Examples of “Good” Strategic Management Sample Essay

In 1984. Disney’s stock monetary value had been level for a decennary. Net incomes per portion were merely $ 0. 06. Disney had net incomes that twelvemonth of $ 242 million. By this point in clip Disney had become chiefly a subject park company. Seventy seven per centum of its net incomes came from subject park operations that twelvemonth. Twenty two per centum of net incomes came from consumer merchandises ( licencing Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck. etc. ) . Merely one per centum of net incomes came from filmed amusement in 1984. Indeed. Disney had become a different company from what Walt Disney and his brother Roy O. Disney left behind. In 1971 when Roy O. Disney died ( he became CEO when Walt died in 1966 ) . 50 % of the company’s net incomes came from filmed amusement.

The Disney board was dissatisfied with the firm’s way and its fiscal public presentation. Michael Eisner was hired as the CEO of Disney in 1984. He had extended experience in the amusement industry including a stretch as the president of Paramount Pictures.

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Examples of “Good” Strategic Management Sample Essay
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Eisner recognized the value of both the filmed amusement bequest of the house and the subject park operations that had been developed by that clip. Eisner shortly focused on the life and film studios. He besides opened the Disney vault to work the comparatively untapped value of Disney’s animated classics. Net incomes from filmed amusement went from about $ 2. 4 million in 1984 to $ 845 million in 1994.

Eisner spent considerable clip during the early yearss of his term of office touring the subject Parkss to see what the company truly had. He decided to upgrade the subject Parkss and increase admittance monetary values. Net incomes from the subject Parkss went from $ 186 million in 1984 to $ 688 million in 1994. Consumer merchandises went from net incomes of $ 53 million in 1984 to $ 433 million in 1994. a natural consequence of the success of the company’s filmed amusement and subject park operations.

The impressive portion of these alterations and consequences is that Eisner. to quite an extent. used resources that Disney already possessed such as life and unrecorded studios. Energizers were challenged to make new and exciting content—something that had non happened in a long clip. Some of the Disney classics pulled from the vault were converted to the VHS format and distributed to the place market. It’s true that the timing of the coming of the VHS format and the proliferation of place picture was fortunate for Disney. But. it’s besides true that Eisner deployed the resources of Disney in a different manner from how they had been used in the old ages taking up to 1984.

Disney animator’s created The Little Mermaid in 1989. It had box office grosss of $ 83. 5 million. It won an Oscar. Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991. puting new box office records for an alive movie ( $ 145. 8 million ) . The Lion King came out in 1994 and has had box office gross revenues of over $ 328. 5 million and has sold over 30 million transcripts in the place picture market. All three of these animated movies did highly good at the box office. the picture shop. and the plaything shop.

In clip. Eisner besides diversified the firm’s portfolio extensively. Disney bought ABC telecasting. which included ESPN. hotels. professional athleticss squads ( Anaheim Angels and the Mighty Ducks ) . a sail ship. and developed a concatenation of retail shops. Licensing of Disney characters. old and new. was sharply expanded. In the early 1990s Disney characters were a common. and extremely prized. plaything included in kids’ repasts at fast nutrient eating houses and as awards in breakfast cereals boxes. From 1984 to 1994. Disney’s market capitalisation increased from $ 2 billion to $ 28 billion.


Softsoap was the inspiration of Minnetonka’s CEO. Robert Taylor. The thought of seting liquid manus soap in a pump container for place usage was novel at the clip. Taylor knew that the most likely rivals would be big companies like Procter & A ; Gamble who were good at developing and marketing new merchandises for the place and personal attention markets. Had Taylor forged in front without any signifier of internal analysis he would hold justly developed a great merchandise. He knew the liquid soap would be easy to fabricate and that he could purchase the pumps from one or both of the two bing pump makers. Procter & A ; Gamble. and likely others. would hold rapidly imitated his merchandise and most likely driven him out of concern. These other makers were many times larger than Minnetonka.

However. Taylor engaged in a signifier of internal analysis by acknowledging that even though these larger companies had a resource advantage when it came to fabrication and marketing the liquid soap. they had no advantage when it came to the pump bottles. He recognized that if he bought all the pump bottle production of the two makers he would hold an advantage over houses much larger than Minnetonka. Taylor bought all the pumps the two makers could bring forth in a twelvemonth. He paid more for these orders of pumps than Minnetonka was deserving at the clip. The scheme worked. He had a 12-18 month lead over his much larger rivals in which he was able to set up the Softsoap trade name and gaining control market portion. ( Brandenburger & A ; Nalebuff. 1995. The Right Game: Use Game Theory to Shape Strategy. Harvard Business Review. )

Amazon and the Publishing Industry
The book publication industry traditionally was characterized by a long value concatenation. The publishing house contracted with writers to compose books and entered into understandings with commercial pressmans ( such as R. R. Donnelley and Quebecor ) to publish the books. Books were distributed to bookshops through jobbers such as Ingram and Baker & A ; Taylor. The major job with this value concatenation was the sum of unsold books returned by booksellers. Publishers faced return rates every bit high as 30 per centum. which added significantly to their costs. Sing this inefficiency as an gap. Amazon changed the value concatenation. By traveling straight to publishing houses. Amazon was able to take down costs by cutting out jobbers. More significantly. they placed orders with publishing houses after clients ordered from their web site. This allowed Amazon to cut down drastically the returns to publishing houses ( from 30 % to 3 % ) and utilize this to deal for better monetary values from them. Amazon rearward integrated by short-circuiting the jobber and traveling straight to the publishing house. ( Laseter. Houston. Wright and Park. ?Amazon your industry: Extracting Value from the Value Chain. ? Strategy+ Business. First Quarter 2000 )

Blue-ray Disc – Strategic Alliance and Improvement of Competitive Environment Recently. there was a criterions war for the following coevals storage medium for picture and information. One format was HD-DVD. led by Toshiba and NEC Corporation. The viing format was Blu-ray phonograph record. led by a strategic confederation consisting of Sony. Sharp. Apple. TDK and a host of others. As compared to the HD-DVD format. Blu-ray has more information capacity but a higher initial cost. To avoid the illustration of Betamax. Sony. the leader of the Blu-ray format. formed the Blu-ray Disc Association ( BDA ) . BDA was a strategic confederation of hardware manufacturers such as Sony and Sharp. computing machine companies such as Apple and Dell. and content suppliers such as Disney and twentieth Century Fox. The race between the two viing formats was to subscribe up every bit many content suppliers as they could to acquire the critical mass necessary to go the dominant criterion. Paramount. Universal. and Warner had signed non-exclusive understandings to back up HD-DVD. while Disney and Columbia supported the Blu-ray format. Each format was seeking to court content suppliers who were either open or had signed non-exclusive contracts with the other format. The Blu-Ray format won the criterions war.


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