Exploring God's World Chapters 4-6

Question Answer
Body part of insect that contains the heart and stomach abdomen
Body part of insect that contains wings for flying and legs for walking or swimming thorax
Body part of insect that contains the brain, antennae, eyes and mouth parts head
Animals without backbones invertebrates
Covers the outside of the insects body of some invertebrates exoskeletons
All invertebrates become the same temperture as their surroundings coldblooded
When an animal looks the same as it's surroundings camouflaged
Octopus arms tentacles
Octopus have this many arms 8
The biggest groups of insects invertebrates
4 stages of complete metamorphosis in order 1. egg
2. larva
3. pupa
4. adult
Breathing holes on the sides of the abdomen of an insect spiracles
The main sense organ of an insect or feelers antennae
Some harmless insects look exactly like harmful insects mimicry
A place where there is very little water or plant growth desert
In the desert, rain may only fall once or twice a year
The study of the ocean oceanography
Scientists that study the ocean oceanographers
Made up of something that was never alive mineral
Breaks down into tiny pieces and becomes part of the liquid dissolve
Tiny floating plants and animals of the sea plankton
Every food chain begins with green plant
Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid sediment
3 animals that are invertebrates squid, octopus, jellyfish
3 animals that are vertebrates alligator, snake, frog

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