Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay

The public presentation that was observed was non lively as evidenced by the assorted characteristics. The public presentation did non do most of the people in the audience to shriek. Even the crowd was non cheerful as the public presentation went on and it showed that the crowd was non moved by the public presentation. However the terpsichoreans looked organized from the manner they were come ining the phase. I expected a more lively public presentation that could light the audience from the beginning to the terminal.

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Fall Dance Concert Review Art Essay
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This piece had both work forces and adult females with different costumes that besides differentiated them. The dance had a sum of five terpsichoreans and they were dancing to some kind of psyche music beats. The music lacked vocals. The phase was brilliantly illuminated such that the motion of each terpsichorean could be noticed easy. The colour of the costumes could easy be differentiated. The terpsichoreans had good costumes with the work forces holding bluish pants and black tops. This made a common costume for the two gentlemen. The ladies costumes were non similar as in the instance of the work forces. They wore trunkss of different colourss one with white and the other two with black.The ladies top costumes were sleeveless and off different colourss for case xanthous visible radiation blue and violet. The subject that ran throughout the dance was athletic in mentality or some dance competition. From the type of vocal that was chosen to the costumes and the motions, the terpsichoreans express some kind of athletic presentation that can entertain the audience. This is a typical dance for music and play festival events where the terpsichoreans are viing against other participants. This has been articulated by the nature of their costumes and the co-ordinated moves that were being made by the male and female terpsichoreans. Such a dance can be compared to the Television show dances that conveying out endowments in dancing. Movement such as the downward spin has become really common amongst the immature terpsichoreans. The costume is besides typical of the manner of dressing that has characterized Television competition dances.

The motions of the dances were alone and uniformed. Both the work forces and adult females were doing similar motions with their organic structures. The up motions with legs apart was really common followed by the downward spins that were good executed by both work forces and adult females terpsichoreans.

From my rating, the dance was good executed and the terpsichoreans had mastered their motions. They were all traveling with the same beat during the dance. The costumes of the ladies nevertheless could hold been matched in a better manner. As evidenced in the dance, their motions are an illustration of common choreographic motions that have become common in competitions today.


The dance had a sum of 10 terpsichoreans who participated in braces of two. The phase was non lit good and it was hard to see the faces of the terpsichoreans but their motions could be seen. The costumes of the dance were characterized with official wear consisting of shirts and long pants for the male terpsichoreans. The colour was dominated by black and white. There was no unvarying colour in the costumes of the terpsichoreans. This was of a formal dance with invited invitee. There were different sunglassess of colour both in the male and female costume. The lady terpsichoreans were dressed in ruddy and white frocks with a broad conelike base. The terpsichoreans were reacting to the classical music that was being enjoyed by most of them. The dance was instead slow and smooth with the male dances keeping the female terpsichoreans and turning them unit of ammunition. The subject that dominates the full dance is that of partying or some kind of jubilation. This has been depicted by the nature of their costumes. The terpsichoreans seemed to be in a partying temper. For case this is typical of matrimony jubilation dances with spouses keeping each other and turning about to the slow and smooth music from the background.

The motions that were being made by the terpsichoreans were non coordinated as in the instance of competition terpsichoreans. Particularly, the male terpsichoreans seemed to be relaxed and did non do much motion without the lady terpsichoreans. At some cases the male terpsichorean was observed keeping the female 1s suspended in the air. This is a really common manner of dancing for party dances and has featured in the dance. Such a manner has been observed rather frequently in the Television and in films. Largely in the soap operas, the dance manner is common during party and jubilation scenes.

In my rating I can indicate out that the dance was good executed. The motions of the terpsichoreans seemed to be right although the male terpsichoreans were about looking stationary. Most of the motions are done by the lady terpsichoreans. The costume was all right sing that the dance might non be for competition but instead for spiritual or other jubilation. Even though the terpsichoreans were non systematically in the beat of the classical music, they have depicted good motions such as the rotary motions that make the dance livelier. The dance was simple and can even be perfumed by the older people. However what can be looked into in the costumes in the colour pick that seemed non to be reflecting consistence particularly with one terpsichorean in ruddy and others in white and black costumes.

Overall I did non bask the dance to the fullest, though it was a spot entertaining with some of the alone motions depicted. The music played was non my favourite hence it determined my attitude towards the dance. This is decidedly non what I expected in the concert because I did non witness the terpsichoreans swing to my favourite melodies. To do it worse, in the first dance, there were merely beats merely and no vocals. The concert is a contemplation of what has been covered in the talks specifically on the portion of costumes, music and the subject. From the talks it has been possible to do an reading about the subjects that are portrayed by the two dances in the concert.


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