Existing Hrm Practices In Patsa Company Commerce Essay

In this paper, I am traveling to measure the map of HRM every bit good as HR strategic jobs that direction have been faced in PATSA company, the company I worked for two old ages, from 2006 to 2008.

In the first portion of the paper, I will supply an debut about PATSA Company. Then, the general definition and maps of HRM in organisation will be discussed. In the 2nd portion, I will set my focal point on the HRM place and patterns in PATSA Company every bit good as issues that in my position, bears a important function of the HR strategic jobs that company has been faced. The last portion would be supplying some recommendations from my ain point of position to decide their jobs and to better heighten the current fortunes of that company.

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Existing Hrm Practices In Patsa Company Commerce Essay
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1. PATSA Company

In order to acquire started with my paper, I am traveling to present the company I worked for during old ages 2006-2008 and the place I held at that place.

PATSA is an Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) solution supplier with a extremely competent direction squad and strong client orientation. PATSA with more than 20 Old ages of professional experience in ICT industry in Iran is one of the taking private ICT companies who has successfully designed and implemented mega national ICT undertakings in Iran. Since 1989, PATSA as one of the taking companies in ICT field was actively focused in following classs of ICT undertakings in Iran:


ICT Turnkey Projects executing

ICT System Integration

ICT Infrastructures planing and execution

High-end endeavor degree ICT merchandises providing

Value added services and support proviso

To help its enlargement aims, PATSA has forged legion concern relationships with celebrated local and international participants in the ICT industry.

Company ownership:

PATSA is a in private held Company owned in bulk by its laminitis and the Head of Board, Dr. Ismaeil Sanaei and its Managing Director, Dr. Mahmoud Akbari while both are professors of Sharif University of Technology in Iran, the first ranked of universities in Iran. PATSA direction doctrine is based on duty and common regard.

Company organisation:

The house includes 156 employees, under the Managing Director ( MD ) and four directors. Its chief sections are Technical, Gross saless, Service, and Finance & A ; Administration. HR is a subordinate of Financial & A ; Administration Department. In add-on, there is a PMO ( Project Management Office ) which is handled by MD straight and it is responsible for planning, budgeting, commanding, and pull offing undertakings.

During old ages 2006-2008, the period that I worked for PATSA Company, Dr. Mahmood Akbari was the Managing Director and I was being the Deputy General Manager. I was keeping the duties of the primary activities in organisation, all proficient, gross revenues, and service activities every bit good as PMO. However, I was non authorized to subscribe any fiscal and legal paperss. In add-on, Financial & A ; Administration Department has a director who reported to MD straight.

The Technical Department is technological nucleus in the organisation and provides all technological services associated with ICT ( R & A ; D, proficient solutions, proficient proposals, audience, technology degree support, etc ) . The Service Department carries out installing and commissioning is requested by undertaking directors, and provides care & A ; support services for clients.

The undermentioned chart illustrates degrees of organisational construction in PATSA Company.

Organizational Structure at PATSA ( 2009 )

As illustrated in the figure, PATSA ‘s hierarchy construction has five beds over the applied scientists. In add-on, MD ( or Deputy General Manager ) should O.K. all determinations refering managing of sections and undertakings. In other words, determination devising in PATSA is slightly centralised.

Corporate Vision and Mission:

PATSA is well-established company with clear scheme. The corporate vision and mission shows the manner, in which company is headed.


By 2010, PATSA shall be the first-class and figure one ICT solution supplier with world-class criterions in Iran


Supplying ICT merchandises, solutions, and services through extremely skilled people, industry aligned procedures and strategic partnerships to run into clients ‘ satisfaction.

Perpetrating toward employees betterment

Making advanced, alone, and cost-efficient ICT solutions

Supplying fast and dependable proficient aid for clients

Delivering merchandises and services more efficaciously and expeditiously

By uninterrupted development and betterment of its people and procedures, PATSA is able to supply fast response, informed expertness, and high quality solutions systematically, and keeps current clients and generates new satisfied repetition clients accordingly. This generates sufficient net income to supply a comfy life for both proprietors and employees.

