Examples Of Differences In University Education Essay

You know, there is not all that much I would actually change about this university. Sure we could use some better facilities and the more diversity the better, but those changes have to take place over time, sometimes a long time. For now I am content with the prospect of throwing out ideas used by other universities to either increase student recruitment or enhance the image surrounding our college, that has without doubt been tarnished in past years.

One example of how we could increase the ease on the perspective student milling around our website is to take a note or two from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. The university of Oklahoma is seen as a highly academic institution along with having an advanced sports program. The Oklahoma Sooners went undefeated this past year. The good thing about their website is that it is very easily navigational, which is a plus because prospective students aren’t in the mood to have to siphon through presents addresses and alumni paraphernalia to get to what dorms they will be living in. The website also has a clearly defined area for the different colleges that are found with the walls of the University. One thing I myself had a problem distinguishing when I first started to look at Washington State University.

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Examples Of Differences In University Education Essay
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Along my web based trip through colleges in the United States I also came across Plymouth College in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Now although this college seems to have a lot of the same basic attributes we do here at Washington State I found that they facilities they provide to their students to be far above our own. Not only do they provide the typical state of the art computer labs and rec. center, but also in some halls they have sectioned of soundproof music rooms for those students participating in things such as the symphony orchestra or band. In one hall they even have a ski tuning room , maybe a little more of a necessity in that part of the country but still really cool. I think the more exciting and significant part of my glimpse into this college was the fact that in every hall the students were allowed to enhance their living space by doing pictorials or murals on the walls. Something I would really appreciate when all you see in white wall from your room to the laundry room in my dorm. I think this could also be easily done with a little student help and maybe some over seeing form our Arts department.
So that is it for my compare contrast tour of other campuses throughout the United States. I still think Washington State has some of the fetter facilities and academic programs for students. Hey, I was hard sell to start out with and now I could think of going anywhere else.

University of Oklahoma Web page: http://www.OU.edu/
Plymouth University Web page: http://www.plymouth.edu/


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