Exploring God's World Chapters 9-10

Question Answer
What is the top layer of soil which is dark and rich in minerals called? topsoil
What is the soil below the topsoil called? subsoil
What is the soil considered if plants grow well? fertile
What returns to the soil the minerals that plants took out? fertilizer
What is the loss of soil by water and wind called? soil erosion
Is the earthworm, shrew and skunk helpful to the farmer? yes
Is the mole and field mouse helpful to the farmer? no
What is the condition of the air called? weather
What is the layer of air that surrounds the earth called? atmosphere
What are the three things which cause weather? heat, water and wind
What covers almost three fourths of the earth's surface? water
What comes mostly from the sun? heat
What is moving air called? wind
What does absorb mean? to soak up
What does radiate mean? to send out rays of heat
What does evaporate mean? to change into vapor
What is it called when water evaporates? water vapor
What are the three forms of water? solid, liquid and gas
What are perfectly round? raindrops
What forms when molecules of water vapor freeze? snowflakes
What is another word for freeze? crystalize
How many sides do snowflakes have? 6
What are the four forms of precipitation? rain, sleet, snow and hail
What are frozen ball of rain? hail
What is rain that has fallen through freezing rain? sleet
What is humid? to be full of water vapor
What is lightning? electricity that jumps from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth
What sound does lightning make? thunder
What are the safest place to be in a thunderstorm? car or building
What is another name for a tornado? twister
What are the three most common storms called? hurricane, tornado and thunderstorm
What is a whirling windstorm that begins over the ocean called? hurricane
What is a windstorm that builds up over hot land? tornado
What is a rainstorm that includes lightning? thunderstorm

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