Example Case Studies For Examining Strategic Decision Making Essay

1Strategic Decisions are the selected options that influences the cardinal factors that set up the success of any administration ‘s scheme, can be tactical determinations which changes the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours execution of stairss required to make the aims of a specific scheme. ( BusinessDictionary.com )

Both studies present a image of troubles that could hold been escaped if some other stairss could hold been followed.

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Example Case Studies For Examining Strategic Decision Making Essay
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2The Honda company should hold done a thorough research and besides to familiarise with the U.S. market. For illustration merchandising season for bikes for U.S. was merely April to August ; they would hold known the engine sizes since their bikes can go for a long distance before implementing or get downing a concern and transporting all its points to the U.S. The linguistic communication barrier was another job which needed to be dealt with before get downing concern. The usage of Nipponese English talkers or transcribers would hold helped the communicating procedure.

It is of import to utilize both advisers and victims to happen an in-depth root of something. For cases, the usage of BCG study was really helpful but together with the Honda employee study which was every bit good indispensable since you get to experience the emotional portion of troubles that they went through.

The usage of both emergent and deliberate scheme, nevertheless holding deliberate schemes is of import but sometimes believing fast on how to undertake jobs when they arise the usage of emergent schemes can be really helpful, when they use little Hondas to travel about town to run some errands ends up for them being boosters of little Hondas.

The demands of consumers should be considered, for illustration a determination of re-modeling the rhythms due to the escape and making larger machines for 250 milliliter and 350 milliliter.

1http: //www.businessdictionary.com

2 Case 1: The Honda Effect, 2010

Coach ‘s notes on Strategic Decision

Case Study 2: Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley ‘s stakeholder ‘s power /interest matrix


A stakeholder is a individual, organisation or group that has a direct or indirect involvement to an organisation since it may impact or be affected by the being of the said administration ‘s aims, policies and actions. Stakeholders differ harmonizing to their involvements to the organisation every bit good as their power of impact to the organisation ‘s public presentation. ( J. Pearce & A ; R. Robinson.1999 )

Low High



Retired CEO










Malayan United Industries ( MUI )


Current CEO ( Rescue squad )

Board of Directors

High Low

2Stakeholders in A have a low involvement in the organisations every bit good as low power to impact the Laura Ashley ‘s attempts though Laura Ashley needs to maintain this group informed on the advancement but no demand of puting much on them.

Stakeholders in B have a really high involvement in Laura Ashley ‘s actions, though they have limited influence or low power but they are valuable Alliess in all of import determinations.

Stakeholders in C have low involvement and high power to the Laura Ashley ‘s personal businesss and they can hold a immense impact on Laura Ashley. Laura Ashley should affect these stakeholders consequently when demand arise.

Stakeholders in D are the cardinal participants with high power and high involvement which can impact the Laura Ashley ‘s developments. These should be involved in all affairs within Laura Ashley. For illustration the laminitiss can make up one’s mind to sell the company or alter the type of concern.

1Strategic Management, Formulation, Implementation and Control, John A. Pearce and Richard B. Robinson, Eighth Edition 2002

2, Tutor ‘s Notes on Power/Interest matrix

Case Study 3: Using a Balanced Scorecard

Administrations frequently find the execution of the Balanced Scorecard hard in pattern.


1The balanced scorecard is a tactical scene up and direction strategy which used widely in organisations, authorities and non-profit organisations to line up concern actions to the thought and program of the concern, develop internal and external communications, and maintain an oculus on administration public presentation beside strategic aims.

Customer Perspective

How an organisation should look to its clients

Fiscal Position

To win financially to affect the stockholders

Learning and Growth

How the organisation will prolong the ability to alter and better to accomplish its vision

Internal Business Procedures

What concern processes that will be patterns to fulfill the stockholders and clients.

Troubles on execution of balanced scorecard:

Number of steps are unpredictable, it is hard to cognize how many steps

If steps are wrongly selected, it can be deceptive, so great attention is needed when choosing the right steps.

It is clip devouring and expensive to implement

Resistance from workers since they do non desire alterations

It is more theoretical than practical

Puting lower criterions can be slippery and lead to holding lower public presentation.


