Experiences Of A Family Firm Essay

The undermentioned chapter inside informations the methods and procedures involved in the survey including the research design, participant choice, instrumentality, informations aggregation, and informations analysis. Methodology is the program of action or scheme wherein the research worker chooses what specific techniques or methods will be used in order to get at results of the survey ( Creswell 2009 ) . Deciding on what methodological analysis to utilize reflects how the research worker intends to roll up and analyze informations to reply inquiries on sequence planning in a household house.

Research Purpose

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Experiences Of A Family Firm Essay
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The intent of this survey is to depict the experiences of a household house with regard to sequence planning. It seeks a greater apprehension of the procedures associated with sequence planning within the context of a household house that is transitioning into the 2nd coevals of leaders. Specifically, we want to understand the “ how ” and the “ why ” of a Cypriot household house which intends to and programs to last the 2nd coevals. Understanding 2nd coevals household houses can enable us to derive penetration into the several factors that come into drama in the sequence success among household concerns. Family houses are inherently different from other concern endeavors. Through a shared individuality, history, and common linguistic communication that define household concerns, communicating is more direct and easier than other houses. It is understood that household houses are alone in that partners, boies, girls, and siblings are knowing about the strengths, failings, and concern capacities of each other.

On the other manus, the factors of sibling competition, green-eyed monster, and clang of values can besides be a compelling factor that needs declaration in successful sequence planning. I intend to analyze the perceptual experiences of cardinal participants in the household concern about the house ‘s endurance and how sequence planning is viewed and appreciated by them. I intend to analyze the experiences, ideas, positions, and programs of a household house ‘s cardinal participants through a instance survey methodological analysis focused on one unit of analysis – the Mavromatis Books & A ; Stationery Ltd. of Cyprus. In effect, a greater grasp and apprehension of the function of sequence planning in household concerns can be accomplished.

Research Design
The Nature of the Study

This survey will utilize the qualitative research design in analyzing how sequence planning is viewed and planned to guarantee the success and endurance of a household house. The survey follows the qualitative tradition because there is a demand to “ understand the significances people [ concern leaders ] have constructedaˆ¦ and the experiences they have in the universe ” ( Merriam 2003, p. 6 ) . On the other manus, qualitative research assumes that the truth will emerge merely when the research worker additions an apprehension of the beliefs, actions, experiences, and beliefs of others utilizing the participant ‘s point of position ( Creswell 2009 ) .

Qualitative research workers use the interpretative paradigm, which views world as a societal concept that is created by subjective experiences of persons through communicating. If quantitative researches make illations utilizing numerical informations, qualitative research workers strive to depict and construe the significances of phenomena under consideration as they unfold in the “ natural scene ” ( Trochim 2008 ) . The qualitative research attack allows for the descriptive history of the nature of the scene, happening and people. Furthermore, the qualitative research procedure interprets new penetrations about a phenomenon, new conceptual or theoretical positions and generates extra issues bing within ( Stockard 2006 ) .

Case survey methodological analysis

More specifically, this survey uses the instance survey methodological analysis in look intoing the perceptual experiences and positions of household members on sequence planning in a household house. In taking this research design, three factors came into drama ( Yin 2009 ) :

( 1 ) the research intent

( 2 ) the control the research worker exercises over the phenomenon being studied

( 3 ) the survey being either historical or modern-day.

Harmonizing to Yin ( 2009 ) , a instance survey is “ an empirical enquiry that investigates a modern-day phenomenon within its real-life context, particularly when the boundaries between phenomenon and context are non clearly apparent ” ( p. 13 ) . Merriam ( 2003 ) defined a qualitative instance survey research as “ aˆ¦an intensive, holistic description and analysis of a delimited phenomenon ” ( p. thirteen ) . In this survey I want to do an in-depth analysis of sequence planning as it unfolds in the real-life scene of a household house. This end will be best accomplished utilizing the instance survey methodological analysis. Harmonizing to Jensen and Rodgers ( 2001 ) , instance study research “ has the capableness of bring outing causal waies and mechanisms, and through profusion of item, placing causal influences and interaction effects ” ( p. 236 ) .