Value Proposition:

PATSA has to take a firm stand of utilizing resources to provide greater value to clients in different facets:


Emphasis on “ Execution with a Difference ” and “ Continuous Improvement ” that focused on people, procedures, and schemes

Team Work

Together Everyone Achieve More


Comprehensive quality systems for procedures


On clip, on-budget service supplying


Bing spouse for clients instead than a mere seller

PATSA Core Competences: :

Knowledge Management

PATSA has a Knowledge Base library incorporating all procedures and quotable solutions acquired from 20 old ages of ICT experience

Wide spectrum of ICT Solutions and Services

PATSA offers complete and incorporate solutions to its clients with assorted ICT engineerings, merchandises, and services

Continuous Technology Adaptation and Innovation

PATSA maintains legion partnerships with cardinal industry participants for easy entree to latest engineerings every bit good as inventions.

2. Human Resource Management at a glimpse

All organisation consists of three basic constituents: Purpose, People, and Structure. Human Resource Management ( HRM ) is the survey of activities undertaken by the people working in an organisation ( info-village.info ) . Employees are one of the organisational resources and same as other resources has to be managed. HRM is all about policies, processs, and patterns that are concerned with staff choice and enlisting, employees ‘ value in organisation, their relationship with each other, employee and organisation interaction, development of people in line with development of organisation, and use them to heighten the house ‘s competitory advantage.

Basic maps of Human Resource Management:

If we consider be aftering, forming, taking, staffing, and commanding as the basic maps of organisation direction, so HRM will concentrate chiefly on the staffing map and the policies and patterns related to people working for the organisation.

For the intent of illustration the full maps of HRM, it is better to mention to the human resource wheel developed by McLagan ( 1989 ) .

The Human Resource Wheel Developed By McLagan ( 1989 )

As pointed out by McLagan ( 1989 ) , the primary map of HRM is obtaining, keeping, and developing employees. Decidedly, these maps should be in line with the organisation scheme, and has to be planned and performed in such a manner that allows the organisation to stay competitory on the external market and internally efficient.

In McLagan ‘s theoretical account, HRM map is categorized into two chief maps as follows:

HRM Functions

Obtaining, keeping, and developing employees

HR research and information systems

Union/labor relationships

Employee aid

Compensation and Benefits

Choice and enlisting

Human resource planning

Performance direction systems

HRD maps

Bettering single, group, and organisational effectivity

Training and development

Organization development

Career development

Organizational occupation design

I would wish to hold a reappraisal over the important issues and supply the definitions of footings by some World Wide Web beginnings every bit good as my ain reading.

Human Resource Planning:

It can be defined as procedure of finding organisational long-run human resource demands, and measuring current resources in order to place countries of demand. However, an of import point to be noted is that human resource demands should be defined based on the mission and scheme of the organisation.

Choice and Recruitment:

It can be defined as procedure of pulling, placing and engaging best-qualified campaigner ( from within or outside of an organisation ) for a occupation vacancy, in a most timely and cost effectual mode ( www.wdc.in ) . In other words, acknowledging the best individual who is the most suited one for the vacant place can be called selecting and enlisting.

Performance Management System:

It is an appraisal of an employee to mensurate advancement toward preset ends. In my sentiment, direction could make desirable efficiency in their companies with this system.

Compensation and Benefits:

Compensation and Benefits include composing occupation descriptions, carry oning public presentation ratings, and monitoring and administrating benefits bundles ( www.allbusinessschools.com ) . This is more related to the list of plants, which should be done in largely written formats.

Human Resources development ( HRD ) :

It can be defined as procedure of bettering and developing employees and the organisation as a whole through preparation and development. Training refers to organized activity aimed at leaving information and/or instructions to better the receiver ‘s public presentation or to assist him or her attain a needed degree of cognition or accomplishment ( www.toronto.ca ) . The definition implies any sort of information or instructions, which will supply aid in deriving cognition or accomplishments.