The Balanced scorecard converts the organisation strategic program to attractive marching orders for the day-to-day operations which makes it easy to accomplish its ends and vision.

1Modern Competitive Strategy, 2nd Edition, Gordon Walker 2007

2 Tutor Notes on Balanced Scorecard

Case Study 4: Decree: Metempsychosis of a Carmarker

SWOT analysis at the clip of Sergio Marchionne ‘s assignment at Fiat in comparing to SWOT analysis for twelvemonth 2008.


1A SWOT Analysis summerises the cardinal issues from the concern environment and the strategic capableness of an organisation that are most likely to impact on scheme development.

SWOT for the twelvemonth 2004 during Mr. Marchionne appointment

Swot for twelvemonth 2008


Fiat quality trade name was internationally recognized due to its originality.

Fiat had assortment of trade names of vehicles e.g. Alfa Romeo, Lancia

Fiat had experienced and skilled employees


Fiat had a beauracratic construction

They lacked advanced tactics and creativity

They did non hold fashionable vehicles

They were in high debts and really hapless hard currency floor


Improve engineering by presenting the usage of computing machines.

Get downing doing fashionable and fuel-efficient vehicles.

Fiat became a market leader in Brazilian Market.


Had really limited resources.

They experience a hapless public presentation in China market.


The debut of new trade name e.g. Panda

The growing in auto fabrication markets


They face a stiff competition from challengers

The fiscal crisis was emerging


The wise determination of ending a contract with GM

Fiat joint venture with TATA and SAIC companies


They face a stiff competition from Citroen, Peugeot, VW etc. from European states.

The new policy on Carbon dioxide emanation in Europe poses a menace to Fiat.


Mr. Sergio Marchionne ‘s assignment to Fiat made some really positive consequence to Fiat ‘s public presentation compared to the clip before his assignment.

1Hill, Researching Corporate Strategy, 8th edition by Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard Whittingon, Prentice Hall

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.wordiq.com/definition/SWOT_analysis

2 Greenwich instance survey on Fiat: Metempsychosis of a car manufacturer

Coach ‘s Notes on SWOT analysis

Case Study 5: The Profitability of U.K. Retailers


1Profit is the positive addition from an investing or concern operation after deducting all disbursals or in other words it is a excess staying after entire costs are deducted from entire gross. ( Investorwords 2010 )

2British supermarkets had manner of deriving more net income than the opposite numbers merely by holding strength on the followers:

They had a lower labour cost compared to others

They had a high demand, which means the higher the demand, higher gross revenues which leads to higher gross.

They had good distribution system which make lead to a good timing between telling and bringing which increases their efficiency.

Despite the strength on some facets, still the British supermarkets had lower mean Return of Capital employed every bit good as really high edifice costs compared to its opposite numbers in Europe and U.S. Another depression on U.K. houses is that the most of the supermarket were publically owned which are usually holding hapless public presentations compared to the private 1s.


Each state has its ain manner of specifying the accounting constructs, so the profitableness position will besides differ from state to state.

1 hypertext transfer protocol: //www.investorwords.com

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.businessdictionary.com

2 Case Study 5: The Profitability of U.K. Retailers

Coachs Notes on Profitableness

Case Study 6: Novotel Value Chain


1Competitive Advantage is a province that enables an organisation to map in an excess efficiency or in a more productive and extremely choice manner than the other houses that competes with and ends being more powerful compared to the other houses in the industry. ( Investor words, 1998 ) operate

Competitive advantage consequences from comparing nucleus competences with the chances. Business Dictionary, 2011

Novotel ‘s had many competitory advantages which make it making good in concern, among the others, here are some of the of import few: –

2Hospitality – When invitees arrive at the Hotel are heartily received with salutations and personal heat, which is a asset to the people who expects to bask and loosen up from emphasis.

The layout of the Novotel is one of the advantages ; guest does non necessitate to look for topographic points when they visit Novotel, all waies of the locations are clear.

Their distribution system is good hence makes the marketing a batch easier.

