Experiential Exercises Sample Essay

Instruction manual
1. Complete the Pay Raise Worksheet.

2. In the Forum. discourse your decisions about who received which rise and your standards used to present the salary additions.

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Experiential Exercises Sample Essay
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Pay Raise Worksheet
April Knepper is the new supervisor of an assembly squad. It is clip for her to do wage rise allotments for her subsidiaries. She has been budgeted $ 3. 000 to apportion among her seven subsidiaries as wage raises. There have been some ugly grudges in other work squads over past allotments. so Knepper has been advised to establish the allotments on nonsubjective standards that can be quantified. weighted. and computed in numerical footings. After she makes her allotments. Knepper must be prepared to warrant her determinations. All of the appraising standards available to Knepper are summarized as follows:

Supervisory Ratings Output Absent Employee Seniority Rating* Rate Skills Initiative Attitude Personal David Bruce 15 year. 0. 58 0. 5 % Good Poor Poor Nearing retirement. Wife merely passed off. Having accommodation jobs.

Eric Cattalina 12 year. 0. 86 2. 0 Excellent Good Excellent Traveling to dark school to complete his BA grade.

Chua Li 7 year. 0. 80 3. 5 Good Excellent Excellent Legally deaf. Marilee Miller 1 yr. 0. 50 10. 0 Poor Poor Poor Single parent with three kids.

Victor Munoz 3 year. 0. 62 2. 5 Poor Average Good Has six dependants. Speaks small English.

Derek Thompson 11 year. 0. 64 8. 0 Excellent Average Average Married to rich married woman. Thompson Personal Problems Sarah Vickers 8 year. 0. 76 7. 0 Good Poor Poor Women’s militant. Privations to make a brotherhood.

Supervisory Evaluations
Output Absent
Employee Seniority Rating* Rate Skills Initiative Attitude Personal *Output evaluation determined by production rate less mistakes and quality job.


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