Exhausting Natural Resources Or Causing Severe Ecological Construction Essay

As the interior decorators for this undertaking, we have been asked to transport out the development of a Sustainable 3 storey edifice block which will integrate the latest in sustainable engineerings, including the edifice ‘s services, and will besides be ace insulated. The office composite is to be the show window ‘Eco friendly ‘ Head office for a major Oil company as they would wish to give something back to the environment due to the nature of their concern.

Air Source Heat Pumps are to be used as the edifice ‘s chief beginning of heating during the colder winter months ; nevertheless solar aggregators will besides be placed on the edifice ‘s roof as portion of a Solar Thermal System that is to be incorporated and to be used during the warmer summer months. Air Source Heat Pumps work by change overing the energy in the air outside into heat. This creates a comfy temperature in the air indoors, every bit good as providing heat for a hot H2O system. By pull outing heat from the environing air, the heat energy released can be up to four times that needed to power the equipment. It is possible to pull out considerable heat from the air even at temperatures every bit low as -15 & A ; deg ; C. This is converted into heat energy to bring forth temperatures of up to 75 & A ; deg ; C. The energy is used to supply infinite heating through radiators with conventional heating systems, or with underfloor heating systems. The advantages of put ining Air Source Heat Pumps into the edifice are:

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Exhausting Natural Resources Or Causing Severe Ecological Construction Essay
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A Building Management System ( BMS ) is to be installed to supply equal chilling in the edifice. BMS provide an incorporate and machine-controlled system control of mechanical and electrical services in one or more edifices. The system is controlled through a user interface and allows a scope of parametric quantities to be set which will automatically command a edifice ‘s internal environment. The BMS responds to a scope of parametric quantities such as daytime degrees and temperature and will set warming, chilling and illuming degrees to fit the pre-set parametric quantities. Local control can be made available which is country particular so that users can hold a grade of control. The system works by electronically incorporating all services within the edifice which is so controlled from a cardinal point utilizing specialist computing machine package. This so allows the installations direction to command factors such as temperature, illuming fresh air volumes and flow rates, monitoring of security and safety systems and edifice entree. In footings of this edifice, the shading is to be controlled by solar trade name celeste blinds. These cover the Windowss when sunshine is directed on to them. There are besides wind detectors on these blinds which control the blinds when the air current picks up. Advantages of a BMS System include:

Photovoltaic Cells ( PV Cells ) are to be installed on the edifice ‘s roof and they will command the lighting and electricity of the edifice. This system will besides be used in concurrence with the BMS. Photovoltaic Cells are designed to change over sunshine into electricity. They can easy be confused with solar thermic cells and look really similar, but solar thermic cells convert sunlight into hot H2O as opposed to electricity. They are by and large mounted on roofs or walls of edifices as an external add-on or, where appropriate, integrated into the tilling plants of a roof. Currently the life of cells is estimated at 25 old ages or more, and payback is estimated at 15-20 old ages but this is dependent on clime conditions. For illustration in countries where long hours of sunshine are common they can be cost effectual within a few old ages. PV Cells gaining control the energy of the Sun and utilize a chemical reaction to change over this to electrical energy. The advantages of Photovoltaic Cells are:

Electricity is produced even when there is no sunshine

All constituents of PV Cells are complecting and to the full incorporate

They lower C emanations

They cut down the impact on the environment

They provide changeless, dependable energy all twelvemonth unit of ammunition

Reduced exposure to the fluctuations of energy monetary values

A typical layout of a Photovoltaic Cell System is shown in Figure 2.4 in the figures subdivision.

Fresh Water Supply/Waste Water Treatment

The fresh H2O supply to the edifice will be provided by Dee Valley Water. Dee Valley Water produces 73 million liters of untreated H2O per twenty-four hours. Of the 73 million liters, 83 % is derived from the River Dee at two major abstraction points, 10 % comes up our ain highland reservoirs and the staying 7 % comes from two belowground beginnings. Dee valley H2O will supply from their brinies tapping stopper prick a communicating pipe to a halt valve and protection chamber merely outside the boundary. A gooseneck crook is included to alleviate any emphasis likely to be exerted on the brinies connexion. A service pipe is taken from this halt valve, sooner located merely above floor degree and housed under the chief sink unit in the edifices kitchen. This halt valve has a drain off valve incorporated in it so that the service pipe can be drained. The service pipe shall be located so that it will non be affected by hoar, traffic or edifice tonss to do it easier to keep and to cut down the hazard of the pipes leaking. All fresh H2O will be adequately treated before it reaches the development and a diagram of how this is done is shown in Figure 2.5a.

