Explanation and Evaluation of Leadership Theories Essay


“ I used to believe that running an organisation was equal to carry oning a symphonic music orchestra. But I do n’t believe that ‘s quiet it ; it ‘s more similar wind. There is more improvisation ” -Warren Bennis.

Good leaders are made non born. If you have the desire and will power, you can go an effectual leader. Good leaders develop through a ne’er stoping procedure of self-study, preparation, instruction and experience ( Jago 1982 ) . In an organisational scene, it is non merely the person ‘s leading skills that leads to success but the accomplishments of the others in the squad. Changes can happen anytime, anyplace, anyhow and the chief concern is how leading skills cope up with this alteration in an organisational scene. This is briefly explained in leading theories, traits, manners etc.

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Explanation and Evaluation of Leadership Theories Essay
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The great adult male ‘s theory assumes that the capacity for leading is inherent- Great leaders are born, non made. These theories frequently portrays that great leaders are heroic, mythic and destined to lift to leading when needed. The term “ great adult male ” was used because that clip leading was thought of chiefly a male quality, particularly in footings of military leading.


Similar in some ways to great adult male ‘s theory, trait theory assume that people inherit certain qualities and traits that make them better suited to leading. Trait theories frequently identify peculiar personality or behavioural features by leaders.


Contingency theory of leading focal point on peculiar variables related to the environment that might find the peculiar manner of leading best suited for the state of affairs. Harmonizing to the theory, no leading manner is the best in all state of affairss. Success depends on a figure of variables, including the leading manner, qualities of the followings and facets of the state of affairs.


The altering nature of organisation has every bit placed a turning importance on leading. Different manners are required for different leaders in state of affairss. The behaviour of persons can be influenced by assorted factors, leader demands to use and get by with the alterations that take topographic point in the organisation. It is the leader ‘s duty to animate and actuate his squad members to convey in a positive alteration.


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Organization should alter its construction when the environments in which the person operate become hard to command. It is better to be after action one measure in front. Here I chose to concentrate on the alterations that occur in the organizational set up.


A few will comfortably suit the grade of alteration, but most people of a alteration journey to set about. Many people will conceal their negative feelings, as it is non wise to openly critical of new thoughts. 1. The chief tool for advancing alteration is communicating like coaching, collaborative workshops etc. 2. Identify the members ; measure their capablenesss, behaviour, attitude, civilization. 3. Specify the ends and eventually brief about what is required to convey in a alteration. All the employees should hold the chance accept the alterations and non specializer employees should be trained in basic accomplishments and apprehensions to convey in an organisational alteration.

In order to last, organisations must accommodate to suit to their changing fortunes. Organizational alteration must be necessary to keep a competitory border or adapt to altering economic factors. Unfortunately the alteration is decidedly non a smooth procedure. Hindrances to alter exist in all degrees from the person to the organisation as a whole. Persons frequently fail to see the positive impact on the alteration and tend to develop work wonts that possibly impacted by the proposed organisational alteration. The insecurity which the persons feel sing the organisational alteration can attest itself in an increased absenteeism and employee churn. In utmost instances persons may besides take utmost stairss to halt the alteration from happening. Thus alterations are unpredictable and employees should accommodate the menaces and challenges of the organisation with the aid of effectual leaders.


Leaderships should animate and actuate the employees into higher degrees of teamwork through his accomplishments and cognition. They should larn to accommodate to the assorted organisational alterations which acts as an built-in portion. Employees should see, accept, larn and welcome alterations with a positive mentality for the improvement of the organisation.


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Changes have to be incorporated in order to take a well-established and a successful organisation with a good apprehension of leading. There are assorted arrays of alterations appertaining to globalisation, crisis direction, invention and organisational alteration.