Case survey research is besides a widely-accepted methodological analysis in concern research and has been used to look into subjects in selling, operations direction, direction information systems, and scheme ( Dul and Hak 2006 ) . Case survey research is appropriate for a broad figure of subjects in concern research because subjects in concern are normally ( a ) composite and wide ; ( B ) impoverished every bit far as theory is concerned ; and ( degree Celsius ) places importance on context ( Dal and Huk 2006 ) . Where context is of significance to the apprehension of a research job, for case, sequence planning in a household concern, the instance survey method is best applied. Hanelin and Toornoos ( 2003 ) see the instance survey to be capable of researching different facets of a phenomenon and understand them as they relate to each other, and farther puts objects as they relate to the environment where they operate.

Case survey offers a deepness of apprehension of a peculiar phenomenon which statistical representativeness can non ( Yin 2009 ) . Research workers can analyze objects ( household house ) more closely and let for midst and inductive descriptions. Case survey research is besides helpful in understanding state of affairss that have been mostly under-researched such as household concerns. It is besides peculiarly strong when the research intent is to look into developmental or alteration procedures such as sequence planning because it enables the research worker to analyze contextual factors in a real-life mode. The application of this method can be utile for exceeding the local boundaries of the investigated instances, capturing new beds of world, and developing new, testable and through empirical observation valid theoretical and practical penetrations ( Vissak 2010 ; Halinen and Tornroos 2003 ) .

In visible radiation of the literature presented, it is clear that the instance survey methodological analysis is best suited for this proposed survey on sequence planning in a household house. First, it will let us to analyze a modern-day and contextualised phenomenon and 2nd, let us to grok the kineticss that characterise a peculiar scene. In the context of this proposed survey on sequence planning, the instance survey can therefore be defined as a elaborate survey on one household house, where multiple beginnings of informations will be used to bring forth a holistic description of sequence planning and its function in the endurance and success of a concern.

Single-case survey research

This survey intends to utilize a individual instance survey research attack in analyzing the sequence planning in a household house. Yin ( 2009 ) explains a instance to intend an person, an event, entity, or a unit of an analysis such as an administration. Hence, a instance survey is an empirical probe of a modern-day event within a real-life scene utilizing multiple signifiers of grounds to endorse findings. Another definition of a instance is “ an object of involvement in its ain right and the research worker aims to supply an in-depth elucidation of it ” ( Bryman and Bell 2006, p. 63 ) .

Lee ( 1989 ) defines the single-case survey ”as an intensive survey of a individual instance where the instance consists of the persons, groups, and societal construction in the scene of an administration ” ( as cited in Haas 2007, p. 74 ) . Bryman and Bell ( 2006 ) explained that a basic instance survey involves the intensive and elaborate analysis of a individual instance. Haas ( 2007 ) views a instance survey to concentrate on why and how things happen, leting the enquiry of contextual worlds.

Single instances are appropriate when a peculiar instance is critical and we want to utilize it to explicate or oppugn an established theory ( Patton 2002 ; Yin 2009 ) . It is a critical instance because it meets all the conditions necessary to corroborate, challenge or widen the theory. For case, in this survey, we want to analyze sequence planning in a individual, Cypriot household corporation. Another state of affairs is when a individual instance is an utmost or a alone instance ; for illustration, peculiar administrations may be of involvement because they represent ‘outstanding successes ‘ or ‘notable failures ‘ ( Patton 2002 ) . Mavromatis Books & A ; Stationery Ltd. is alone in that it has survived into its 2nd coevals of leaders and is still turning. This means that we can detect and analyze how a “ antecedently unaccessible phenomenon ” ( Marcschan-Piekkari and Welch 2005, p. 115 ) such as sequence planning is undertaken, communicated, and decided upon, by analyzing a individual organisation in order to give us meaningful penetrations.

We intend to use a single-case survey design for this research in sequence planning. The unit of analysis is a Cyprus-based household house, Mavromatis Books & A ; Stationery Ltd.

