Fame Adlabs Essay

cntcrtainwerld Asian Multiplexing Theatre Word special supplement Entertain World in this issue features two multiplexes from two countries. The first is a multiplex in a shopping mall – Fame Adlabs as anchor tenant in City Mall, Mumbai, India. Fame Adlabs opened recently and is already drawing crowds. With the opening of the mall, the happy mix of retail and cinema will ensure more footfalls.

The second is UA Cinemas in Pacific Place, a towering skyscraper with a tenancy mix of retail, cinema, hotel and commercial in Hong Kong. This is an older multiplex and underlines the time- tested formula of concocting a heady mix of retail, cinema, commercial and hotel in the right location. For property developers, this spells success. FAME ADLABS MUMBAI FACT FILE

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Owners: Vasantji Mamania, Manmohan Shetty (Adlabs) and Shravan Shroff (Shringar Cinemas) Theatre designer and acoustic consultant: Jal P. Mistry Interior design: Eranna H. Yekbote, Era Architects Project management consultants: Prashant Sutaria and Co. Project coordinator: Laxman Koli Services consultants: Rohit Uchil Air-conditioning consultant: Ketan Shah Air-conditioning suppliers and installation: Voltas Branding consultant: Alok Nanda and Co.

Sound and projection equipment supply and installation: Modern Radio House, Mumbai Projectors: Christie Screen: Harkness Hall Lens: Schneider Optics Main speakers: JBL 2 Way Surround Speakers: KCS Amplifiers: QSC Acoustic contractors: Shama Enterprises Acoustic panels: Anutone Acoustic fabrics: A to Z Civil contractors: Bharat Sharma Elevators: Schindler Electrical contractors: Kirti Trading Company Pop Corn Machines: Gold Medal Auditorium Seating : Cine China Auditorium Step profile: Cine China Auditorium Seating Installation: Pen Workers Fire Safety contractors : T.

P. Enterprises Systems integration: Arshad Kazi Security systems: Zicom Ticket booking software: Vista Plumbing contractors: Suresh Chatpar Furniture: Shama Enterprise and Homec Signage: Admire Carpets: Golden, Hyderabad Fabrication works and painting contractors : Niranjan engineers and consultants. Positive aspects •Located on the densely populated, newly developed suburb of Mumbai •Maximum frontage from long distance for posters and signage. •Has shopping mall, commercial activity in the same building. Has ground floor entry and basement parking facility. •Has computerised ticket booking system (for the first time in Maharashtra) •Has 15-passenger high-speed jerk-free machine-room- less elevators. •A real multiplex with 5 screens adjacent to each other on one level. •A big lobby spanning the 5 screens width and food counter that at 30 metres length is the longest in India. •The food counter is flexible, so any part can be used independently of the other to mimimise staff and electricity. •IBM POS machines used for the concession stand. Also has other activities like cyber cafe, video games, art gallery and exhibition center in the lobby itself. This keeps people busy and generates revenue. •Stage provided for special shows and product promotion. •TV screen located near each auditorium door for information on screen timings, movies and seating layout. At the inaugural function, left to right, Tabu, Vasantji Mamania, Manmohan Shetty, Amitabh Bachchan, Shravan Shroff Tbcatrc Werld 99 APRIL – JUNE 2002 entertai nworid FAME ADLABS MUMBAl The detailing is emarkable. even the staircase is not spared Fame Adlabs multiplex is part of City Mall, a shopping-cum-entertainment complex, strategically located in suburban Mumbai The high-tech, ultra-modern, high-speed, jerk-free elevators The entrance lobby on the ground floor Tbcatrc Werld 100 The box office features computerised ticketing and electronic voice communciation though opening day glitches ensured hasty cutouts in the glass partition APRIL – JUNE 2002 FAME ADLABS MUMBAlentertai nworid Entrance to the cinema lobby quipment can by shared among the screens and minimum staff is required. •Has a banquet hall for 200 persons for special parties and movie premieres. The concessions counter – at 30 metres length, it is longest in India for a multiplex, as yet •Each auditorium has double vestibuled doors to avoid sound and light travelling inside from the cinema lobby. •Has lighted step profiles. •Toilets are of compact design with central washbasin for maximum use of space. •Has a common lobby for the toilets; the doors of the toilets are not visible from the cinema lobby. Has a single projection booth common to all 5 screens so the same print can be seen in all the screens. All Tbcatrc Werld 101 The concessions counter, cinema lobby and auditoria entrances are uniquely intregrated in one large linear space – patron movement is simple and results in higher revenue generation from concessions APRIL – JUNE 2002 entertai nworid Entrance to the auditorium. Note the TV monitor on the pillar to display show details FAME ADLABS MUMBAl The modern projection booth with five Christie xenon consoles and platters for the five screens.

Films can be interlinked. Note the airconditioning and the acoustics. The plush auditorium interiors A toilet lobby was specially created to ensure that toilet doors are not seen from the cinema lobby and concessions counterThe central washbasin counter is a neat, compact design giving the ultra- modern toilet a distinct look Tbcatrc Werld 102 APRIL – JUNE 2002 FAMES ADLABS MUMBAlentertai nworid The cyber corner On the left side is the entertainment corner with video games and on the right side is an informal podium for live performances or product promotions

The front elevation at night FAST FOOD D2C Tbcatrc Werld 103 APRIL – JUNE 2002 ———————– [pic] [pic] C M Y K Tbcatrc Werld 99 APRIL – JUNE 2002 C M Y K [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] C M Y K Tbcatrc Werld 100 APRIL – JUNE 2002 C M Y K [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] C M Y K Tbcatrc Werld 101 APRIL – JUNE 2002 C M Y K [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] C M Y K Tbcatrc Werld 102 APRIL – JUNE 2002 C M Y K [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] C M Y K Tbcatrc Werld 103 APRIL – JUNE 2002 C M Y K


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