Exploring the role of the chartered accountant Essay

Chartered comptrollers are comptrollers that have a specific appellation. They spend old ages larning about accounting, concern, and fiscal direction before they are hired comptrollers. This extended preparation means they are really versatile. CAs by and large work in public pattern, concern, authorities, and the non-profit sector. ( Career Cruising )

Chartered comptrollers who work in public pattern provide accounting and concern advice. For illustration, CAs who work for the populace may analyse and reexamine fiscal statements for companies. ( Career Cruising )

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Exploring the role of the chartered accountant Essay
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Educational Requirements:

First you must obtain a unmarried man ‘s grade in anything. Then you are required to finish a professional plan, depending on the state you live in. For illustration, CA campaigners in western Canada must inscribe in the CA School of Business after finishing their grade. Prospective CAs must besides happen employment at a preparation office, such as a hired accounting house that has been approved by the appropriate provincial institute. This is called articling. Once hired, trainees study accounting while working under the supervising of to the full qualified CAs. Usually you must hold 30 months of articling Finally ; campaigners must go through the Uniform Evaluation ( UFE ) . The 3-day test is written one time a twelvemonth by all CA campaigners across Canada. ( Career Cruising )


Chartered accounting can be a well paid occupation. For university alumnuss come ining the occupation as novices, wages range between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 a twelvemonth. Newly qualified CAs may gain from $ 40,000 to $ 80,000 a twelvemonth. CAs with 3 to 5 old ages of experience can gain $ 100,000 or more a twelvemonth.

The top wages for hired comptrollers are earned by spouses in big accounting houses. A spouse portions ownership of the house, every bit good as the net incomes. Partnership is normally offered merely after many old ages of working for a house. Spouses in hired accounting houses may gain $ 200,000 or more a twelvemonth. ( Career Cruising )

Working conditions:

Chartered comptrollers work for concerns of all sorts, authoritiess, educational establishments, and non-profit organisations. Those who work in public pattern are by and large employed by CA houses. Some CAs are freelance, engaging their services out to clients for a fee.

Chartered comptrollers ‘ working hours vary depending on the clip of twelvemonth. From autumn to early spring, they are really busy, frequently working 50 to 60 hours a hebdomad. Weekend work is normal during this clip of twelvemonth. In the late spring and summer, the gait of work slows. A 40-hour workweek is normal for this period. ( Career Cruising )

Part A- Career Opportunities Chartered Accountant


The accounting appellation that would be most suited to me is the Chartered Accountant. This is because of the money, the versatility and the on the job conditions. One of the most attractive wagess of being trained as an Accountant is the salary one can achieve. As a Chartered Accountant with 3-5 old ages of experience, you are expected to do $ 100,000 or more. This is a really attractive wage, and since I have an affinity for money, it is one of the most alluring facets of being a Chartered Accountant. Next would decidedly be versatility. As Chartered Accountants go through old ages of analyzing accounting, concern and fiscal direction, it means they become really various in respects to what work they can make. This is of import for me, because I understand that after going a CA I might recognize that being a Chartered Accountant is non the occupation for me. However, cognizing that the preparation to go a Chartered Accountant sets me up to be successful in a immense diverseness of occupations and callings sets me at easiness. Working conditions are of import for any occupation. As a Chartered Accountant I would be able to work in practically any sort of concern. In such a concern I would normally work in an office environment. Since I do n’t mind working in an office the working conditions CA ‘s have is suited for me. Besides as an person I believe that relaxation is really of import. Knowing that accounting work is slow during Spring and Summer, tells me that I would hold clip to loosen up and bask myself.

Goals for going a Chartered Accountant

-Complete high school

-Earn my unmarried mans degree in any country

-Complete a professional accounting plan

-Finish articling at a hired accounting house

-Pass the unvarying rating tests


4 old ages of high school + 3 twelvemonth unmarried mans degree + 3 old ages of articling & gt ; & gt ; Chartered Accountant

2007-2011 & gt ; & gt ; 2011-2014 & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; 2014-2017 & gt ; & gt ; Chartered Accountant -2017

Accounting Careers

Accounting occupation advertizement: Entry Degree

Accounting CLERK –



Location: Newmarket

Full-Time, Salary $ 25.03 – $ 27.21 per hr

Reporting to the Supervisor, Accounting, is responsible for supplying assorted accounting, fiscal, statistical and administrative services to the Community and Health Services Department including paysheet, histories collectible and receivable, service supplier and operator payments and fixing and treating journal entries ; supplying fiscal and statistical recording, monitoring, rapprochement and coverage ; and keeping histories files and computerized records.


