Fancy Me Boutique - Assignment2: Marketing Product Essay

Running Head: FANCY ME BOUTIQUE Fancy Me Boutique Your Name Name of your school November 4, 2013(this is the due date) This paper was prepared for Marketing Management 500, taught by professor name Assignment 2: Marketing Products FANCY ME BOUTIQUE 2 Introduction Fancy Me Boutique has all of the professional fashions for the modern working women. The easy care apparel products will save the customer both time and money from dry cleaning. The stylish clothing, shoes and beauty products will help to transform the customer with the classic, modern professional looks that they desire o have.

The boutique carries both Western and Southeast Asian fashions. If needed, the alteration service will make adjustment to the clothes to perfectly fit the customers’ unique body type. In addition, the boutique also offers a beauty makeover for their first timer customers. Products and its primary characteristics Service component and how it will be used to enhance the product Our apparel lines include a wide range of products from ready to wear basic skirts and pants to the most fancy ruffle romantic flamenco skirt.

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The flamenco skirt is structured with a itted silhouette like a pencil skirt with a little sizzle. The raw-edge ruffles curve around the body for feminine definition. We try to give our customer the widest possible selections to satisfy their discerning tastes. These bottom items can be paired up as a mix and match item with many various tops. The possible tops that we provide to match with our varied styles of bottoms are such as a basic shell to anywhere in between to the most exotic print blouse with beautiful front rhinestone- button closures and cuffs or even a bright flutter-sleeve blouse.

We offer brand ames such as Eileen Fisher, Calvin Kline and Taharri to stylish, up to date fashions made by less known brands to exotic finds from Southeast Asia that our Cambodian store staff has been able to procure before many of our competitors has seen them. 3 In addition to suits. We have simple summer dresses that are good for both work and pleasure, classic a-line to the fabulous sangria shutter pleat lace trim dress that is very stylish and figure flattering.

The boutique also offer fabulous Southeast Asian dresses which feature intricate embroidery and colorful patterns, prints and are perfect for ormal occasions. All of our dresses are made of wash and wear materials such as nylon, polyester and spandex- no wasting time going to the dry cleaner for our professional women. Because Fancy Boutique has clothes that are influenced by Western culture and Southeast Asian culture, we have a larger variety of clothing that most stores including our great selection of dresses.

The colors and patterns many with a Southeast Asian influence found in our stores cannot be located in most retail locations including the big chain stores such as Marshalls and Macy in the United States. Our shoes include – flats and pumps with heels in various heights and color to suit customer preferences. Some are fancy with some embellishments and some are for every day wear (both office and home). The boutique also carries OneSole shoes. OneSole shoes are very comfortable. You can change the shoes to have three different looks by simply changing the top (easy snap on and ofO.

We also offer a small line of ankle boots and tall boots that can be worn with either pants, skirts or dresses in a business or leisure environment. Our beauty products includes – facial leansers, facial hydrating lotions with various levels of SPF protection for our customers who like to spend time in the sun. The powder or FANCY ME BOUTIQUE 4 liquid foundations are available in many shades to match the various customers’ skin tones which will make our clients’ skin look flawless. These products will give the customer a healthy beautiful glowing look.

For the lips, the boutique has a selection of lip glosses, lipsticks and lip liners. For the eyes, we offer a wide variety of eye brow pencils, and ultimate mascaras for the eye lashes. The ultimate mascara will add oth volume and lengthen to our customer’s lashes and also helps to curl the eye lashes without any clumps so our client gets that sexy sophisticated look. It’s a mascara that does everything all in one tube! All of these beauty and makeup products complement our clothing lines and allow the customer to have a total transformation when they leave our stores.

In addition to selling the ready to wear products, the boutique also offers an alteration service. If for any reason our customers need some adjustments to their newly purchased clothes in order that hey fit perfectly, the alteration service is there to help. It can usually makes minor adjustments in the event that the customer’s sleeve, length of the dress, skirts or pants are Just little too long. The service can take in or let out material on a dress or outfit when needed. The alteration service can also add some embellishment to make the clothing attire fancier.

The staff works especially closely with our petite customers who often need additional small alterations in order to get the proper fit that they need. We want our customer leaving our stores with the best possible fit ecause a happy client is usually a returning client and with a limited advertising budget we depend on word of mouth to bring additional customers into our stores. In addition to our alteration service, we also offer makeup makeover for any first time customer who purchases three hundred dollars or more of our products and services. nce the FANCY ME BOUTIQUE professional makeup makeover from the boutique staff, she will be transformed from plain Jane to a professional woman with a million dollar look. Product expansion into a product line and the depth and breadth of the line Through careful reporting nalysis, Fancy Me Boutique identified some separates items that are very hot sellers. With this discovery, Fancy Me Boutique decided to introduce its own brand name to the market at a cheaper price without changing what boutique stand for.

The Fancy Me Boutique line is still stylish, quality and easy care fabric that our customers love. The boutique is able to bring its own brand to life by working with directly with a small factory. We have decided that for our named line of clothes we would focus on professional attire with a Western flair. Fancy Me Boutique has limited the breadth f our line to Just this particular style of clothing in order to give our customers the best quality product possible. By Just focusing in on a narrow segment of clothing apparel, Fancy Me Boutique will become the expert outfitter of the professional woman.

The depth of our line encompasses professional business pant suits and skirt ensembles with a few dresses that would be perfect for corporate America. Changes of core business in response to industry or market changes Since the recession started in 2008, it has caused most consumers to spend less especially on onessentials or it has pushed consumers to buy brands that are cheaper. Consumers are trying to stretch their monies and increase their buying power by using sales, discount retailers and store brands.

One way to entice customers into our stores is to run sales more often even though we will take in less profit per item. Often a sale will increase our overall sales first FANCY ME BOUTIQUE 6 during the actual sale and from the additional customer base who were attract at first from our sale and come back to the store for other times. Another major change that affects our industry is clothing style changes. They happen often and are often unpredictable. In order to make room for the new styles we must run sales for clothes that are out of fashion.

Those sales can lead to financial losses. The boutique must finds way to know what the customers want and have those items in stock. Technology such as Twitter and Facebook also affect the market. Fancy Me Boutique posts a twenty four hour surprise sale on its web. In addition, it will also send email blast out to its regular customers to give details about the surprise sale. In summary, Fancy Me Boutique must continue to concentrate on bringing its ustomers the best possible product line with a high level of service to its customers.

In order to compete it must make itself into an expert that a customer will come back again and again to. With its new in-house line of business professional clothes, Fancy Me Boutique is well on its way to being the purchase point for the discerning professional woman. By teaming up with a small factory, we have cutout the middle man which has allowed us to lower our costs and offer our line of business professional clothes at competitive prices. Fancy Me Boutique must give all of its ustomers, the all-encompassing customer experience which its expert opinions will be sought out again and again.

Only by being special, can Fancy Me Boutique compete against the big box stores. 7 References http://smallbusiness. chron. com/market-boutique-22030. html Ingran, D. (n. d). Marketing plan for a clothing boutique. Retrieved October 23, 2013, from http://smallbusiness. chron. com/marketing-plan-clothing-boutique-11986. html Ray, L. (2013). How to buy inventory for a boutique. Retrieved October 30, 2013, from http://yourbusiness. azcentral. com/buy-inventory-boutique- 13491. html


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