In short, if I want to see HRM through my point of position, I see it as the concatenation of activities, which are covering with people in organisation, their demands, their lives, their dealingss among organisational environment, the dealingss with each other, every bit good as the result influences on work quality. HRM is non erstwhile undertaking in the organisation but an on-going procedure that come into being, grows, and continues with organisation at the same time. Equally far as I am concerned, the function and the duties of the HRM in the organisation spreads from the footing with supplying the perfect services in the aforesaid maps to the procedures, which have the value added to the organisation, such as the cognition and invention direction and leading development.

3. Human Resource in PATSA

PATSA Company is well-known and receives many more applications than what it needs for any specified occupation. In add-on, PATSA has a everyday internship plan, in which normally twenty pupils from top Persian universities do internships at company while finishing their surveies. PATSA hence has a pool of possible occupation campaigners at all times, peculiarly for technology and proficient places. Company hires qualified campaigners from their intern pool together with extremely qualified new alumnuss of the Persian universities, largely Sharif University, on a regular footing.

In add-on, there is a good public presentation assessment and compensation plan in PATSA. The compensation plan is sort of net income sharing among undertaking and proficient squads. It is chiefly based on the undertaking ‘s public presentation every bit good as single ‘s public presentation.

4. HR Strategic Matter

There are besides on occupation preparation for applied scientists in order to better their proficient cognition and accomplishments, peculiarly about new ICT engineerings and tools. HR and Technical Department design the preparation plans jointly and HR is responsible for planning and executing after having blessing from MD.

In malice of the company ‘s best attempts in the country of staff choice and enlisting activity every bit good as executing well-designed public presentation assessment and compensation system, the company has late faced to the abrasion of good acting applied scientists. The abrasion rate in PATSA has been increased from 5 % in 2008 to 17 % in 2009. Since I managed the company for two old ages and I am rather familiar with organisation environment, PATSA MD called me and asked to join forces in analysing and work outing this job, which has been influenced the organisational public presentation negatively and its competitory place in the market accordingly.

5. Work Environment in PATSA

Actually, I knew it was coming and I had reported to MD about HR issues in PATSA before I left the company. Based on my experience, and what I learned from HRM in IBS, I prepared my positions and shared the undermentioned issues with PATSA MD.

The work environment in PATSA is rather nerve-racking, peculiarly for applied scientists and experts. Normally, applied scientists work long hours to fix the requested undertaking design and solutions. Furthermore, the PATSA direction expected all applied scientists to lend to the strategic ends of the company by urging new thoughts, concern programs, and advanced solutions, in add-on to their basic occupation maps. This part is an of import factor, which has more consequence on employees ‘ wagess every bit good as their calling. Because of this, the working environment is disputing and applied scientists are in high competition with each other to accomplish more.

In add-on, the mean age for applied scientists in PATSA is 29 and most of them are non married yet. They have small or no societal life. For the married applied scientists, the long hours work in company affects their households ‘ life negatively. They are excessively tired to pass on and interact with their household after passing many hours in their nerve-racking work environment. Refering the individual applied scientists, they are more in competition with each other than holding friendly relationship due to PATSA ‘s competitory environment. As a consequence, their moral and their energy are destroyed because of work/life instability and hapless home-life quality.

Another job is in the in-between direction degree. There is a general deficiency of qualified proficient and undertaking directors. Most of the proficient directors, undertaking directors, and supervisors are selected from applied scientist pool. Although they are extremely qualified applied scientists, they knew nil about direction. There is besides non any on-job preparation to better their managerial accomplishments. This resulted in hapless direction and supervising that caused the low degree of morale and dissatisfaction within the applied scientists and undertaking squads every bit good. Consequently, undertakings are executed beyond of their budgets and clip agendas and this has made clients ‘ dissatisfaction. As a consequence, PATSA is traveling to lose its competitory place in market excessively.

6. Issue Analysis

The other of import issue to be noted here is about compensation plan. As mentioned earlier, the compensation plan in PATSA is sort of net income sharing among proficient and project squads. It is chiefly based on the undertaking ‘s public presentation every bit good as single ‘s public presentation. Although the compensation plan is good designed, the weak public presentation in undertaking direction has been influenced employee ‘s compensation negatively.