GLOBALIZATION Every leader has a set of challenges and chances unique to the organisation ‘s history, Market section, client alterations and engineering. These are presented by rapid globalisation of concern. it is the procedure of interaction and integrating with the companies, among the people, authorities of different states. Thus the leader should assist and supervise the employees in assorted undertakings for accomplishing coveted consequences in these competitory organisations.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT This involves placing crisis, be aftering a response, reacting to sudden alterations etc. here the leader should make: 1. Event undertaking 2. Pull offing human considerations and communications 3.controlling outlooks and information 4.co-ordinating with the external organic structures 5. Pull offing legal demands. 6. Development of eventualities. The leader should move as the strength of the organisation and assist the employees in extinguishing the jobs and readying of unexpected or unwelcome events.

STRATEGY Organizations depend on capable leaders to steer the employees through unprecedented alterations. Without proper leading even the best and the boldest schemes die on vine, their possible ne’er realized. Thus the leaders should implement to strategic programs successfully and fix the employees for the unsure hereafter.

INNOVATION Innovation and Leadership are closely related. Leaderships should ever hold a focal point to convey in a better hereafter and have to be needfully pioneers. The leader should better on bing procedures and possibly accomplish interruption through consequences with his creativeness accomplishments. New thoughts and promotions should be encouraged by the leader, so that the employees will besides hold an chance to give in suggestions.

ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE The leader plays a critical function in conveying a alteration in the organisation and he should put an illustration to the employees. The leader must be collaborative, advisory, directing and coercive. He should dispute a procedure and animate a shared vision. First, it is the leader ‘s duty to convey in a positive alteration and so actuate his employees to follow so. This will convey about a long -term success.


Therefore the above mentioned aims clearly province the operation of leading through globalisation, scheme, invention, crisis direction and organisational alteration. This will assist the organisation to accomplish desired consequences and long-run success.


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Leadership in general is about certain things like- vision, rules and unity. It is about the power to actuate others through words and workss. Leadership is about ethically actuating people in ethical waies. Therefore there are certain restrictions to be followed as good


On the procedural side, we would wish to happen issue connected with ethical determination doing such as audience. Ethical issues provide a great foundation for assorted constructs of work, concern and organisation. There are certain ethical rules:

1. Step back from every determination before you make it and look at it objectively. There are certain unethical behaviours, so make sure you do n’t fall into that trap illustration: dishonesty, withholding of information, misleading or confusing communicating, misrepresentation, rule-bending, kidology, hocus-pocus, development of failing, irresponsibleness, disregard of responsibility etc.

2. Strive for equity instead than “ winner takes all “ results. Understand the psychological construct and understand state of affairss. Learn from history and old experiences. Reviewing how old state of affairss were handled reduces the hazard of doing daft errors, non many things are basically new in this universe, despite how alone your state of affairs is. Understand the long-run effects.

3. Aim for solution and harmoniousness, objectiveness and withdrawal. Facilitate instead than influence. Diffuse state of affairss do n’t polarise or inflame.

4. It begins with values- with understanding and committedness of nucleus values, vision- the ability to border our actions, voice- procedure of jointing our vision to others in a convincing mode and eventually virtue- nisus to make good.

Leaderships can sometimes be blinded by their ain feelings of ego, and more perilously and believe the leaders occupation requires to shoulder the load of determinations which cause anguish and agony and worse. Leadership carries some kind of right to take hazards with other people ‘s wellbeing is nil more than chesty solution. A strong characteristic of leading is, cognizing when, and holding the strength, to happen another manner -the ethical manner.

What stands in the manner of ethical leading?

Sometimes consideration of the obstructions to ethical leading can learn us a great trade. Lack of bravery or independency of ideas is obvious obstructions.

Ethical leading requires cognition:

There are many dimensions in ethical leading such as moral duty to make the occupation right. Personal unity and respectful determination devising procedures. Harmonizing to my equal feedback equity and motive would rule my particular quality in leading.


Therefore the cardinal starting is holding a good apprehension of human nature such as demands, emotions and motive. The leader must cognize the employee ‘s be- such as beliefs and character, know- such as occupations, undertakings and human nature and make properties such as implementing, actuating and turn outing waies.


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