Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Lesson 4 Vocab

Term Definition
base The chemical opposite of acid
ph A term that means potential for hydrogen
antacid A base that works against the acid upsetting your stomach
crystals Solids that have a regular, repeating arrangement of atoms
exothermic reaction When heat energy is released during a chemical reaction.
reactants The substances you start with in a chemical reaction
endothermic reaction When heat energy is absorbed during a chemical reaction.
gemstones Valuable crystals often used to make jewelry.
catalyst A substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being used up in the process.
physical reaction A reaction that doesn't change the molecules of a substance but changes how the substance looks and sometimes its state.
chemical reaction When two or more chemical substances interact with each other and change into different chemical substances.
acid A substance that tastes sour, conducts electricity, ruins metals, and donates hydrogen ions.
plastic A type of polymer that is hard to break and can be recycled.
polymer Molecules arranged in long chains of lots of repeating small molecules.

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