.A Successful completion of a Post Secondary Certificate/Diploma ( 1 twelvemonth or more ) in Accounting or Business field or related plan or approved combination of instruction and experience.

.A Minimum two ( 2 ) old ages experience in a general accounting field and in developing spreadsheet and/or database applications for fiscal analysis and coverage.

.A Knowledge of and demonstrated ability in corporate nucleus competences including client service, communicating, squad work, initiative/self direction and answerability, and flexibility/adaptability.

.A Knowledge of general accounting patterns and processs and general office processs including records direction.

.A Mathematical aptitude and analytical accomplishments.

.A Familiarity with policies and processs regulating paysheet, histories collectible and histories receivable.

.A Computer literacy using MS Office package applications every bit good as proficiency in spreadsheet applications.

.A Ability to work in PeopleSoft Financial and Human Resource package, as required.

.A Ability to go to off site locations in a timely and efficient mode, as required.

.A Ability to work outside regular concern hours, as required.

Please use online at www.york.ca by 4:30 autopsies on April 21, 2010 citing competition # W10192.A We thank all campaigners for their involvement, nevertheless, merely those selected for an interview will be contacted.A For extra information on York Region, delight see the above-named web site.

( Workopolis.com )

Accounting occupation advertizement: Accounting Appellation

Toronto Star Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Business and Careers page B7


The accounting clerk occupation I found is a lasting place. It requires successful completion of a Post Secondary Certificate/Diploma ( 1 twelvemonth or more ) in Accounting or Business field or related plan or approved combination of instruction and experience, and minimal two ( 2 ) old ages experience in a general accounting field and in developing spreadsheet and/or database applications for fiscal analysis and coverage. It requires making day-to-day undertakings as entering journal entries, paysheets, histories collectible and receivable, and service supplier and operator payments. You get paid $ 25-27 an hr.

The Accountant occupation I found is one that requires a Chartered Account or Certified General Accountant appellation. It takes topographic point in an Accounting office. It besides needs 15 old ages of accounting experience. This occupation will probably necessitate you to supervise the whole accounting system and be in charge of the accounting for revenue enhancements. You will be required to be up-to-date with all of the new accounting package and be responsible for mistakes in the accounting done for the company. As this is a occupation that requires experience and a professional accounting appellation your wage will be much higher in comparing to an entry degree occupation.

Part B – Ethical motives

Case 1: Not a Cool Move:

The Ethical Issue

Jerry Ashcroft was the Chartered Accountant for Box Lacrosse Players ‘ Association. Using his place as Chartered Accountant he was able to keep advertisement rights to the scoreboard in another company to farther sell it to Coca Cola to do himself $ 50,000. Jerry Ashcroft held a powerful topographic point in his company. Peoples relied on him to non merely pull off their accounting but besides do it with unity. Alternatively Ashcroft betrayed their trust and was able to utilize his power within the company to do money for himself. By falsely stating that another company had held the rights to the scoreboard, he forced Coca Cola into paying an extra $ 50,000 on top of the $ 100,000 they had to pay already. Not merely did he greedily pocket $ 50,000 dollars for himself, but he forced Coca Cola to pay 150 % of the original monetary value understanding. Now the participant representatives and their association must make up one’s mind what should go on to Jerry Ashcroft. Should they report him, and acquire him discharged and into legal problem? Should they disregard it, and allow Jerry Ashcroft acquire off with fraud.