Equally far as HR experts are concerned, a primary duty of HR section is to find the organisational HR demands and enroll the most qualified people, which are available, in order to staff the organisation. As mentioned earlier, PATSA is making an first-class occupation to engaging qualified applied scientists, but it is non all the company needs.

Employees need good relationship and healthy environment alternatively of high competitory and nerve-racking. They besides need aid to make a better work/life balance.

In add-on, as one can see, the deficiency of managerial accomplishments in undertaking and proficient direction due to delegating people with technology background and proficient experience is the PATSA ‘s Achilles heel in hapless efficiency and weak undertakings public presentation. As a consequence, PATSA is traveling to lose non merely its efficiency, productiveness, and employees ‘ satisfaction internally but besides its competitory place in the market.

In my sentiment, the aforesaid factors result in a high abrasion rate at PATSA. Engineers are go forthing PATSA because of the emphasis from competitory environment, work-life instability, hapless direction, and the deficiency of suited supervising.

In order to cover with these jobs and to cut down the abrasion rate accordingly, in my sentiment, the followers are some of the HR related issues in PATSA that have to be taken into consideration by direction:

Generating the sense of belonging, trueness, and ownership among endowments

Constructing a ambitious work environment alternatively of competitory to actuate endowments and good acting employees to remain with the company

Decreasing emphasis and equilibrating employees ‘ work life and place life

Developing managerial accomplishments of extremely qualified and capable applied scientists

Delegating right people in project/technical direction and supervising

7. Recommendations:

Although, there could be figure of recommendations for PATSA to decide its current job refering the abrasion rate, but I think PATSA has to acquire a measure frontward and make an indispensable reform in its organisational construction every bit good as HR systems. This betterment non merely is suited for get the better ofing the current fortunes but besides prevent the hereafter HR related shortcoming in progress. Some applicable enterprises, from my point of position, for better sweetening of the HRM in PATSA are listed as follows:

Reinforcing the HR Department, even separate it from Financial Department, and delegating HR specializers to analyze and analyse the HR related issues professionally whether by engaging specializers or outsourcing occupations to the HR adviser bureaus.

Restructuring the organisation from hierarchy to level and matrix construction, refering the hi-tech nature of organisation, to ease faster decision-making, better undertaking direction, efficient cross-functional teamwork, and make a sense of belonging and motive among employees. This pushes authorization and duty down to lower degrees in the hierarchy, encourages employees to do determinations, creates a sense of belonging, and leads them toward moving like an proprietor of the company.

Enrolling at least five high-qualified ICT undertaking directors with PM ( Project Management ) or MBA enfranchisement in order to heighten the house ‘s undertaking direction capablenesss and fight, to delegating good foremans for its valuable employees, and to naming suited representative in relation with valuable clients

Planing for an MBA classs for those current undertaking directors, which are qualified and has the good sense to pull off undertakings every bit good as people

Making new occupations in organisation such as adviser or wise man for those current proficient and undertaking directors, which has good proficient cognition and experience but any managerial and leading accomplishments to pull off people. These wise mans are supposed to portion their cognition with undertaking squads and supply consultancy for each advanced commission.

Reducing the emphasis in work environment by making advanced commissions alternatively of advanced persons, persuade teamwork civilization, and promote merriment in work topographic point.

Construct a civilization of professional entrepreneurship in endowments and high executing employees by assisting selected employees to take interruption from regular work and to concentrate on a undertaking of his/her involvement. This consequences in the employee concentrating on a specific undertaking to present specific consequences to the organisation and to accomplish his/her ends in the organisation every bit good. In other words, by supplying an chance for a endowment to work on a undertaking of his/her involvement, PATSA non merely is succeeded to aline single and organisational ends and to better single and organisation synergism but besides to make a sense of belonging and ownership in its valuable high-performing employees.

Planing societal activities and keeping parties and ceremonials in organisational and national occasions to better employees ‘ work/home life balance. Employees should be encouraged to go to in parties with their households and spouses.

Allow and promote low-performing employees to go forth the organisation


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