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FACT BOOK Leading Brands (Soap) Marketing Strategies and Programs WAFFLE TIME BELGIAN WAFFLE Company Background Felix Huertas Street corner A. H. Lacson Extension, Sta. Cruz, Manila Waffle time is a food business which focuses on creating delicious waffles with different fillings and no concentrating on franchising its carts Rank in the industry & 2012 sales Popular brands marketed in the Philippines Felix Huertas Street corner A. H. Lacson Extension, Sta. Cruz, Manila Nature of business Rank in the industry & 2012 sales Target Market Demographic Geographic Psychographic Behavioral Positioning Product Strategies

Package sizes -“Franchise package” Package Cost – Php250,OOO. OO (net of taxes) Franchise Fee – Phpso,ooo. oo Security Deposit – Php50, 000. 00 (refundable upon expiration of the franchise agreement with no interest. Monthly service fee – 5% of the outlets monthly gross sales Renewal fee – Php50,OOO. OO Franchise Duration – Three (3) years Package Inclusion – ??? Business Operations System ??? Mobilization Set-up ??? Cart and Signage ??? Marketing Support ??? Operational and Technical Support Use of the Waffle Time Trade Name Marks Variants American Hotdo Cheese Delite German Frank Cheese Ham and Cheese Bavarian Cheese Franks

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Belgian Chocolate Bavarian Cream Tuna Salad Canadian bacon Swiss Chocolate New York Beef Franks Spicy Chicken-Dog Ultimate Ube Mango Magic Pineapple Pleasure Labeling Services Package sizes Plain Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheddar Cheese Strawberry Cream cheese Blueberry Hazelnut Ham&Cheddar Banana Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Hazelnut Ham&Creamcheese Blueberry Cream cheese Strawberry Cream cheese Price Strategies SRP at the following stores: Puregold 7-11 List Price to SM Discounts given to: Place Strategies In NCR region it will start from Waffle Time Commissary – Pasig City, NCR – Foursquare hen go to Waffle Time Pasig warehouse then it will distributed to respective outlet. For Visayas region it will start from Visayas Commissary then go to Central Warehouse-Adao in davao del sur and it will deliver to outlet. They order is delivering after two days they order. Daily inventories will compose of two classification 1st is Food or chilled items and 2nd is Dry or packaging.

The used chiller Tract to deliver chilled items and ordinary tract for room temperature items They have two warehouses: Waffle Time – Central Warehouse-AgdaoBranch Listing Davao Central Warehouse, Lakandula Street, Davao City, Davao Del Sur and Waffle Time, Inc. Caniogan Branch listing 69 C. Raymundo Avenue, Pasig, Metro Manila Customer Service To establish a strong “Waffle Time” brand image. To develop a creative & assertive human resource. To continuously re-invent waffle. To achieve high level of efficiency Basic push promotional activities: Promotional allowance Display allowance They have tarpaulin and brochures as visual aids Number of merchandisers They usually advertise in commercial and by promotion of their sponsorship for less advertising cost.

Trade deals Store visits Number of salespeople Sales force promotion Incentives Contests Strategies to reinforce relationships with distributors Flow of products from company to consumers or business companies (distribution channels) There order will be delivering after they order and it composes of chilled items and dry items. Daily inventory which compose of chilled items like syrup fillings and beverages and dry items like waffle mix and packaging. Transportation Warehousing Customer services Displays and selling aids Cooperative advertising Trade deals Promotion Strategies Advertising Consumer sales promotion Publicity Website Brand ambassador/Endorser Customer relationship tools Public relations


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