Factors of the Classroom Essay

This paper discusses the contextual factors within the school community and how they can impact the acquisition and learning procedure. The paper looks at different factors such as community, school territory, schoolroom, and pupil features. Within these factors an account is given for how each one can impact pupil acquisition and accomplishment. Besides, deductions are discussed and schemes are given for how instructors can integrate contextual factors and still make pupil accomplishment.

Contextual Factors of the Classroom, School, and Community and How They Affect the Teaching and Learning Process

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Factors of the Classroom Essay
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Many people think that there are n’t many contextual factors within the learning profession. They think that the instructor teaches the lesson, the pupils listen softly, and so they complete their assignments. While that may be a “ dream ” schoolroom, is it far from world. There are many deductions that go along with the profession. The environing community, every bit good as, the school and school territories have a batch of lending factors that affect the instruction and acquisition procedure. Classroom kineticss and pupil features are besides of import factors when it comes to teacher planning and pupil acquisition. Teachers need to take all of these factors into history to guarantee that all the demands of our pupils are met.

Community Factors

The community plays a large portion in the acquisition procedure and school accomplishment. Some communities tend to go a really high transient country. Many people move about depending on where occupations are located, which leads to pupils coming and traveling throughout the academic school twelvemonth. This instability causes a break in learning. Achievement spreads are created because pupil direction is non consistent, which leads to hapless motive within pupil acquisition.

Besides, some provinces may hold a batch of English Language Learners ( ELL ) depending on where they are located geographically. States that are close to the outside boundary lines may detect an addition in ELL pupils, which excessively, may do a challenge when supplying direction. Teachers will hold to accommodate their direction to supply schemes for ELL pupils and do certain that they enrich their vocabulary cognition.

Different economical positions may besides be a conducive factor within the instruction and acquisition procedure. Schools that are located in low socio-economic countries may non acquire the support or resources from the outside community. Parents are non able to supply supplies for their kids or the schoolroom, which may impede instructional chances for pupils. Whereas, schools that are located in higher economic countries have a batch of community support and local contributions to assist supply pupils with equal resources they need for acquisition.

District Factors

School Districts have an huge influence when it comes to the acquisition and learning procedure. They are the 1s that pave the manner for academic success. Recently, many territories have been traveling through a budget deficit. They are being forced to put off instructors and make full the places with long term replacements. Many long term replacements do non hold the same educational background and preparation that licensed instructors have, which may ensue in academic failure with our pupils.

Districts are besides being forced to cut many plans and resources. The most frequent plans to be cut are extracurricular activities. Many pupils gain motive from these extracurricular activities. Students are required to keep a certain class point norm which forces pupils to seek harder in school and advance academic accomplishment. In David Reeves ‘ ( 2008 ) article, a survey was conducted to mensurate the relevancy between extracurricular activities and pupil accomplishment. Woodstock High School, in Woodstock Ill. , found that pupils who

took portion in three or four extracurricular activities during the twelvemonth had dramatically better classs than those who participated in no extra-curricular activities.

Classroom Factors

The schoolroom is the most of import factor when it comes to student acquisition and teacher direction. It is a topographic point where pupils should experience safe and acquisition should be promoted, therefore it should be clean and in superior status. All pupil desks and chairs should be in good status. If classroom furniture is uncomfortable, pupils may lose their deficiency of focal point. Students should besides be confronting the way where direction is being taught, if they have to turn around to see, their focal point will be lost. The stuffs in the schoolroom should be organized and available for easy entree. This will let small clip to be taken off from direction.

Technology resources are another lending factor for pupil acquisition and the instruction procedure. Resources such as computing machines, SMART boards, and Elmos, supply a more custodies on larning experience for pupils. These resources will let instructors to fix our pupils for the engineering savvy professional community.

Another factor within the schoolroom is a strong sense of regulations and modus operandis. Students need to cognize and stay by schoolroom modus operandis and regulations. In the schoolroom, pupils frequently spend a batch of clip waiting for a new activity to get down. This can take to a batch of otiose instructional clip. It is of import for instructors to hold effectual modus operandis in topographic point so that the maximal sum of instructional clip can be utilized. Proper modus operandis and regulations besides lead to minimum breaks and behaviour jobs, hence advancing the acquisition procedure.