The stockholders

The stakeholders in this state of affairs are Jerry Ashcroft, the squad representatives, the Box Lacrosse participants Association, the League Owners, and Coca Cola. Jerry evidently has an involvement in this, he gained $ 50,000, and nevertheless he could now be in problem for legal fraud. He has besides angered the squad representatives and Coca Cola and will now be held accountable. The following stakeholders are the squad representatives and the participants Association. This state of affairs could perchance make bad repute for their Association. Despite this state of affairs non being their mistake, their conference forced Coca Cola to pay an excess $ 50,000 on top of their understanding. This money was gained illicitly, by stating Coca Cola that another company had the rights to the scoreboard, when alternatively it was merely Jerry Ashcroft. Other companies that see this will be less inclined to purchase advertisement from this conference ‘s events, therefore ensuing in less money for the squad representatives and the association. Besides the squad representatives have lost out on the money gained from the event, when they found out the advertisement sold for $ 150,000 ; they must ‘ve thought it would be a $ 52,500 – $ 97,500 split. However alternatively of acquiring $ 97,500 for their pension program, they now merely acquire $ 65,000 because $ 50,000 went to Ashcroft. The conference proprietors are besides affected because now they are acquiring $ 35,000 alternatively of $ 52,500. The last stakeholders are Coca-Cola. This company was illicitly scammed out of an extra $ 50,000 dollars. They will probably desire their money back if they knew what had happened.

Four classs of action, Effects/Consequences

One class of action for this job is merely to keep Jerry Ashcroft accountable. He would travel to tribunal and most likely be forced to pay a all right and sent to imprison for a short period. This would demo him that fraud is non acceptable and that he will be accountable for his actions. After this, Jerry would be less likely to prosecute in fraud because he knows what the reverberations are. The tribunal will besides likely make up one’s mind to give back Coca Colas money. This will fulfill Coca Cola, but non work out the jobs of all other stockholders.

Jerry could merely return the $ 50,000 dollars to Coca Cola. However this lone solves Coca Colas job. It does non keep Jerry accountable, and gives him an easy manner out. This does non decide the other stockholders jobs. Their repute is still ruined from this event, and Jerry ‘s fraud would be kept in the dark.

Another class of action is to hold Jerry Ashcroft come Forth and confess. This would imply Jerry Ashcroft publicly informing the community of the fraud he committed. He would so apologise to all the stockholders and the community. He would be fired, and the Crown would be left to make up one’s mind his penalty. This manner, the conference ‘s association does non hold their repute ruined. Coca Cola will probably acquire back its money from tribunal, and the conference representatives and the conference proprietor ‘s besides maintain their repute intact.

Although many people would desire Jerry Ashcroft punished with mulcts or gaol clip, another penalty could be community service. To assist the community he could speak to other comptrollers and concern proprietors about fraud and why it is incorrect. This would be suiting because this procedure could assist Jerry recognize the mistake of his ways. It could besides assist forestall other people from going involved in fraud. He will besides likely have to pay back Coca-Cola ‘s money. This leaves the other stockholders jobs unsolved, nevertheless it helps work out a much bigger job and that is fraud.


From the classs of action listed above, I would hold to take the 3rd 1. This class of action is the best because to some extent it satisfies all of the stockholders. Coca-Cola gets their money. The conference representatives, their association, and the conference proprietors keep their repute undamaged. This determination besides leaves an impact on Jerry. It makes him apologise for his actions and accept the humbleness of his mistakes. It will likely do him forbear from fraud in the hereafter and the tribunal will keep him accountable. The other options largely merely decide Coca-Cola ‘s issue. However the other stockholders are left unsated, because their repute would be damaged from this state of affairs. Decision figure two, does non keep Jerry accountable for his actions, and he does non larn his lesson. Merely by Jerry Ashcroft coming away and accepting the incrimination for what he did, and acknowledging that he was entirely responsible for the fraud that happened, can the other stockholders avoid unjust incrimination. This is why this class of action is the best class of action of those that I listed.

Part C HST- Harmonized Gross saless Tax

The HST, or the Harmonized Gross saless Tax combines the Provincial Gross saless Tax ( 8 % ) and the Goods and Services Tax ( 5 % ) to do one Harmonized Tax ( HST ) that is ( 13 % ) . This revenue enhancement is in consequence from July 1st, 2010. ( Ontario Q. P. , What is the HST? , 2010 )

This revenue enhancement the HST can impact different groups ( authorities, concern proprietors, consumers, households ) both positively and negatively. How the HST affects both consumers and concerns positively and negatively will be outlined in the chart below.





