Facebook: a Social Disaster Essay

Sara Doxsey G. Bret Bowers GSW 1110 31 August 2010 Facebook: A Social Disaster Facebook is a social network that has become the lives of many individuals. This simple site is actually very complex. People tend to think that it is a wonderful way to make friends and connect with old ones, but it is a way of causing stress in one’s life. It provokes a significant amount of drama and conflict. Often times people use it to initiate a problem or to get under another individual’s skin.

The problem with Facebook is that it puts numerous people into bad predicaments often leading one to suicide, being harmed by a predator, and the failure of being hired by a company. One mind-boggling danger of Facebook is a word that often gives one the chills, suicide. Facebook essentially allows the freedom of speech to everyone. Many individuals take advantage of this right and push others beyond their own boundaries. Facebook allows bullies to say vulgar things, lowering self-esteem of others.

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Many people may say that cyber-bullies cannot actually cause suicides but there have been remarkable stories of teens and even some adults killing themselves. This social network enables persons to state things that they often would not say face to face. Another factor that leads to self-destruction is the fact that anyone can upload pictures and often times they poke fun at other individuals. The whole Facebook community can then see the picture and make fun of the individual as well. For some, the embarrassment and humiliation becomes too much and the easiest thing to do is commit suicide.

No Web site should ever make someone feel bad enough to take his or her own life. Needless to say, Facebook allows too much leeway and people with no self-discipline take it further than they should leading others up to his or her own death. Another main problem with Facebook is that all types of online predators have access to countless profiles. Facebook displays cities, states, hometowns, countries, birthdates and full names. How much easier can the site make it for predators to find an individual? Even though one may think that they are safe because his or her profile is set to private there are still ways to hack into information.

The pictures that people are able to post on the Web site also make the predators’ jobs easy. Several users put up pictures in shirts from schools or pictures of themselves standing in front of a known landmark around their town. The predator then goes to the school or goes to the town where they saw the picture and finds the individual. Facebook allows predators to see anyone’s life and it is simply at the tip of their fingers. Any single person is vulnerable of being stalked by just creating a Facebook.

Predators can create an account and make him or herself look like a trusting person. Then, the predator sends friend requests to an innumerable amount of people and starts communicating back and forth with whomever because Facebook entitles everyone to chat, message and write on each other’s walls. The whole concept of Facebook is to make friends and connect with old ones, right? Well, a massive amount of users accept anyone and everyone because it is great to make new friends, but none of them know the consequences of doing it; for example, predators on the prowl.

Facebook throws an incredible amount of people under the bus and sometimes ruins lives by the creepers that swarm the site. Besides suicide and predators, Facebook also destroys many job opportunities. People tag friends in photos that may contain alcohol, drugs, or nudity and any business or corporation can get onto Facebook and see their employer or possible employer’s behavior. It is not only the tagged pictures but the pictures that the person puts up him or herself as well. Many times businesses will not hire the person or they will fire their current employee.

Some may say that they have set his or her tagged photos to private but going back to the hackers, anyone can get on and still see the pictures. It is not only the pictures that keep people from having a job, it is the things they write on others’ walls or put up as statuses as well. Facebook adds all of these effects to make it seem like a safe site but there are numerous people out in the world that specialize in computers and they can see anything and report it to businesses or corporations. Plenty of people would disagree and say that Facebook does not cause any problems and is very safe.

After all, it is a site to reconnect with old friends and to make new ones. Users can also communicate with family and friends that are halfway across the world. Another advantage that most would say they enjoy is being able to share pictures, videos and posts with others. However, is it honestly more necessary to create strong bonds with old friends and make new ones than to not get hired for a job, commit suicide, or get stalked by a predator? People spend most of their days on Facebook and say that they love it but they never put any thought into all of the disadvantages and troubles it brings.

The Facebook community continues to grow and people are becoming less aware of the dangers it involves. It puts people in bad situations and sometimes causes self-destruction, the vulnerably of being stalked, and the risk of not being hired. Facebook is an open social network that allows many to use it. It enables anyone to view private information about others. Facebook is far from confidential and the problems it brings are not worth it. Like I mentioned earlier, it is a very simple site yet it is very complex. Facebook is a community with many problems and it is a social disaster.


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