Fall Wonderland Essay

? F all Wonderland The sizzling summer rays are gone, yet the frosty winter is not here. What is left is what is left here. The leaves on the trees appear to be converting into blazing colors of red and intense tones of orange. All the greens look like they are being reborn into yellowish tones. The look of the transforming phases of the leaves and the scenery overall gives off the odd feeling of what can be described as, “walking into fire without the heat”. The vibrant colors of furious flaming contradict fire; the temperature is just a calm and tranquil kind.

Walking into this setting makes me assume that both summer and winter desire its overwhelming presence, but both are struggling to take over with such an aggressive opponent. Summer doesn’t want to leave, but winter wants to come in and take over; therefore, the outcome of both of their forces combined to create a neutral atmosphere with pulchritudinous colors! The vicious combat of the childish seasons makes it significantly easier for the motionless lake.

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Fall Wonderland Essay
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Only every once in a while the shimmering surface the lake would stir a little. Otherwise, it would just omit a sense of serenity and produce the gorgeous reflection of the amber colored trees off of itself. Seeing this scene from any perspective makes you just want to depart from where you are in order to truly appreciate the scene; a scene that also may represent a valuable moral for life. “Do not take things for granted, for you will not realize what you have until you lose it”.

After sitting here and fully analyzing the image, I finally can understand the common saying, “a picture can mean a thousand words”. This incarnation of absolute perfection displays the prime time and soul-chilling place for both the body and mind to relax through meditation. A vanishing mist of the summer ray and a sample of the winter breeze; so flawless that I just want to magically appear there but yet, I do not want to disturb the beauty of Mother Nature’s seemingly sacred ground.


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