Factors of Chinese Art Market Essay

The Chinese possess the longest uninterrupted cultural history of any of the peoples of the universe ( Sickman. L. 1968 ) . In recent old ages. pushed by the immense economic growing in Asia. the all right art market rise aggressively within Asia. particularly China. changed the geographical construction of the planetary art market. The Chinese authorities set up some discriminatory policies to advance the all right art market because they see the great economic potency in this flied. In 2011. China has a 49 % growing of graphicss in auction gross. going the first planetary market place for the sale of art. Although the dealing volume of China ( 10. 8 % ) was behind USA and France. the auction gross ( 41. 4 % ) was the first of the universe ( Artprice. Trend of art market 2011 ) . This means China is going the cardinal of high monetary value all right art market. In 2011. a picture with penmanship which was painted by Qi Baishi. ”Eagle Standing on Pine Tree ; Four-Character Couplet…” was sold for 4. 255 Yuan ( about 65 million US dollars ) in Beijing by China Guardian auction company. a record high for modern-day and modern Chinese pictures and penmanship ( China Guardian Auctions ) .

As Chinese all right art market turning rapidly in last few old ages. more and more researches and surveies have been done by both Chinese and other foreign people. this essay will concentrate on some factors behind the market and analysis how the factors influence the Chinese all right art market. And the analysis can be spliting into four subdivisions. civilizations. history events and policies. purchasers and selling channels.

First of all. this essay is traveling to happen out the difference between the western states people and the Chinese people in civilization of roll uping facet and work of art facet. There is some strong civilization which is truly to be changed in any state and this will wholly alter the manner people treat art plants in a state. Just because people treat art works otherwise. every country’s all right art market civilization is alone. and this can act upon the market automatically. For illustration when Chinese people selling old-timers. they ever leave a big spread between the quotation mark and the trade monetary value to wait purchasers to dicker because Chinese people believe purchasers will experience happy and they have brought the old-timer in a inexpensive monetary value.

Second. history events and policies linkage to the Chinese all right art market will be mentioned. Through the history events ( such as the reform and open up in 1978 and fall ining the WTO in 2001 ) and policies ( like import and export trading policies ) to analysis how these events and alterations influence the Chinese all right art market. A cultural repatriation has been in the limelight a great trade from 2000. with the sale of the Yuan Ming Yuan bronze wells. so the Chinese authorities has attach more importance to the all right art trade after it ( Wang. A. 2012 ) .

Actually. modern Chinese all right art market starts after the reform and open up in 1978 and today going the first topographic point of the market place for the sale of art. Besides harmonizing the Duty execution program 2012 of China. the import responsibility of art work decreased from 12 % to 6 % ( General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China ) . this promoted the all right art market. in the first half of 2012. the trading sums reach 210. 8 billion Yuan ( Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China ) . which means China has been overtaken the USA. going the top art market.

Then. this paper will research different sorts of purchasers and happen out their buying purpose. In this subdivision. it will be a instance survey about the different purchasers by holding an interview with an antiquary and a staff of an international auction company. Antique purchasers have different buying purpose ; some of them are shop holders or bureaus purchasing art plants for selling. some of them are art enthusiasts purchasing art plants for roll uping. some of them purchasing art work as investing. and there are some people merely want to demo their societal position or fiscal place through purchasing expensive art plant. Through the interview. more purchasing purpose will transport out so that it will be more clear that how different purchasers can act upon the all right art market all around the universe otherwise.

The last subdivision of this essay will speak about the selling channels aspect. Chinese old-timers can be seen in auction houses. trade carnivals. art galleries. all right art shops all around the universe ( Artprice. Trend of art market 2011 ) . People come together to appreciate or purchase old-timers. Furthermore. some private trade happens a batch without noticed by the mass. Different selling channels have its ain features and monetary value degrees so that it could pull its ain mark audience.

Although the market of Chinese old-timers is turning in a really high velocity. some bookmans still have some issues to worry. As Audrey Wang mentioned ( 2012 ) . some speculators believed that Chinese art market is an never-say-die force and go the first topographic point in volumes of sale of all right art. On the other manus. skeptics claim that the current tendency as simply a bubble and today’s China is non ready yet to see a full economic rhythm of growing and diminution.

When a group of Chinese oddity trader visit the 25th of TEFAF which hold in the Nederland. they were non merely shocked by the all right art work’s quality and genuineness. but besides the seller’s unity and normative. When they ask for some background and information about an old-timer. the seller merely read from the testimony but non doing an attractive narrative. The Chinese all right art market is still non maturate because more standard regulations or policies are needed.

Last. the high velocity growing of the Chinese all right art market might do some mislead about the art. Quite a batch of people will see high monetary value as high quality in the all right art market. this is wholly a misinterpretation for the art works. Therefore some bookmans argue that the great growing could destruct the civilization and art. this will be besides discussed in this essay.


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