Research Puting

Mavromatis Books & A ; Stationery Ltd. ( afterlife referred to as “ Mavromatis ” ) is Cyprus ‘ largest bookstore concatenation with 13 bookstores all in all: 7 are in Nicosia, 3 are in Limassol, 1 is in Larnaca, 1 is in Paralimin, and 1 in Paphos. Mavromatis engages both in retail and sweeping trading with a significant figure of clients. It besides distributes to major companies, hypermarkets, bookstores, private and public schools, authorities offices, institutes and others. It is known to specialise in English and Greek books, letter paper, educational books, school accoutrements, bags, artist stuffs, and gifts or wishing cards. Mavromatis was established in 1975 when the first bookshop was opened by Ntinos Mavromatis, in Nicosia at 121 Prodromou Street.

After 12 old ages of success with his bookshop, Mr. Ntinos Mavromatis founded the company Mavromatis Books & A ; Stationery Ltd. In 1989, a girl, Mrs. Marina Mavromatis, joined the company to subsequently set about administrative responsibilities as Director of the company. In 2000, Mr. Petros Mavromatis, the laminitis ‘s boy joined Mavromatis and subsequently became one of the managerial executives. In 2006, Mavromatis expanded into other metropoliss and particularly in the metropolis of Larnaca seting the bases for the island broad spread. Within the same twelvemonth, the section of wholesale is reorganises and extends itself with the acquisition of the new warehouse in the industrial part of Nisou for the better sweeping service offered to its clients and the convenient supply of stores in all metropoliss.

Mavromatis Books & A ; Stationery Ltd is a traditional Cypriot and household company where through the old ages have managed to set up its name into the market chiefly in Nicosia and until today remains a celebrated trade name in the country of sweeping and retail in letter paper and books islandwide. However, with the entryway of Cyprus in the E.U, the freedom of imports in the Cyprus market and globalization it has created an intensive competitory environment in retailing and wholesaling across Cyprus. These factors have resulted to lower net income borders for the concerns, more competitory merchandises and services are come ining the market, no exclusivity of trade names, new chances to import new merchandises and menaces from new rivals come ining the market.

Sampling Method

Purposive sampling will be used in this research as a sampling scheme. The respondents will be chosen because of their singularity to the phenomenon being studied. They are all members of a household concern that is actively sing sequence and has obviously survived into its 2nd coevals of leaders. The population size for this survey is seven ( 7 ) constituting: ( 1 ) the laminitis ( male parent ) , ( 2 ) the laminitis ‘s partner ( female parent ) , ( 3 ) a boy active in the concern, ( 4 ) another boy who is non active in the concern, ( 5 ) the laminitis ‘s girl, ( 6 ) a brother-in-law, and ( 7 ) a sister-in-law. All seven ( 7 ) will be given questionnaires ( see Instrumentation ) to carry through and for the research worker to acquire a broader position of the civilization of the concern and perceptual experiences on sequence planning before continuing to the more in-depth and elaborate semi-structured interviews. The sample size for the interviews will be reduced to three ( 3 ) intentionally chosen participants because they the cardinal participants of the household concern: ( 1 ) the laminitis, ( 2 ) the son-executive, and ( 3 ) the daughter-executive.


Case study research accents on utilizing triangulation through the usage of multiple beginnings of grounds ( Yin 2009 ) . For this survey on sequence planning in a household house, three different beginnings will be used. The primary instrument used will be the semi-structured interview. This will be triangulated with the questionnaires and documental beginnings.

