 ) intercessions that you can use to better one or more of your managerial competences. [ 20 ]

Thee intercessions that can be used to better your managerial competences could include the undermentioned:

Completing exercisings and instance surveies in the prescribed text edition

Researching outstanding concern leaders and paying attending to their competences

Learning from your ain errors, so as non to reiterate the same errors in the hereafter.

Question 7:
The direction environment is normally divided into three subdivisions, viz. the microenvironment, the market environment and the macro environment. Discourse the three ( 3 ) environments and include in your reply relevant illustrations. [ 10 ]

We shall discourse the three direction environments, get downing from the smallest environments, through to the biggest environment. In other words, we will first expression at the Microenvironment, followed by the Market Environment and so we will look at the Macroenvironment.

The Microenvironment is likely to easiest one to explicate. Each administration will run in its ain microenvironment, surrounded by factors that affect the administration. Examples of these factors include factors such as supply of finance, actions of direct rivals and production. These factors can stand for either chances, or menaces ( Hellriegel, D. et al. 2010 ) . An of import factor sing the microenvironment is that it can be controlled or manipulated.

The Market environment can about be considered an extension of the microenvironment in that it includes factors that affect the administration on a personal degree, nevertheless the factors involved in the market environment will hold the same consequence on the competition companies, and other companies involved with these factors, in the market as a whole. Examples of factors in the market environment would be issues like handinesss of natural stuffs and the constitution of trade brotherhoods. The market environment can non be controlled by the administration, but may be influenced or manipulated under the right fortunes.

The concluding of the three direction environments is the Macroenvironment, which involves the economic system as a whole, and how it affects the administration. Examples of things in the Macroenvironment that could act upon an administration would be betterments in engineering, alterations in statute law and major political events. This environment is wholly unmanageable by the administration, and the ability to anticipate such events, and program for them by the direction might intend the difference between success or failure of an administration.


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