Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Lesson 3 Vocab

Term Definition
anion An atom that has gained electrons; it's negatively charged
neutrons The neutrally charged particles in an atom
compound Contains at least two different elements combined
cation An atom that has lost electrons; it's positively charged
valence electrons The electrons in the outer shell of an atom.
nucleus The center of an atom that contains the protons and neutrons
element The group of one kind of atom
charge The property that causes atoms to be attracted to or repelled by one another
octet rule When an atom has eight electrons in it's outer shell making it stable.
protons The positively charged particles in an atom
synthetic elements Man-made elements
ionic bonding When an ion forms bonds with other ions
energy level The place where the electron spends its time buzzing around the atom.
ion An atom that doesn't have the normal number of electrons
covalent bond The bond that's formed when atoms share their valence electrons
atomic number The number of protons an atom has
nucleons What the protons and neutrons together are called
mass number The number of nucleons an atom has.
electrons The negatively charged particles in an atom
isotopes Atoms with different numbers of neutrons and protons.

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