Semi-structured interview. The primary instrument for this thesis will be a semi-structured interview usher. A self-constructed, semi-structured interview usher with open-ended inquiries will let for basic introductory inquiries and later, a consistent probe of subjects related to the sequence planning within the household house. The semi-structured nature of the interview usher besides grants some flexibleness so that I can prosecute in insouciant or natural conversation with the participant and derive more insight about them and their experiences in the procedure. Fontana and Frey ( 1994 ) considers the semi-structured interview “ more honest, morally sound, and dependable, because it treats the respondent as an equal, allows him or her to show personal feelings, and hence presents a more realistic image than can be uncovered utilizing traditional interview methods ” ( p. 371 ) . In contrast, the highly-structured interview may be excessively stiff and is prone to stop up with acquiring reactions based on the research worker ‘s preconceived thoughts and worldview ( Merriam, 1998 ) . The interviews will be taped to procure an accurate history of the conversations and in order to forestall informations loss since it will be hard to compose everything down as the interview goes on. Every cassette tape will be numbered and labeled decently with the name of interviewee to guarantee that everything is organized and accounted for.

Questionnaires. Questionnaires will be used in order to garner a wide apprehension of the issues that confront sequence planning in the house. The questionnaire will function as a preparative research instrument to analyse perceptual experiences among household members and to steer the building of the interview instrument subsequently on. There will be three versions of the questionnaire to be accomplished by the participants.

The first type of questionnaire will be targeted to the laminitis ;

The 2nd type of questionnaire will be targeted to the progeny ; and

The 3rd type of questionnaire will be targeted to the remainder of household ( female parent, brother in jurisprudence, sister in jurisprudence ) .

The questionnaires will be used as a gage to garner perceptual experiences and positions about verify replies for triangulation.

Documentary beginnings. Documentary grounds will be used to supplement information derived from other beginnings of grounds. Documentary grounds Acts of the Apostless as a method to cross-validate information gathered from interview and observation given that sometimes what people say possibly different from what people do. Additionally, paperss provide guidelines in helping the research worker with his enquiry during interview. The survey of paperss is enormous utile to instance survey. We can trust on them when fixing crisp and direct-to-the-point interview inquiries. We can besides utilize them to look into information mentioned in interviews. Documents tend to be rich and have a batch to offer to the research worker both in pre-interview and post-interview state of affairss. For this instance survey on sequence planning, functionary and unofficial paperss will be requested and collected from the house. This will include fiscal studies, intelligence cuttings, intelligence releases, course of study vita, exposure, letters and archival information that can assist in confirming the information or experiences shared by the participants in the questionnaire or interviews.

Dependability and Integrity
Several processs will be undertaken to guarantee the cogency and credibleness of the survey. Yin ( 2003 ) considered that a survey ‘s trustiness will be achieved when the following are met:

1 ) attend to all the grounds

2 ) reference all major rival readings

3 ) address the most important facet of the instance survey, and,

4 ) use the research worker ‘s anterior expert cognition. ( p. 137 )

This instance research intends to accomplish trustiness through triangulation of informations, member checking, and peer debriefing.

Triangulation. Triangulation is one of the alone characteristics of instance survey research. Triangulation is defined as “ the aggregation of informations through different methods or even different sort of informations on the same phenomenon ” ( Marschan-Piekkari and Welch 2005, p. 114 ) . This technique is important to vouch the cogency of a instance survey ‘s findings. Case surveies can profit from triangulation because it can supply comprehensiveness, deepness, and a holistic image of the phenomenon under survey. In this instance, the usage of triangulation will let the research workers to get a broader image of sequence planning in the context of a 2nd coevals Cypriot household house.

Equally far as instance survey research is concerned, there is a demand to formalize informations and information we get from several beginnings and analyze them from different positions. For case, we can look into the company ‘s fiscal public presentation or the narrative of a participant by confer withing documental grounds such as one-year studies or look intoing intelligence cuttings to corroborate the veracity of the event cited. Basically, triangulation prevents us from misinterpreting the information we receive. It clarifies the significance behind the different angles we look at a phenomenon ( Denzin and Lincoln 2006 ) . Triangulation establishes convergence of significance and diminishes the prejudice borne out of “ single methods, ” which are cancelled out in the procedure ( Lindlof and Taylor 2002 ) . This survey will utilize questionnaires aside from the transcripts of the interviews to observe important points that could be of usage for farther probe. To confirm informations from informant interviews, other beginnings such as paperss and artefacts related to the company or the household members will be used to heighten the cogency of the consequences.