The current PST is charged on purchases made by concerns. However it is charged on every measure in the production of goods and services. This makes it a revenue enhancement on a revenue enhancement on a revenue enhancement. $ 4.5 billion in embedded gross revenues revenue enhancement is hidden in the cost of making concern in Ontario. This raises the monetary values of goods and services to consumers and topographic points Ontario ‘s concerns at a immense disadvantage. Many other states that Ontario competes with occupations for do n’t hold this disadvantage. The HST will take this embedded revenue enhancement by returning gross revenues revenue enhancements paid on most concern inputs. These refunds will intend lower monetary values for many consumer purchases and lower concern costs, which experts agree will better the fight of Ontario concerns and consequence in increased concern investing, taking to more occupations and higher incomes. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/taxchange/hst.html )

The HST and cuts to concern revenue enhancements will cut Ontario ‘s fringy effectual revenue enhancement rate on new investing in half.

Ontario will fall in more than 140 states and four other states that already hold a value-added gross revenues revenue enhancement like the HST – because it is modern, efficient and necessary to vie in today ‘s changing universe. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/taxchange/business.html )

The Ontario Real Estate Association says unifying the revenue enhancements will add more than $ 2,000 to the cost of a existent estate dealing, aching the resale place market and protracting the lodging industry ‘s recovery from the economic depression.

Increased competition will intend lower monetary values of goods and services, which might interpret into less gross. Businesss need to update their histories revenue enhancement information, which will be an added disbursal.


The HST will non be charged on the undermentioned points that you do n’t presently hold to pay PST for:

Basic food markets

Prescription drugs

Certain medical devices

Child attention

Residential rents

Municipal public theodolite

Most wellness and instruction services

Legal assistance

Most fiscal services


Music lessons

Consumers will non hold to pay the provincial part of the HST for:

Qualifying prepared nutrient and drinks sold for $ 4.00 or less

Print newspapers

Children ‘s vesture and footwear

Children ‘s auto seats and auto supporter seats


Feminine hygiene merchandises

Books ( including sound books )

83A perA cent of consumer purchases will non see a new revenue enhancement.

Right now, PST is paid by most concerns on different costs throughout the production of an point. Simply put, the PST is charged multiple times before a merchandise reaches the shop. Therefore once the HST is in consequence, the monetary values of merchandises will be much less. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.rev.gov.on.ca/en/taxchange/consumers.html )

Consumers are most likely to detect an addition in the monetary value of gasolene and warming fuels. Electricity will no longer be free from provincial gross revenues revenue enhancement ; neither will tobacco, personal services like haircuts, rank fees for nines and gyms, newspapers and magazines, cab menus and the professional services of attorneies, designers and comptrollers. Real estate committees will besides be taxed.


The HST has been regarded with much contention. Most of the populace and opposing politicians are against the execution of this new revenue enhancement. However there is the fact that a value-added revenue enhancement like the HST is what most consumers in over 100 states like, and what most of Canada ‘s economic experts want. There are many clear and simple economic grounds.

First, the HST unlike the provincial gross revenues revenue enhancement ( PST ) is indifferent. It is indifferent because all consumer purchases are taxed every bit alternatively of favoring services over goods. Besides, the wider ranged revenue enhancement base that the HST has, allows a certain sum of authorities gross to be raised at lower revenue enhancement rates.

Second, the HST removes the revenue enhancement disadvantage that Ontario concerns have in respects to their rivals. A large part of revenue enhancement grosss under PST, 30 per centum, come from purchases of Ontario concerns inputs from retail merchants. These revenue enhancements have been embedded at every measure of production of a good or service. This makes it hard for concerns to sell their goods worldwide and to vie against goods that have been imported. The HST provides a solution for these jobs. Since the HST is a value added revenue enhancement, concerns that wage revenue enhancements on their inputs, get rid of them by an input revenue enhancement recognition. This means that merchandises being exported from Ontario have no HST, while merchandises coming in from other states have to pay the full HST. This allows Ontario ‘s economic system and concerns to vie world-wide. This is of import because of the current economic troubles Ontario is traveling through.

Third, the HST provides administrative alleviation. It saves concerns from holding to cover with two different revenue enhancement Torahs, and hence less paperwork. “ Harmonizing to the Ontario Government, the harmonisation of Ontario ‘s gross revenues revenue enhancement will ensue in conformity cost nest eggs to companies of more than $ 500 million per twelvemonth ( although other observers have pegged these nest eggs at $ 100 million ) . ”

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.financialpost.com/scripts/story.html? id=2255371 )


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