Exploring the benefits and limitations of implementing ABC Essay

Activity-based costing ( or ABC ) is one of the most widely used methods of bing direction over the past decennaries. It is an effort to place more accurate costs to merchandises or services ( Collier, 2009 ) . The intent of this paper is to reexamine recent research into Activity-based bing sing the ideal campaigners to implement ABC system. A assortment of different statements have been put frontward about this issue. This paper begins by presenting the grounds why has ABC evolved. It will so travel on to discourse the benefits of implementing ABC and its restrictions. Finally, the usage of ABC in organisations is carried out to show the relevance ABC to current pattern.

Activity-based bing emerged in mid-1980s, the chief intent of ABC is to utilize cause-and -effect cost allotments ( Drury, 2009 ) . At that clip, as Drury ( 2009 ) stated most organisations use traditional costing systems which designed for run intoing external fiscal accounting demands, non for decision-making. For illustration, in 1994, GEI used traditional costing based on direct labour dollars which allocated fabrication operating expense costs to merchandises till 1999. Then the fabricating overhead rate of direct labour increased from 300 per centum to over 600 per centum. GEI was weak in competitory strengths in a high-volume, trade good concern environment ( Brewer et al. , 2003 ) . Traditional bing system can non supply accurate costs of resources in an increased competitory concern environment. Directors are likely to do incorrect determinations by utilizing inaccurate cost information. Besides rapid planetary technological inventions reduced the measuring costs which accelerate the development of activity-based costing ( Major, 2007 ) . As a consequence, Kaplan and Cooper carried further the thoughts of Staubus to develop the constructs of ABC systems. It has been asserted that Activity-based cost focal point on organisational disbursement on resources to the activities, it drives activity costs to merchandises in order to supply a better appraisal of costs and the sum of activities for single goods ( Kaplan and Cooper, 1998 ) . Therefore, ABC systems give better information to pull off organisations than traditional systems do ( Hughes and Paulson, 2003 ) .

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Exploring the benefits and limitations of implementing ABC Essay
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As Major ( 2007 ) explains valuing stocks and puting monetary values is the chief characteristics of ABCM in the beginning, but after it further developed, ABCM helps directors to understand cost information and to do better determinations consequently. Because ABC information is of great aid to cut down costs during merchandise design and development, so directors could accomplish desired merchandises at much lower entire costs with an accurate cost theoretical account and a disciplined mark bing procedure ( Kaplan and Cooper, 1998 ) . This could take to a better public presentation measuring with reconstruct activity-based budgets and merchandises or services invention ( Innes & A ; Mitchell, 2000 ) . It is besides argued that companies have better direction determination support by utilizing ABC theoretical account to get more accurate cost information and more accurate profitableness analysis ( Stratton, 2009 ) this leads to a better apprehension of cost causing and sensible pricing merchandises for directors. Kaplan and Cooper ( 1998 ) travel on to farther claim that ABC could follow whether predicted net incomes have been obtained in the procedures. This can be used to better hereafter processes and systems. Therefore, it could assist to better efficiency and fight in organisations ( Drury, 2008 ) .

However, the issue of the truth of ABC computations has been a controversial and much disputed capable. There are troubles in choosing cost drivers and placing activities when ABCM implementing, because choice of drivers and activities is a boring and time-consuming procedure, employees frequently face troubles in understanding and categorising activities when providing informations for the ABCM system, sometimes appraisal still necessary. Furthermore, Friedman and Lynne ( 1995 ) mentioned that to some extent, the success of implementing ABC systems depends on the top direction support, which included that right sum of work in design the system and assemblage informations, ample resources and adequate IT support. Drury ( 2008 ) further claimed that a batch of service organisations were authorities owned monopolies which operated in a extremely protected and non-competitive environment. Therefore, these organisations were non willing to better profitableness by placing, bettering and extinguishing non-profit devising activities. Cost additions could be covered by increasing the monetary values of services to clients. Less motive was given to developing cost systems which improves costs measuring and enhances merchandises profitableness ( Drury, 2008 ) . It is sensible to reason from the above treatment that these restrictions slow down the development gait of ABC systems.

It is indispensable to understand the cardinal characteristics of organisations which ABC system best suited. First of wholly, the bulk of costs in organisations should be indirect, particularly when these costs have been increased ( Kaplan and Cooper, 1998 ) .

Second, the ABC systems are necessary if there are a huge assorted merchandises, services or procedures in concern ( Kaplan and Cooper, 1998 ) . Because the ABC adoptive parents used a great figure of cost pools and different types of cost thrusts than those with few, which make it more sophisticated ( Al-Omiri and Drury, 2007 ) . Finally, a UK study by Drury and Tayles ( 2005 ) indicated that company size and concern sector had a important impact on ABC acceptance rates. The acceptance rates were 45 per centum for the largest organisations ( Drury and Tayles, 2005 ) , because the greater demand for activity direction information and better ability to pull off resources in order to accomplish better direction public presentation ( Baird, 2007 ) .

Kaplan and Cooper ( 1998 ) province that service houses are more likely to implement Activity-based costing than fabrication houses. Drury and Tayles ( 2000 ) indicated that the implement rate of ABC was 15 per centum of fabrication houses in contrast with 51 per centum of fiscal and service organisations. At that clip, fabrication organisations could follow about all the costs to single merchandise, hence the indirect costs, which are smaller parts of the entire costs, could be straight traced to single merchandises by traditional bing systems. Whereas nine old ages subsequently, a study by Stratton ( 2009 ) stated that 54 per centum of entire 348 respondents which implement ABC systems are service companies, compared with 40 per centum of fabrication houses.

The possible grounds why more fabrication organisations adopt ABC are a wider assortment of merchandises or services provided. So the indirect costs are at a much higher proportion of entire costs than it was. In order to obtain a more accurate costs for merchandises or services in intense competition, a better costing system is needed ( Bowhill, 2008 ) . Therefore, there are more manufacturing organisations implement Activity-based bing systems.

In decision, the current paper has described those types of organisations which benefit from the execution of ABC. It has been shown that ABC is likely to be best suited where the indirect costs are high, companies running within a extremely compete environment, and it has assortment of merchandises or services that do non to devour resources in proportion units of end product. The chief decision to be drawn from the predating treatment therefore is that service and fabrication organisations are likely to implement ABC systems. This has important deductions for organisations need to updating bing systems in order to obtain a cost-and profitability- measuring systems.


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