Exploring Creation with Chemistry & Physics Lesson 7 Vocab

Term Definition
traction The friction between two objects that keeps them from sliding across each other
gravity A force that attracts everything toward the center of the earth
adhesion The sticking together of two different materials.
cohesion When a material can stick to itself
lubricant A substance that reduces friction
friction A force that holds back the movement of an object
drag The friction that slows an object as it moves through air or water
aerodynamic A shape that allows an object to move through fluids and air without as much drag
terminal velocity The maximum speed an object can fall; the speed limit for falling objects
centripetal force A force that acts on a body moving in a circular path and is directed toward the center around which the body is moving
law of universal gravitation The law that says the closer things are to one another, the more powerful the attraction.

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