Member checking. This is a method that could assist in supplying credibleness and review to a research probe ( Denzin and Lincoln 2006 ) . Through member checking, transcripts of the interviews could be reviewed by the participant, and in the event of abnormalities, alterations or elucidations made. Harmonizing to Stake ( 1995 ) , member checking is besides used for farther triangulation and probe, “ They [ the participants ] besides help triangulate the research worker ‘s observations and readings… .The histrion [ participant ] is asked to reexamine the stuff for truth and palatableness ” ( p. 115 ) .

Peer debriefing. Another process utile in set uping dependability is peer debriefing. Qualitative research experts encourage the usage of debriefing to “ heighten truth value, credibleness, or cogency of qualitative research ” ( Merriam 1998, p. 56 ) . At the beginning of informations aggregation and information analysis, we will run into on a regular basis with two ( 2 ) impartial co-workers who will critically reexamine the interview protocol and coding protocol for content cogency and reexamine the methods employed in our thesis.

Data Collection Method

Prior to data aggregation or any signifier of communicating with the survey ‘s participants, the research workers will foremost procure the blessing to carry on the survey from the university ‘s Institutional Review Board ( IRB ) . The research workers will get down the informations aggregation procedure by first procuring entree to the household house being studied and the participants of the survey. Letterss of communicating will be sent to the participants of the survey in order to derive their cooperation. The letters will explicate the intent of the survey, the methods that will be used and explicate the ethical rules to be applied in the behavior of the survey. Since informations to be collected and examined includes organisational paperss, the research workers will province their purpose to bespeak transcripts and entree to these files and paperss and will besides explicate how they intend to hive away, sort, and protect the paperss. If needed, visits will be scheduled to the company in order to familiarize with the survey environment and set up resonance with the survey ‘s participants.

This survey will utilize audio-tape recorded interviews as the primary informations assemblage scheme. With the usage of a semi-structured interview usher, the three key participants of the household house – composed of the laminitis, the son-executive, and the daughter-executive – will be asked open-ended inquiries sing their positions on sequence, its importance, standards for sequence, communicating among household members, jobs encountered sing sequence, and their visions for the endurance and success of the household house. The interviewees will be conducted in individual and scheduled to accommodate the handiness and convenience of interviewees. A set of nucleus inquiries will be asked among all interviewees and extra inquiries may be posed to them in order to deduce more penetrations. Interviews will be conducted at a comfy and pre-arranged location proximate to the interviewee ‘s location. At the beginning of each interview, the research worker will reexamine the consent signifier and guarantee that he or she understands its contents and deductions. It will besides be made clear that the participant can inform the research worker to halt the interview if desired.

Prior to the behavior of the informant interviews, three types of questionnaires will be handed out to seven household members who are straight and indirectly affected by sequence planning. The intent of these questionnaires is to obtain wide cognition of the attitudes and perceptual experiences of the household members on the thought of sequence and the chance of working for the household concern. Type 1 will be specifically designed to obtain positions of the laminitis. Type 2 will be specifically designed to obtain the positions of the offspring active in leading. Type 3 will be specifically designed to garner the positions of other household members. The information from the questionnaires will function to cross-validate interview informations.

Documents will be collected with the permission of the company to be photocopied, photographed, or stored for analysis. This will include fiscal studies, company statistics, letters of communications, newspaper cuttings, exposure, and other relevant paperss.

Datas Analysis
In instance surveies, the dependability of informations analysis hinges upon the survey ‘s capableness to show “ reliable ” apprehension of a phenomenon [ sequence planning ] ( Patton 2002 ) . It besides goes beyond merely understanding the phenomena. Data analysis should let us to understand the different points of position of people being studied and to be interpreted within the context in which the information was produced ( Marschan-Piekkari and Welch 2005 ) .

