Expository Essay

Setting the Table – http://www. artofcookery. com/settingthe table. htm Cochlear Implants- http://deafness. about. com/cs/cochlearfeatures/a/cochlearimplant. htm The two essays I have read and are address to with the facts and also with the evidence to the following points for both essays. “Setting the table”, and “cochlear implants”. The facts are going to show how both authors wrote each essay in a time order fashion and the topic presented and the space order, informative process. What characteristics make these essays expository.

Both essays have the facts and evidence of each topic and to inform a thesis statement, in a non-biased manner. The content of the essays have the support to use in the facts and informative process. The characteristics of the topic of the setting the table is a step-by-step process for the essay is written, with the information in a timely manner. The characteristics of the cochlear Implants are how the evidence, is shown and how the author wrote the essay on the deaf. The facts are in the process of making the essay clear and complete and precise so that the audience can understand is informative process on the topic has to show.

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The time order is used in organization in the cochlear implant essay which shows time and effort in the essay itself. The expository essay type is chronological information from one type to another, and is arranged in specific order, cochlear implants and setting the table are in a time order and precise order which the author’s are approved in the expository essay with the facts included. Setting the Table describes the informative and the facts to prove on how to set a table with one step at a time.

This essay I believe how the author was organized in the process of developing and defining the essay topic , and the space order, time order and the informative process of the information. Cochlear Implants describes the facts of which how implants are planted in the ears of a person who is hearing impaired but with the surgery and the Implants will help with the process. The information is defined and how the author has the essay written in a informative and adds the organization process to the essay. I believe that this essay is well written and all the facts and evidence is presented in a fashion that the tone and content is understood.

The organization of both topics are in each of the essays. Setting the Table and cochlear implants have effective and factual thoughts presented with the information to be informative. The essays have similarities which I have found to be understanding with the right tones and content and the audience, also have the descriptive and clear to the way they are explained in the expository process. The difference in the topics of both essays what I found are the facts and opinions which I believe to have exampled in a personal source of information in the way each are presented in a time consuming and facts are present.


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