Exploring the qualitative characteristics of the IASB framework Essay


The IASB model was approved by the IASC board in April 1989 for publication in July 1989 and adopted by the IASB in April 2001. Its chief aim is to assist IASB to present or revise accounting criterions. It helps the users to cover with the issues which are non addressed by the criterions.

The chief intent of fiscal statements is that it delivers the information of an endeavor sing its place every bit good its liquidness. It besides shows the public presentation of the endeavor including the alterations happening in the company ‘s fiscal position.

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Exploring the qualitative characteristics of the IASB framework Essay
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Understand ability:

The information available should be meaningful to the users. This rule is about the ability of the users to acquire the significance of the information available in taking a determination. It is really common that it is a difficult occupation to people who have less cognition of it but this feature of accounting provinces that it should be clear and apprehensible to any individual who has a limited cognition of histories. There is a all right reconciliation act needed by the preparers. Statements of finance must be prepared in a mode that they must be really much apprehensible and clear to the individual who is utilizing it.


Fiscal statements of a house or between different houses must be comparable by the users over a period of clip. By making so, user can cognize the current status of its fiscal public presentation and place. For fiscal analysis, comparing of fiscal statements becomes much more helpful.


The user can foretell the hereafter of the company by accessing the past information about the company ‘s public presentation and its place of finance. This can be used as the platform. Even information about other issues of the company can be obtained harmonizing to this characteristic. The users are ever holding acute involvement in such affairs like wages of employers, its dividend, etc. Besides the capacity of the company to carry through its claims and committednesss can be estimated. Hence this characteristic is really utile.


Information provided must be worthy to trust to take the peculiar determination. Information available to the user must be dependable so on the footing of that information ; user can take a echt determination in the state of affairs of any issue. If information is relevant, it is non necessary that it is dependable.

Faithful representation:

The minutess every bit good as other accounting operations must be represented reasonably and in a faithful mode. By making so it becomes easy at the clip of coverage and auditing, because the user can merely fit with the entries available and as the entry is done dependably, no issues arises at that clip.

Substance over signifier:

All minutess should be accounted harmonizing to the substance it possess and non merely for their legal signifier. This means that all the minutess should all be recorded and written down. For illustration if a concern sells any one of its belongings to another company it should be noted down in histories every bit good for the twelvemonth.


Information used must be impersonal every bit good as it should be free from prejudice. It must be provided in an nonsubjective mode.


For any concern, there are likely to hold some uncertainnesss along with the estimated anticipations. Hence while taking any determinations at the clip of uncertainness ; it is besides necessary to set into claws those uncertainnesss as a symbol of cautiousness. This cautiousness is termed as prudence in the linguistic communication of accounting which is a really of import portion of fiscal statements. The types of uncertainnesss include dubious debts, claims of guarantee, etc.


For information to be dependable it is required to be complete within the bounds of cost every bit good as materiality. Any skips in it can be the concern a loss. If information is non complete, it can besides impact the image and repute of the concern of demoing false inside informations. Hence the information must be wholly complete.


Credence of IASB decidedly has a figure of advantages for preparers, users and standard compositors. The users of this information by and large consist of people from different categories of life. Hence they prove to hold the general cognition about the published histories and therefore utilize it harmonizing to their demands. This may differ in application but the relevant information from each regulation is kept the same and can non be changed.

The users groups may include ;

Organization itself:

Organization will be able to cut accounting costs linking with interpreting histories from one type of criterions to another if there are foreign operations. Uniform accounting standard accepted by states will let companies to exert better control of their fiscal resources and simplify consolidation procedure when fixing one-year studies ( Nobes and Parker, 2006 ; Taylor, 2009 ) .


This group will be interested in the histories of a peculiar concern as they have the money and they want to put in the concern. Their involvement in the concern can be wholly different from any other user in the group as their intent is merely to hold return net income of what is being invested.


Buyers of a peculiar concern are interested in the concern to purchase it because they have the involvement as they think that they can do a net income from a concern. Besides they need to anticipate that the concern is holding future and that they can gain more income.


The employees of the company are interested in this because they want to see that how the company is working and how good is the hereafter of the company. The thing that keeps them interested in the concern is that they know that their occupation is secured and they can do their hereafter in the concern.


The stockholders are interested in this because they know that they want to see how the concern is executing like the employees but the ground behind this is different as they are interested in doing net income and they want to maintain an oculus on the money they are passing in the concern.


Creditors are interested as they want to be cognizant about the company with which they are working will non run away and that the hereafter of the company is secured.


Governments want to supervise and look into the concern as it has to enforce the revenue enhancement on a company which is therefore doing a net income of some sum and so they use that money in other ways which in return help the growing of the economic system which finally in bend helps the community every bit good.


Public is interested in histories of a peculiar company because they are normally playing two functions. They can be either puting in the company or they are investors in the company and they want to be certain that their money is being used in the right manner. Public can be future investors so if the accounting model is systematic and apprehensible, they can take their determination for investing by analyzing company ‘s fiscal studies in deepness. Besides they need to see that they make net income for the company and for themselves.


In decision we can state that the IASB model is really utile in readying of fiscal statements every bit good as keeping and following the accounting criterions more exactly. It has qualitative features like relevance, dependability, comparison and comprehensibility. These features help the users in understanding the information given in the fiscal studies.

Government, employees, clients, loaners public, etc. are the users of these fiscal statements. These users grab the information available in the fiscal statement and use them in their several field in order to take needed judgement. This information is used to foretell the possible alteration in its economic resource. Besides it can be used to gauge the effectivity of a concern hereafter and its liquidness.

Information sing alterations in fiscal place of an entity is utile in order to measure its investment, funding and operating activities during describing period.


In malice of being tonss of applications of the model in different Fieldss, it has its ain restriction. All the constituents are related to each other in the fiscal statement but each constituent has its ain single importance. Besides, a user ca n’t acquire complete information by mentioning a individual constituent. He needs assistance of all these constituents in order to fulfill his demand. For illustration if we want to mensurate the public presentation of a certain entity, we need 3 components- a balance sheet, an income statement and besides statement of alteration in fiscal place. The contents of each constituent are wholly different still we need to compare 3 of them together to hold detailed information.


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