Partnership plans at Novotel is worthy since it links with provider of both graduated tables and improves the selling relationship.

Since Novotel trains its staff and topographic point them in the flexible working form, creates accretion of multi-skilled staff which is a asset to the hotel industry.


Novotel through its list of nucleus competences has a good competitory advantage to win the hotel concern.

1http: //www.investorwords.com/competitive_advantage

2 Case Study 6: The Novotel Value Chain

Coach ‘s Notes on Value Chain

Case Study 7: The Levi ‘s Personal Pair Proposal


1Core competences is unusual capablenesss which an organisation acquires over a period of clip. It can be after go throughing through certain experiences and earn regard and or derive trueness from the clients. These capablenesss can non be easy imitated by any other houses.

Levi ‘s had many alone resources and nucleus competences, among others, here are the of import few: –

2Levi ‘s nucleus competences among others were:

Well organized organisation whereby fabrication was a cardinal and is managed to maximise resources values.

Levi ‘s has a really strong trade name image which makes it marketable as genuine while enjoys client support and attention.

Levi ‘s has the history of branding trueness to clients and internationally recognized by the clients

Its merchandises are inimitable unlike their rivals

Levi ‘s provides good bundles to its employees and therefore keeps the good human resources


The four major nucleus values of Levis are empathy, originality, unity and bravery with all these nucleus competences Levi ‘s will be able to take the competitory advantage compared to its rivals.

1http: //www.businessdictionary.com

2 Case Study 7: The Levi ‘s Personal Pair Proposal

Coach ‘s Notes on Core competences

Case Study 8: The Virgin Group


1 Virgin Group is a corporate concern which has many units viing in single peculiar markets. The variegation on its activities is the strategic option of the group. ( G. Johnson et Al )

The corporate principle of the Virgin Group

2The Virgin Group has some nucleus values that are sharing within each concern units. The chief plus concerns the name and the trade name of the group. Indeed, “ Virgin ” symbolizes the pureness, the renewed success and the ability to come in new and peculiar markets.

Its ability to choose the hereafter concern units is the Virgin group ‘s 2nd plus. The group concentrates on invention, valuable and turning sectors in order to procure its growing and generates large net income. The group is flexible and has the capableness to contract hazards and to look for value at the corporate degree due to its program of variegation.

Finally Group composed with the joint venture that utilizes spouses for capital coevals.


The corporate principle of the Virgin group is promote its trade names and conveying value to all concerns that owe the strategic partnerships.

1Exploring Corporate Strategy, 8th Edition by Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard Whittington, learner Hallway 2008

2Case Study 8: The Virgin Group, 2011

Coach ‘s notes on Corporate degree scheme

Case Study 10: Mantero Seta a Strategy for China

Mantero entry into the Chinese market is really obvious due to its sustainable competitory advantages. The lone manner is to set up a set of actions to guarantee the Mantero corsets competitory and on the top of fabric industry in China.

The 2nd advantage which will advance entry into China is its merchandise life rhythm. The gait of alteration in the whole market is high, the company is flexible in altering manners depends extremely on season and the elusive alterations in the ambiance since it posses the resources to vie with other companies within the industry.

Another advantage to set Mantero into the Chinese market is its value concatenation. There are attributes that the company can use to gain its incursion and success into the Chinese Market. Mantero has focussed on bettering its repute, designs and production methods.

The repute holds a trade for a smooth entry, the unique and originative designs are besides the attractive steps to keep the market in China since they show strong distinction capablenesss.

The formation of merchandises equilibrating the geographical differences of the state, utilizing proper communicating ways and proper selling systems are cardinal factors that Mantero Spa could utilize to find its public presentation in the entry into the China market.


The competitory advantage of the Mantero shows their strengths to perforate into the Chinese market efficaciously.


I would urge Mantero entry into the China market, they need to make is to contrive a program that would give them adequate flexibleness to cover with the little alterations and indispensable accommodations that takes topographic point in their operations in China.

Case Study 10: Mantero Seta Spa: a Strategy for China

Coach ‘s notes on International Strategy and Globalization


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