Exploring Creation with Chemistry & Physics Lesson 8 Vocab

Term Definition
energy The ability of someone or something to do work.
coal An energy source made up of dead plants that turned into carbon.

natural gas

Gas that's made naturally, under the earth.

wind energy

A source of electricity made from moving air.

kinetic energy Energy in motion
nuclear energy Energy found inside the nucleus of an atom.
clean energy Energy that doesn't produce chemicals and waste.
solar energy A source of energy from the sun
solar cells Thin plates that turn solar energy directly into electricty
fossil fuels Fossilized forms of energy
oil reservoirs Lakes of oil deep in the earth produced by fossils
hydropower A source of energy made from falling water
potential energy Stored energy waiting to be used.
gravitational energy Potential energy that is dependent on gravity.
renewable energy Energy made from sources that don't run out.

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