Exploring the different concepts of financial management Essay

In this assignment the pupil is discoursing the different constructs of fiscal direction. The selected organisation for this intent is Intel Corporation. That is a good known semiconducting material fabricating company and a major participant in the industry. In this assignment the pupil will cover all the necessary results associating to fiscal analysis, budgeting and fiscal proposal.

1.1 fiscal informations and cogency

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Exploring the different concepts of financial management Essay
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Annual Report to stockholders chiefly used by most public companies to unwrap to stockholders company information papers. Normally the company ‘s province head executive, fiscal information, and uninterrupted operation of the inaugural reference, market section is the consequence of the information, and new merchandises and sub-activities and future programs for plans, including research and development activities, a study is. Annual study is likely the best beginning of information about public companies.

SEC Filings

Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) regulations require that companies that ( public company ) file fiscal studies with the Commission a figure of sell securities. These public studies, and supply a wealth of information.

Fiscal information to private companies

Some private sector companies publish one-year studies for internal usage or for publicities. The company or the company could include this content on your web site by reaching such a study may be able to acquire.

Find articles about the company. Possibly person has written about the company include some fiscal inside informations. Besides, you can read about their activities through the company ‘s fiscal place can set a few feelings.

Despite the resources of most libraries and is deserving adverting that there are companies that research and recognition study or other similar studies, including fiscal information that companies sell.

Reliability and truth of fiscal statements

The fiscal statements may non be utile if they are based on entering minutess can be undependable and inaccurate. Preparation of fiscal statements in there and rubbish from the philosophy of waste is a great illustration. The job is that users of fiscal statements normally by reading the informations can measure non merely the presence of debris. Data may look good, but the fact that many of confusion.

Fiscal statements and consider dishonesty and incompetency, are the two chief beginnings of inaccuracy. There are two chief ways to cover with these jobs. The first method of accounting for regular fiscal statement audit house is to engage. Audit, the trial harmonizing to the comptrollers out balances history and ensures truth.

The 2nd method to forestall fraud and false fiscal coverage is to follow equal internal control is used. Internal controls, policies and processs that concerns can take to protect your belongings and the right fiscal coverage, and to guarantee the bar of fraud. These methods are non reciprocally sole.

1.2 fiscal paperss and stakeholders

Fiscal statements are used by all the stakeholders of an endeavor. Generally these stakeholders belong to one of two groups: internal users and external users. Internal Users are straight involved with the daily operations of the endeavor while external users are non.

Internal stakeholders

Employees – Employees are stakeholders who are engaged, for assorted clip periods, to assist an endeavor achieve its aims. Fiscal statements help employees make determinations about their long-run committedness to the endeavor.

Directors and owner/operators – An analysis of the fiscal statements aid directors make informed determinations about the economic accomplishments of the endeavor and so adjust strategics and tactics to work identified chances and extenuate possible menaces.

Boardss of managers – Fiscal statements allow the board of managers to reexamine the public presentation of the direction in relation to the accomplishment of the aims.

External stakeholders

Investors – Investors are stakeholders that buy portions in a company. Shares entitle the investor to a relative portion of the company ‘s equity and net incomes. Shares in public companies are traded on stock exchanges and supply investors with dividends. Investors use fiscal statements to measure the fiscal strength of a company which impacts on their investing determinations. Existing equity investors use fiscal statements to supervise their investings and to measure the public presentation of direction.

Lenders – Lenders are typically fiscal establishments that provide short term overdrafts, bill funding for debitors, term loans for enlargement programs, renting finance for equipment purchases or mortgages for belongings purchases. Financial Institutions use fiscal statements to make up one’s mind whether to allow a company with fresh working capital or extend debt securities ( such as a long-run bank loan or unsecured bonds ) to finance enlargement and other important outgos.

Suppliers and clients – Suppliers use fiscal statements to measure the creditworthiness of the concern. Customers are stakeholders that providers, to measure the fiscal strength and remaining power of the company as a reliable resource for their concern.

Government sections and bureaus – They use fiscal statements to determine the properness and truth of revenue enhancements and other responsibilities declared and paid by a company.

Rivals – Rivals are stakeholder who compete for clients in the same market as the endeavor. Rivals use fiscal statements to benchmark their ain fiscal consequences to place discrepancies to aim for betterment or feat as an chance. Cardinal Rivals of Intel are 3Com Acer AMD Atmel Cisco Systems EDS Fujitsu Harris Corporation Hitachi IBM Integrated Device Technology Lucent

Media – The media use fiscal statements to analyze and supply a commentary on the public presentation and place of an endeavor that they think would be of involvement to their readership.

Labour brotherhoods – Labour brotherhoods are stakeholders who represent the best involvement of the employees of an endeavor. They use fiscal statements to estimate how much of a wage addition an endeavor is able to afford in an approaching rewards dialogue.

Supporters and oppositions – Other external stakeholders include people who may back up or oppose the actions and activities of an endeavor. They include politicians, lobbyists, issue groups, consumer advocators, conservationists, think armored combat vehicles and foundations. They use the fiscal statements to supply nonsubjective grounds for their place.



