excretory system, liver

a waste product made in a cell as a result of a metabolic reaction.
Excretory Products
The removal from organisms of toxic materials, the waste products of metabolism
(chemical reactions in cells including respiration) and substances in excess of requirements
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excretory system, liver
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carbon dioxide
waste product example
getting rid of undigested cellulose in faeces.
excess proteins and amino acids
nitrogenous waste
a nitrogen containing excretory product
by deamination of excess proteins in the liver
urea production
when amino acids that are not needed are broken down into carbohydrates and ammonia
carbohydrates (stored in the liver) and ammonia (converted into urea)
products of deamination
location of deamination process
to remove excess salts and water
use of kidney
alimentary canal
protein entrance
during digestion
when is protein broken down?
amino acids
what protein becomes
into the blood
where amino acids are absorbed
the liver
amino acids travel in the blood to
hepatic portal vein
the vein which the blood flows into the liver
released into circulation
amino acids that are needed
are deaminated
amino acids that are not immediately needed
stored in the liver or used
carbohydrates from deamination
converted into urea
ammonia from deamination
excreted through the kidneys in the blood
What happens to urea?
used by the body and taken away by the blood
What happens to the amino acids

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