Unlike quantitative research where statistical representations of informations give it asperity and cogency, analysis is more disputing for qualitative research ( Golafshani 2003 ) . Because it does non trust on statistics and mathematical informations, qualitative research workers guarantee the dependability and cogency by using asperity to the informations aggregation and informations analysis procedure. Decisions in instance surveies can merely be valid and dependable when they are closely interconnected with the instance survey ‘s life rhythm. This means, that as instance survey research workers, we need to use informations analysis at the same time with informations aggregation – foremost, as a agency of using asperity and 2nd, for practical grounds. The earlier the information is analysed, the less likely it is for research workers to be overwhelmed with big volumes of informations inherent in qualitative research ( Denzin and Lincoln 2006 ) .

Aside from early analysis, systematic and organized saving of information is besides important ( Denzin & A ; Lincoln, 2005 ; Merriam, 1998 ) . Time is besides an issue anticipated in this research, hence there is a demand to analyse informations as the informations aggregation procedure is ongoing ( Merriam 1998 ) . We estimate that a individual interview will last for a lower limit of one hr. The written text procedure nevertheless could last for two full yearss in a individual interview. However, time-exhaustive procedures are anticipated and welcomed in this instance study research to guarantee dependability and high-quality of the findings.

Merriam ( 1998 ) besides advises qualitative research workers to hesitate for contemplation when analyzing informations because “ chew overing the feelings, considering remembrances and records… .data [ is ] sometimes precoded but continuously interpreted, on first sighting and once more and once more ” ( p. 242 ) will decrease the hazard of misunderstanding. To do certain that information is consistently stored and organized, the transcripts of the interviews, sum-ups, field notes, and extracts from artefacts and paperss will be kept in a research diary by the research workers.

Contented analysis

Transcribed informations from the interviews will be analyzed through qualitative content analysis. Qualitative content analysis is a widely-used attack to analysing qualitative informations which is characterized by seeking for underlying subjects in texts or paperss being analyzed ( Patton 2002 ) . Bryman ( 2004 ) makes a more thorough definition of content analysis as:

An attack to paperss that emphasizes the function of the research worker in the building of the significance of and in texts. There is an accent on leting classs to emerge out of informations and on acknowledging the significance for understanding the significance of the context in which an point being analyzed ( and the classs derived from it ) appeared. ( p. 542 )

Contented analysis is one of the most popular “ coding operations ” in societal probe ( Patton 2002 ) . Coding is a technique that organizes and subjects informations by demarcating sections within it utilizing a label known as a “ codification. ” After coding is complete, the codifications are summarized harmonizing to prevalence and analyzed for similarities, differences, and relationships between one or more codifications ( Bryman 2004 ) . A qualitative analysis computing machine package called nVivo will be used in coding subjects embedded in transcripts. After the cryptography procedure, a preliminary significance or conceptual account will hold been generated.

Ethical Considerations

Blessing from the Institutional Review Board ( IRB ) will be obtained as a manifestation of committedness to adhere to basic ethical rules of concern research. Confidentiality and privateness issues will besides be resolved by obtaining prior informed consent to be interviewed and for the interviews to be recorded. Measures to guarantee confidentiality will be applied. If requested, there will be no names or placing information to be revealed in the interview transcripts. When necessary, pseudonyms will be used in topographic point of existent names. Recorded audiotapes will be stored by the research workers. The concatenation of grounds will be erased after this thesis is published. Further, research workers will inform the participants that they may end their engagement in the survey any minute they wish.


This proposed qualitative single-case survey research intends to understand the procedure of sequence planning in a 2nd coevals Cypriot household house. Understanding requires cognizing their experiences with the household concern, their positions on engagement with the household concern, their positions on the importance of sequence, their perceptual experiences about standards sing sequence, ideas about what needs to be considered in sequence, and their positions for the hereafter of the household house. This will be accomplished with the usage of interviews, questionnaires, and documental grounds. The operational inside informations and informations aggregation processs were presented and justified in this subdivision. The guidelines for set uping the survey ‘s unity and dependability were besides delineated. Ultimately, the methodological analysis proposed for this survey will carry through the research intent of lighting on the phenomenon of sequence planning as a necessary procedure to guarantee the success and endurance of the household concern.


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