A budget does n’t hold to be a restrictive program that forces you to strip yourself of what you want. In fact, a budget should be a usher, non a restraint. A sensible budget allows you to make what you want. It allows you to utilize your resources where they ‘re most needful, so your concern will head in the right way. Making a fiscal program lets you command your concern ‘s hard currency flow alternatively of it commanding you.

Making a budget does n’t hold to be a complicated or time-consuming undertaking. Actually, in the beginning, it ‘s best to maintain things simple. The key is to find how much you ‘ll pass and gain in any given twelvemonth, and so utilize that figure to project how you want to turn in subsequent old ages. The budget reply the undermentioned inquiries

How much can you realistically sell following twelvemonth?

How much will you bear down for your goods or services?

How much will it be to bring forth your merchandise?

How much are your operating disbursals?

Make you necessitate to engage employees? If so, how many, and how much will you pay them?

How much will you pay yourself?

How much paysheet revenue enhancement and unemployment revenue enhancement will you pay?

How much money do you necessitate to borrow, and how much will your monthly loan payments be?

In the income class, cautiously gauge how much gross revenues gross you ‘ll hold following twelvemonth.

Equally far as disbursals go, see advertisement, car, insurance, rent, revenue enhancements, phone, public-service corporations, equipment, paysheet.

Once you see your jutting income and disbursals on paper, you ‘ll cognize precisely how much you need to do every month to maintain things afloat, and how much you ‘ll hold left over for excess disbursals.



A budget is an intelligently prepared estimation of future concern conditions. In a concern concern, such an estimation must include the income, likely costs, and disbursals. Budgets are designed to help direction in the coordination of the merchandising, production, and administrative maps of the concern. Budgetary control system is the term applied to a carefully worked-out program covering the coordination of all these maps, every bit good as the uninterrupted survey and comparing of the existent operating figures with the budgeted figures to construe the grounds for disagreements.

Target Costing

Target costing is defined as a technique for net income direction. It aims on guaranting that future merchandises bring-in sufficient net incomes that enables the house in accomplishing its long-run net incomes programs. This aim can merely be made possible if these two conditions are met: ( 1 ) merchandises are designed to fulfill the demands of the house ‘s clients ; and ( 2 ) it is manufactured at a sufficiently low cost. The cost at which the merchandise must be manufactured is first identified in the mark bing systems. This is to cognize if it enables the accomplishment of the net income aim. Then a disciplined environment is created afterwards to assist guarantee the accomplishment of the mark cost.

Target Costing as a Valuable Tool

Target costing is a valuable tool and doctrine in back uping the overall attempts of an organisation in staying its fight with respects to be, while being able to run into the client ‘s demands, all at the same clip.

Accountability for consequences is another critical issue to the long-run success of mark costing. One manner to make answerability is through keeping of regular meetings that discusses the advancement throughout the development rhythm of the new merchandise or service.

In order to accomplish mark cost ends, organisations have undertaken assorted activities, runing from minimum to extended attempts. Among the less extended attempts are the usage of factual informations in negociating with providers and the sharing of long-run schemes to derive cooperation from providers.

Target costing is non merely utile for constituents and alone natural stuffs. It may be besides used for standard natural stuffs, packaging stuffs, services, outsourcing, tooling and capital.

Target costing is utile beyond new merchandise or service development. There are groundss in instance surveies where organisations besides use mark costing for the betterment of their existing merchandises or services.

Target costing can besides be used efficaciously for the purchase of high dollar services, particularly if the services can be tied back to a merchandise or service that will be resold.


The best proposal is one you do n’t hold to compose. Tip the competitory graduated tables in your favour and seek to extinguish the proposal procedure wholly. A competitory field reduces the odds of set downing the concern, so side measure that challenge, if possible.

Explain to clients why they besides benefit from jumping the competitory proposal procedure.

Point out that the adviser choice procedure takes their clip and attending off from their concern.

Stress that you have the accomplishments to acquire the occupation done, and that the longer the procedure takes, the more it costs them and detain the declaration of their jobs.


Direct and Indirect Costss

One of the cardinal aims in using for research support is to obtain support sufficient to cover all costs of the proposed research – both direct and indirect costs.

Consequently, in fixing the budget which accompanies the award application, it is of import to:

place all direct costs

include an appropriate proviso for indirect costs.

This proviso is by and large expressed as an overhead rate applied to all direct costs or to a specific class of direct costs.

The pattern is to bespeak an overhead proviso of 40 % of entire direct costs on research contracts, 15 % of entire direct costs on corporate/industrial pool research grants, and 10 % of entire direct costs on research grants from foundations, unless the sponsoring bureau has a prescribed rate ( s ) .

The Indirect Costs ( Overhead ) subdivision is devoted to this of import subject in order to advance a clear apprehension of those costs which are expected to be covered indirectly, i.e. by the proviso for indirect costs, and those which are to be covered straight, i.e. direct costs.

The differentiation is peculiarly relevant to applications to support bureaus which restrict support to the direct costs of research. A faulty apprehension of what constitutes a direct cost may take to understating these costs.

Specific Costss

Wages – Wages must be within the scope for the appropriate University place categorization.

