Exploring the usefulness of CSR in companies Essay

Corporate Social duty ( CSR ) is company committedness to operating in economically, societal and environmentally sustainable mode whilst equilibrating its involvement of diverse stakeholder ( CSR study, 2007 ) . CSR means incorporating unfastened and transparency concern pattern into concern operations which are establishing on ethical values and regard for employees, communities and the environment ( Bursa Malaysia ) . CSR activity includes: –

I ) The environment

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Exploring the usefulness of CSR in companies Essay
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Environment includes assortment of issues. One of the best illustrations is no fictile bag on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday which has been pattern in most of the province in Malaysia. This is to guarantee that our vegetations and zoologies be protected.

two ) The community

Companies live within the community. They depend on the community in many ways and the community depends on them. Supporting employee engagement in community issues enriches the community and the company, back uping instruction, such as following a school, is another possible activity. Furthermore Companies think how they can lend to kids, young person development and the under-privileged. All of this is portion of the part to the community.

three ) Market

Market is where we can happen the of import stakeholder of the company. For illustration, Raising criterion of corporate administration within the company so it can run into the stockholder outlook is portion of the market place part. In other word, Marketplace is a manner on assisting each other between the company and the stakeholder.

four ) The workplace.

Staff or employee is one of the of import assets of the company. So, it is really of import to take good attention of every employee when we are covering with basic human rights or gender issues. A quality work environment and wellness & A ; safety are obvious considerations.

Ideally, companies should see all 4 CSR dimensions when crafting their ain visions. However, that does non intend a company must make everything. They are few benefits for the company who concern about CSR.

CSR is titled to help an organisation ‘s mission every bit good as a usher to what the company stands for and will continue to its consumers. DevelopmentA concern ethicsA is one of the signifiers of applied ethicsA that examines ethical rules and moral or ethical jobs that can originate in a concern environment.

CSR is an of import component in a company. To turn out on the statement, I will utilize 2 listed industry companies at BSKL as my research company. The company which I use is involve in CSR is Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad and company which does non affect in CSR is Ya Horng Electronic ( M ) Berhad. I will utilize 3 old ages fiscal study from 2006-2007 determine their company position.

Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad ( PMMA )

Before the twelvemonth of 2005, PMMA was known as MELCOM. Since its signifier in the twelvemonth of 1962, PMMA has won several awards and has listed in KLSE since 1966.PMMA focal point on environmental friendly merchandise since they develop first Malaysia CFC- free icebox in the twelvemonth of 1995. Other than that, PMMA focal point on design as good which they have won several best design awards from the merchandise that they design.

Ya Horng Electronic ( M ) Berhad

Ya Horng was founded in the twelvemonth of 1972 in Taiwan with their first merchandise 5 ” turntable. They start Ya Horng Malaysia 18 old ages ago with nucleus concern of Original Equipment Manufacturing ( OEM ) , Original Design Manufacturing ( ODM ) and Contract Manufacturing Service Provider, in fabrication of Audio Electronic Merchandises such as Turntable, CD participant, and Mixer.A Ya Horng presently headquartered in Penang, Malaysia and there are about 800 employees.

Findingss and Analysis

Net income Margin

= Net income/ Gross

Net income border defines as ratio of profitableness calculated as netA incomeA divided by grosss, or net net incomes divided by gross revenues. It measures howA much outA of every dollarA of gross revenues a company really keeps in net incomes ( investopedia ) .

From above computation, It shown that Panasonic which affecting in CSR is making much more better than Ya horng. From 2006, Panasonic net income is merely 0.07 and grown drastically to 0.093 in the twelvemonth of 2008. Even thought in 2008 is demoing economic downswing nevertheless, it still pull off to increase their net income border. This might be the attempt of the commission of CSR which foremost implement an environment friendly and safe merchandise for the demand of carry throughing the demand of export to European states.

In other word, Ever ringgit that Panasonic spend be able to bring forth more income due to more client is taking their merchandise.

Asset Turnover

=Revenue/ entire plus

The plus turnover ratio calculates the totalA revenueA for every dollar of assets a company owns ( Joshua Kannon ) .

From above tabular array, it shown that Ya Horng is holding a much higher assets turnover compare with Panasonic. In other word, Ya Horng is more efficient in pull offing their assets. However, this does non intend Panasonic is really making severely in their direction, because this might due to the pricing scheme.

Harmonizing to investopedia, companies with low net income borders tend to hold high plus turnover, whileA those with high net income borders have low plus turnover ( replies ) . A pricing scheme for illustration discounting can take down the border by take downing gross revenues and assets such as receivables. Panasonic may be maintaining their rates lower to pull concern or to maintain current contracts and doing their working capital demands to be funded from recognition disbursement.

By merely looking at the assets turnover ratio can non judge on the by making CSR has lower down their power in their gross revenues. It is because this might be one of the pricing schemes from Panasonic.

Tax return on Assetss ( ROA )

= net Income/total assets

ROA show the profitableness of a company to bring forth the company gross. This is of import to cognize what the company can make with what it has.

ROA tells an investor on how much net income can bring forth for each RM1 in assets. Both of the company is Manufacture Company which need immense assets to purchase machinery in order to bring forth more net income. For illustration, in 2008 every RM1 the company invests into Panasonic can gain RM0.075 nevertheless Ya Horng merely can bring forth RM0.0457.

