Factors that lead to success in studies Essay

Successful students do well in school for many different reasons. Identify one or two important personal characteristics that help a student succeed in school. Use specific examples to show why you think these characteristics are important for student success. Successful students do well in school for lots of reasons, which are vary from person to person. But among them some characteristics are more frequently seen in successful students personalities. The most common characteristics are regularity, attention, thoughtful, as well as independent in taking decisions.

As we are discussing about the success in schools specially so the first and most important characteristic is being a responsible person. They should attend their classes on time and not to miss even a single class. If, so then they definitely consulted with their instructor or a student to help them, they do have legitimate excuses and reasons for not attending the class. In case of any problem or question regarding to their assignments, they consult with their instructor to discuss about the issue they had. They also pay attention to their studies and remain attentive in their lass even if the lecture is little bored.

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Factors that lead to success in studies Essay
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They also participate in class discussions even if their attempts are clumsy and difficult. They seem driven to complete their assignments. They complete their assignments on time, and present their work with strong information and ideas and reasonable arrangement, if they had a little lousy information too. Second and the most important characteristic for successful students is they are active for their grades. They fght with themselves for getting higher grades and tried to improve their work. To overcome this, they are challenging and positive towards their goal.

They also found different paths while achieving their goal. By struggling and hard working helped them to define their aim, so they easily move forward. They specially believe in them, that they can do everything. They always encourage themselves, if in case they are losing their path. Because from that their emerges lots of paths to help them out. They are also independent in their thoughts and taking decisions. Along with all these reasons there is most important outcome is from the support of the family that helped and motivate them for continuous struggling. Factors that lead to success in studies By michyvanne


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