Salary additions

Allowance must be made for approaching salary additions effectual July 1st of each twelvemonth.

A salary addition may include an all-embracing ( economic ) addition, and an appropriate merit/step addition in conformity with company guidelines.

If approaching additions have non been established at the clip of proposal readying, consult with the Human Resources Department with regard to allow estimations.

Vacation wage – add holiday wage of 4 % for insouciant and term employees

Benefits – A standard benefit rate stand foring the full employer cost of benefits will be charged to the award. The current rate as a per centum of wage for appointed staff and non-appointed staff can be found on the Standard Benefits Rates page of Financial Services web site.

Calculating costs – Ensure that the cost of calculating services is considered. Consult Computing Services for advice.

Travel costs – The sponsoring bureau may hold guidelines or bounds with regard to go costs. Mention to Travel and Other Reimbursable Expenses for company ordinances with regard to eligible and ineligible travel costs.

Supplies and Equipment – Specific supply and equipment demands should be identified and costed utilizing the best available information, e.g. provider ‘s monetary value lists. In the instance of important and specialised points, consult with Procurement Services.


Planing your fundss has many benefits. Whether you do it yourself or you hire a professional, the of import thing is to cognize that a good program can assist you turn around your fiscal mentality and can take attention of many jobs created by bad debts or past errors. To do the most of fiscal planning, it ‘s of import to make it decently and take full control of your state of affairs.

Benefit From Financial Planning

Make a list of your short- and long-run ends. Include anything that requires a important investing, such as travel, purchasing a new house, traveling back to school or acquiring a new auto. List as many grounds as you can believe of every bit to why and how planning and economy will profit you. The clearer you are of your way and ends, the easier it will be to prosecute them.

Protect yourself and your loved 1s in instance of accidents, loss of a occupation or a major calamity. Having a fiscal program in topographic point will let you to take the force per unit area off and bask mundane life without worrying so much about what will go on if a crisis hits. Protective fiscal planning can include anything from purchasing life insurance to holding an exigency nest egg history.

Take charge of your debt. One — if non the chief — benefit of fiscal planning is the ability to take control of what you owe. If you want to pay off your debt every bit shortly as possible, you will necessitate a good program to assist you make up one’s mind how to apportion your money straight to where it is most needful.

Use fiscal planning to acquire a new concern off the land. Not merely will you necessitate a good concern program in order to acquire a concern loan in the first topographic point, but you will besides necessitate a budget in order to pass your money sagely once it ‘s available. Knowing what to put in and what to avoid when get downing a new concern can profit you, particularly during the first twelvemonth.

Review your programs on a regular basis. As you move toward your ends, it is likely your programs will alter or necessitate revising. Do n’t be afraid to get down afresh. Equally long as you are still working toward your end, taking a different path is wholly acceptable.


So we have some planning and good programs, ends and marks are. Goals and aims set right and supply the necessary support and aid in the probe at that place. How smart of you to travel about placing marks before the honkytonk, it is of import to understand that there is a huge difference between the ends and aims.

Goals relate to our aspirations and vision. For illustration, I sort of have the end of going financially independent.

May is a mark or marks to run into this end will necessitate to be many. For illustration, to go financially independent and I to 1 ) the demand to acquire out of debt, ( 2 ) to better my defence and 3 ) get down a concern.

Method most good known for developing the aims of non-smart manner is, and smart attack is good understood among directors, but he practiced in a bad manner. A cutoff is the worthwhile end, the particular ( concrete, elaborate and good defined ) , to depict cardinal characteristics of mensurable smart points ( figure, measure, comparing ) , ( is possible to implement ) obtain realistic ( resources and clip edge ( see a specific clip line ) frame. ‘s expression at these characteristics in more item. Smart ends are our end to traverse.


This is clear and straightforward ends, and work emphasis and the consequence is required. The nonsubjective must pass on what you want to see the demand. Specific objectives it helps to inquire the undermentioned inquiries to assist put

Can be obtained

Require extra marks to be achieved if the mark is excessively far in the hereafter, you make it difficult to maintain motivated and strive towards accomplishing it will acquire. Aims, unlike your aspirations and visions, it must be to maintain you motivated. However, to obtain and aims still need you invariably, but so far that you are frustrated and lose motive.


Goals that can be achieved is non realistic. However, realistic does non intend easy. Realistic means that you have the resources necessary to carry through this. Aimed at geting the accomplishments and equipment, money and other support necessary to accomplish undertakings such resources are needed. Most of the ends are achieved, but need to alter your precedences to do it be.


If the end is mensurable, which means that the beginning recognized step we are following up the consequences of our concern, we have made advancement towards accomplishing the end. Used to mensurate than the criterion. For illustration, fiscal freedom means to me, is rather different compared with what you meant to be. In many instances, as reported, if you can non mensurate, you can non cover with it! More significantly, analogies help us to cognize when we have achieved our end.


Timed to accomplish this end means to put clip bound. The deadline for each undertaking is to make a sense of urgency. If you do non put a deadline and needed to work to promote and rush will be reduced. Deadline is to do the necessary urgency and urge action.


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