A Grey Water System is to be installed to recycle some H2O. Water that comes from sinks, baths, rinsing machines and dish washers could be classed as gray H2O. Grey Water is suited for blushing lavatories and irrigating gardens. Between 50-80 % of domestic H2O is classed as gray H2O. Grey Water is collected and treated individually to normal white and black H2O therefore installing of a farther pipe and intervention plants is required. The advantages of Grey Water include:

Reduced H2O usage

Lower public-service corporation costs

Recycling of H2O

Figure 2.5b shows a typical Grey Water System.

Service Running Costss

In the past clients have been put off by the monetary value of going sustainable by non seeing the advantages in the long term. The cost of sustainable edifice services may look overpriced at first but over a period of clip you will be salvaging money and besides cut downing your C footmark.

3.1 Solar Electricity ( PVC System )

This illustration shows a typical nest eggs computation based on a New Build Development with a 4kW system installed based on the fact that the office will merely be used during the daylight and non at weekends.

Entire Generation – 3474kWh

Income from Generation Tariff – & A ; lb ; 1,254

Income from Export

( Constructing merely in usage 50 % of clip ) – & A ; lb ; 52

Fuel Bill Savings – & A ; lb ; 225

Entire Income and Savings – & A ; lb ; 1,531 ( Per Annum )

Entire Benefit ( Per Year ) – & A ; lb ; 1,531

Payback Time ( Years ) – 0

Lifetime Benefit – & A ; lb ; 38,279 ( Over 25 old ages )

As you can see from the chart the PVC System is extremely efficient and is besides extremely profitable of a period of clip and as the company shall be in the edifice for over 25 old ages even more net income shall be made.

3.2 Solar Thermal Energy System

The cost for a typical Solar Thermal Heating System is about & A ; lb ; 4,800 ( inc 5 % VAT ) on a 3 bed semi detached house ( this will be a larger amount for the installing on this development ) . The tabular array below shows typical nest eggs ( these nest eggs will be higher due to the size of the edifice ) :

The cost of the Air Source Heat Pump System including installing will be over & As ; lb ; 10,000. The system is to be used in concurrence with the Solar Thermal Heating System ; it will merely hold to be used in the winter months which will cut measure costs. The tabular array below shows these costs ( this tabular array is based on a 3 sleeping room detached house ) :


Due to the nature of this undertaking and the stuffs involved jobs are likely to originate. Planning and Communication are cardinal constituents to a successful undertaking ; they are needed to be able to organize a successful programme of plants. As there are so many different services to be installed this will do 2 jobs ; the first being infinite available on site and the 2nd being the sum of contractors being on the site, hence good communicating is indispensable.

A Site Co-ordinator shall be appointed and shall be available at all times. The Site Co-ordinator will organize hebdomadal meetings with sub-contractors to discourse possible jobs so that these jobs can be erased before they physically happen.

A agenda of plants will besides be put together so that each individual knows precisely what they are making and on what twenty-four hours they are making it ( this may be capable to alter due to certain limitations i.e. weather conditions ) . The agenda of plants will besides guarantee that certain occupations are done in the right order for illustration pipes can non be laid without the canals being installed foremost.

New engineering will besides be used during the early phases of the undertaking ; this is known a Virtual Engineering. Virtual Engineering plants by informations being inputted into practical world package which renders the design into a 3D theoretical account. This theoretical account can so be manipulated to demo a assortment of characteristics and long term impacts of stuffs and methods of building. The benefits of utilizing this engineering will assist avoid unneeded costs, minimise hazard, show whole life modeling and supply a clear theoretical account of the undertaking for you the client.


As the developers on this undertaking we hope that you are happy with our proposals and are looking frontward to bring forthing a high quality province of the art ‘Eco Friendly ‘ Building that will be used for coevalss to come.


Figure 2.1a

Figure 2.1b

Figure 2.4

Figure 2.1a

Figure 2.5b


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