Excretory and integumentary system flashcards

Cleans the blood of waste and foreign substances, regulates blood volume by eliminating excess water, maintains salt levels In the body
The 3 major functions of the excretory system
The kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and the urethra
Parts of the excretory system
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Excretory and integumentary system flashcards
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By maintaining the amount of water and minerals that should be excreted from the body and left in the body
How does excretory system maintain homeostasis?
Blood is pumped to the kidney where the nephrons filter the blood
Explain how the excretory and circulatory systems work together?
I:drink to much water R:you go to the bathroom E:not enough water R:you get thirsty
The internal and external examples and responses for the excretory system?
D. breaks the food down and the nutrients are moved into blood and the liquid waste is sent to the kidneys for excretion
Excretory and digestive systems working together
Regulation of temperature, sensation-feeling, protection, production of vitamin D
Major functions of integumentary system
The skin, hair, nails, glands and nerves
Parts of the integumentary system
Epidermis, dermis, and the fat layer
Lost all the skin layers
I:cold temperatures
R:hair stands up to hold body heat in
R:skin begins to sweat
Internal and external examples and responses of the integumentary system
Nerves in the system receives messages to the brain
Integumentary and nervous system work together
Maintains temp. By sweat evaporating
Maintains homeostasis by keeping out foreign substances
How does integumentary maintain homeostasis?

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