Eyan Greenough Essay

English 102
E. Meiner
Argumentative Essay (rough draft)
Audience PARAGRAPH (box it)
The Audience I will be addressing would be historians, college students and JFK comparatists.

Age range 19+. Education level college
Friday November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas during a parade three shot are fired the target John F. Kennedy (JFK). The shots came from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository Building. The man accused of the assassination Lee H. Oswald (LHO). There is evidence that it might not been Oswald after all and in that case, who really killed JFK. With all the evidence, I have seen the assassination still point that Oswald was indeed the assassin.

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It starts with what Oswald did that day. His wife Marina said he left his wedding ring and, by some reports, his wallet on the bedroom dresser. Why would a man leave his ring and wallet at home except to do something he not proud of? But He will be wearing both items at the time of his arrest. LHO walks over to Randle’s home for a ride to work. As normal but what was different was both Randle and Frazier stated they observed Oswald place a package in the backseat. The package was too small that the rifle would not be able to fit in it. LHO states that the package is Curtain rods but there were not found in the building. Mrs. Paine maintained that only those two curtain rods had been stored in the garage and that consequently Oswald did not take curtain rods from the premises on the fatal morning. There are 13 employees working on the 6th floor of the TSBD building that day, laying a tile floor. The floor crew starts work in the west end of the large room which constitutes the 6th floor — working eastward. Little by little, the cardboard boxes of school books are being inched toward the front windows of the building. LHO begins filling orders involving books published by Scott Foresman & Company. There were Two employees working facial resemblances — Billy Nolan Lovelady and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Rebuttal (opinial) (box it)
Conculusion There is no doubt in my mind that the real shooter was indeed Lee H. Oswald, He had a motive, the capability and the skills to commit the act.


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