Panasonic show a turning in return of assets from 0.058 in 2006 to 0.075 in 2008. The turning is much higher than Ya Horng.

Tax return on Common Stock Equity ( ROE )

=net income/ stockholder equity

The sum of net incomeA returnedA as a percentageA of stockholders equity.A Return on equityA measures a corporation ‘s profitabilityA by uncovering how muchA net income a company generatesA with the money stockholders have invested ( investopedia )

It is utile for stockholder to cognize how much they can gain for every RM1 they invest. In other word is reflecting the steadfast ability to bring forth net income with utilizing the money of money from the stockholder. Both of the companies manage to keep positive figure in ROE nevertheless Panasonic is demoing better public presentation in utilizing stockholder investing.

Although Ya Horng making non so good in their direction, nevertheless they systematically increasing in their Roe from 0.0328 at 2006 to 0.0544 in 2008. Compare with Panasonic, they are increasing in 2006 – 2007 nevertheless demoing diminishing in 2008 from 0.0925 to 0.087. This might be the impact of the planetary economic downswing due to USA fiscal crisis.

Panasonic seem to hold bigger impact because they involve world-wide currency trading around the word comparison with YA Horng which merely involve Asia state merely.

Net incomes per portion

The part of a company ‘s net income allocated to each outstanding portion of common stock. EPS serves as an index of a company ‘s profitableness ( fiscal lexicon ) .

Net incomes per portion for Panasonic are demoing increase from 2006-2008. Compare with Ya Horng is demoing diminishing in 2006 – 2007 from 0.01226 to 0.0617 and manage to increase in 2008 to 0.0867. Inconsistent net incomes from Yu Horng will lose the confident from the stockholder.

Price-earnings ratio ( P/E ratio )

= current stock price/ EPS

The P/E is one of those Numberss that investors throw around with great authorization as if it told the whole story.A ( Ken Little )

The P/E ratio can looks at the relationship between the stock monetary value and the company ‘s net incomes. The P/E ratio can state us how much the market willing to pay for the company ‘s net incomes does. The higher the P/E ratio, the more the market is willing to pay for the company ‘s net incomes.

Both of the companies are demoing inconsistent in the P/E ratio. In the twelvemonth of 2008, both companies had shown diminishing in P/E ratio. In 2006, P/E ratio of Panasonic is 9.95 and increase in the undermentioned twelvemonth to 13.47. However, in 2008 has shown diminishing to 11.30. Ya Horng are confronting a really low in P/E ratio in the twelvemonth of 2008 which may harm the company.

A low P/E ratio may bespeak the market has no confident on the companies. Investors are non willing to pay for the company ‘s net incomes.

Discussion on the utile of CSR in an organisation

Base on the findings, Panasonic Manufacturing Malaysia Berhad which has CSR revelation is making better than Ya Horng Electronic ( M ) Berhad. They are interrelationship between the net incomes of the company and CSR.

Making CSR will convey a long term benefit to an organisation. Panasonic who has started making CSR since the twelvemonth of 1995 by establishing first Malayan CFC-free icebox has built their repute in the bosom of the client. In the position as an investor, corporations who making CSR will derive better acknowledgment from position of international and local investor. The aim of a traditional concern is to maximise the net income. However, the traditional position is no longer can be adopt in today concern environment ( Harrison & A ; Freeman,1999 ) Citizen will concern on the environment job which planetary heating has become more serious. One of the grounds of planetary heating is incontrollable utilizing CFC icebox and air-cond.

Other so merchandise, Panasonic is concern on their employee as good which guarantee their 986 employees holding a safe and healthy workplace. They organize a “ safety and wellness runs month ” and conducted a particular general forenoon assembly on safety forenoon docket. Furthermore, the company besides undertakes the human resource development activities which offered internship for pupils from local universities. In a fiscal point of position, it might be a cost for a company but in long term it will go intangible assets to a company. Skill employees will retain in the company and they are motivate to take part and lend to the company even operate at extremum public presentation ( Paul A. Parks, 2004 )

As one of the taking companies holding provided high degree of revelation, Panasonic has contributed to the community every bit good. RM34 million has been donated to Ministry of Youth and Sports to construct a multi-purpose athletics composite in the twelvemonth of 2007. The intent is to back up local authorities to advancing young person and athleticss in Malaysia.

In my sentiment, CSR is a mandatory component in an organisation to construct a company repute. It is because public is more concern with CSR through better instruction and media. Organization who did non fit themselves with CSR will go forth behind with the increasing of planetary competition. It has been turn outing that consumer is made more cognizant of CSR which has been done by an organisation ( Altman, 2007 )


As a suggestion to companies who making CSR, direction is the key of success in implement CSR. Financial direction is to do certain the company invests in CSR base on their fiscal ability. A unlawful determination brand might harm the company due to miss of hard currency flow in the company.

Following is the concern of the stockholder. Director has to be transparence plenty in making CSR and need to hold a good communicating between stockholders. It might be a load for a company who merely started to make CSR. However, it will see a better consequence in future because CSR is a long term investing.


CSR is a really of import component in today concern. It has being concern by the public although some people or companies do non accept CSR. Panasonic industry Malaysia and Ya Horong electronic ( m ) berhad are 2 companies being chosen to exanimate their fiscal public presentation. Base on the computation above, it has been proven that Panasonic industry Malaysia who making CSR revelation is making much more better than Ya Horng electronic ( m ) berhad.


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