Concerted acquisition is another of import factor for the acquisition procedure. Students are able to work together and construct a schoolroom community. During the grouping pupils are typically forced to utilize job work outing schemes to come up with solutions and heighten critical thought accomplishments. Concerted groups are besides typically heterogenous so that varied degrees are incorporated into each group ; everyone has something different to convey to the group.

Student Features

Students frequently come into our schoolroom with a whole batch of “ luggage. ” There are many factors that pupils have to cover with which can impact their acquisition procedure. Many schoolrooms today are multicultural. It is of import that instructors understand the cultural differences within their schoolroom, and acquire to cognize their pupils. Students may come from a background where instruction is non good respected and higher instruction is non an option. This may hold an consequence on those single pupils ‘s accomplishment. Teachers will necessitate to modify and prosecute acquisition to assist actuate these pupils.

In today ‘s schoolroom ‘s, many pupils have particular demands. Teachers need to recognize that non all pupils are on the same degree, and that direction should be differentiated to run into the demands of each pupil. Most schools have adopted the inclusive theoretical account where kids with particular demands spend at least half of the twenty-four hours in a general instruction schoolroom with particular helpers. Inclusive classrooms non merely benefit pupils with particular demands, but the general instruction pupils as good. Teachers are provided an helper to assist during direction which will let more attending to all pupils within the schoolroom. Particular needs pupils are besides introduced to more grade degree content, assisting them reach IEP ends. In bend, this will be good towards the acquisition procedure for all pupils.

Students besides have different larning modes. Some pupils may be an audile scholar, they need to hear waies or complete unwritten assignments. Other pupils may be a ocular scholar ; ocular images are a large portion of their direction penchant. Students that need to make things and travel about may be kinaesthetic scholars. In a typical schoolroom, there will be a broad assortment of these modes. Teachers should supply an mixture of instructional techniques to run into the larning demands of all pupils.

Not all pupils come into your schoolroom with the same cognition or accomplishments. Many instructors have to accommodate their direction to re-teach or construct background on the approaching content. Depending on the environing community, pupils may non hold the assumed societal experiences. Teachers frequently need to pass excess clip presenting pupils to the content, edifice background, and conveying in regalia to assist pupils link with the subject being presented. Besides, pupils coming from the old twelvemonth may hold non learned of import constructs used in the following class degree. Many instructors have to pass the beginning of the school twelvemonth learning constructs that should hold been mastered in the old twelvemonth. With the deficiency of accomplishments or prior larning it can take twice every bit long to accomplish the acquisition ends.

Instructional Deductions

When be aftering direction, instructors should maintain many deductions in head. Teachers should go painstaking of where there pupil comes from. They need to retrieve that non all pupils come from the same civilization and socio-economic background. Some pupils require more forbearance and apprehension, which they may non have at place. Not all pupils have the same support system at place. Many parents may work, or there may be merely one parent who works two occupations. We, as instructors, need to be more understanding to our pupils ‘ emotional demands. These pupils may necessitate excess instructional clip to assist accomplish larning ends.

Student larning manners is another deduction that instructors need to maintain in head when be aftering direction. All pupils learn in different ways. To assist with accomplishment, instructors should offer assorted activities from each mode. In my schoolroom I give pupils an assignment bill of fare. Each bill of fare consists of different assignments measuring the same criterion. The assignments are geared to all the different acquisition modes, leting pupils to take which activities they want to make. Giving pupils a bill of fare of assignment picks will non merely increase pupil accomplishment, but will besides heighten pupil motive and battle.

When be aftering direction, instructors need to take all of these contextual factors into history. As a instructor, we have to come to the realisation that each pupil is different. Whether it ‘s the community, school territory, schoolroom, or the pupil features, each pupil comes with a “ bag ” of who they are. We need to encompass their “ bag ” and assist them accomplish academically, socially, and emotionally.


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