Example of Hero's Journey Essay

?My Hero’s Journey : I think that in my life as a whole, I am still in the call to adventure, I have had, and i still have this anguish feeling of what am I exactly going to do, even if I had some idear of an ultimate goal, I don’t really have any precise one As far as I remember, I always have been interested into making my own thing, my own compagny, I remember to say to my aunt in the car after her asking me « what do you want to be later ? , me answering : « I wan’t to be rich ! CEO of a big compagny! » but that was a child answer, like « I want to be an astronaute » or « I want to be a SuperHero like Superman ». I think that I have been meeting some « wise mentors » since I am in IE ( and even before ) but as I didn’t got any really precise goal, they didn’t made me cross any threshold, however seeds are starting to sprout. I had this IT idear witch was incouraged by the IT teacher as a wise mentor.

I had the idear of doing Art business quite long in my head, but I don’t know if it is because of my mother who pushed her three children into Art, as she is sculpting, painting and selling some of her works on her free time. Maybe also because she didn’t ever got the courage to leave her security which is her job behind, or maybe because she want to have a finacial security until her children are autonomous, but let us get back on track. I allready have a little direction, that’s why I did BBA, I know that I don’t want to be architect, or a chemist and so forth.

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I am doing all what I can do to go into that « entrepreneurship club » made of IE people which isn’t actually a club affiliate to the university to have a completely different way of managing things than with IEU clubs. Maybe, I allready got the refusal to call when I saw that this project would lead to loads of work, but in the same time as this work looks really interesting to me it could not really be a work but a way to give joy, to open up. As Confu cius would have said  « Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ».

I maybe allready have passed the refusal to call, thanks to this mentor who is Confucius, or thanks to Peter, one of the group leader who guided me an the other group applicant in this journey. I will maybe cross the first treshold thanks to this organisation. Who knows ? It is easy to analyse past events and know that you really have ended things a certain time after you made them, but when you are in the middle of them its is hard to have a step back and see clear.

The day that I will have a compagny name, a registered trademark and some money invested I could say that I crossed the treshold of doing my own compagny, or something comparable, but I didn’t yet . To conclude on my hero jouney as a whole I would still say that I am in the call to adventure because I feel the signs of it and I lack of elements to show me that I am in the other steps, I don’t have any refusal to call, I really want to go in this organisation !

If I don’t get selected I still will get the desire of doing this on my own, but then I will se a serious refusal to call because start on your own is really hard, I will need to find some people to work with and I may find a wise mentor who will help me in this, find people and so on, but those are just possiblilities. I am still in the call to adventure. As a complete Hero’s journey, I will talk about my entry into IE university. How is this part of my life considerable as a complete hero Journey ?

I started my journey, my call to adventure by having the will to go in a good university, or business school as I always have been a very ambitious person, sometimes too much. My refusal to call was my complete failure with the french system. At the end of the year, before having our final exams, our baccalaureat we have the results of our different applications in the french centralised application system : Admissions Post Bac ( APB ) When I got my results I have been refused everywhere i applied, for some, I was on wainting list, but nobody accepted me.

Between go to the public university ( which just ask for the final exam ) and double, I choosed to double and try to get outstanding grades ( even I had good grades at my final exam I had in june, in France, they don’t care about this exam, they care a lot about your previous grades, they make admission decisions before the student even had the exam, the grades during the last years need to be excellent, when admitted because of his previous grades the student just need to pass his final exam, but if he as 5 or 9,5 out of ten it doesn’t change anything ).

I met Laurence Friberg, IE associate director of international recruitment who has been my wise mentor or my supernatural aid and who offered me a crazy oportunity after a 10 minutes talk to take a plane from Paris to Madrid and come in IE the day after ( partially because of my final grades and because she wanted to save me a year ). Crossing the threeshold was to take that plane the day after, at 7 am. It was a very deeply moving situation. I have been mostly throwing my previous life away.

The belly of the whale was to find ( late ) that this university was very young, had few alumni and that the diploma I was going to have was the one of IE university and not a BBA of the very prestigious and highly ranked IE business school. The road of trials was to catch up to arrive a month late ( I started class on the 2th of October ) in terms of integration into the students, go from everything in french to everything in english and make up for the previous work. Meeting with the goddess was to meet all the great people I have met in IE and became friends.

As the fact to be admitted here valorised myself a lot, I had the temptation to go in another university ( like Bocconi or Warwick for example ) that wouldn’t get the defaults I found in IE. I also had the question : If I had been staying in the french system how well would I have done ? Atonement with the father may have been to accept not to leave for good the french system, ( the french system being the father in some terms ) The apotheosis was to enjoy life in segovia, with new friends and a whole new university world, and a country to discover more deeply.

The ultimate boon was to understand that I arrived to a university that finally match with me. The refusal to return wasn’t very strong, if he existed. I guess it is stronger for a more important journey. My magic flight was to see that others didn’t get as lucky as me ( in my previous class), and that I have some friends who are still in the equivalent of senior and would need some help or advice, because I know that a simple advice can make a big difference.

My rescue from without was internet, and social medias, without that I couldn’t have communicated and I wouldn’t had any reason to return because I wouln’t have understoud that I can be a usefull help ( I got informations about what people were doing through Facebook ) and I wouldn’t have been less usefull to others because I am used to reach many friend trough internet ( I could have done by phone but it would have been more difficult because expensive, etc).

Crossing the return treshold was to send the first messages to share my experience, trying to help as much as I can, and I have been hesitating a little before, because I didn’t want to be the guys who shows off about his experience, like « hey, my uni is ranked 34 worlwide according to NY times, if at least you are not in the top 30 you are such a looser ! » but I just shared it for them to have the best information about formation as possible, I love my friends, I want them to be happy, I simply want the best for them, I want them to be ambitious and trust their potential, I just give advices about that.

However, this threshold wasn’t really hard to cross. I am master in the two world in the meaning that I have this experience an that I can share it with high school students. I would be glad for example to represent the university in some university exibition or show. I can’t say that I am not affraid of death anymore but I may have reached freedom of living in this university during the journey ( including more psychological stability ). This is my entry into IE university journey.


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