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Fashion Retail Management Submitted to, Mr. Sushil Raturi Submitted by, Akansha Choudhary M/FMS/08/03 Ashish Singh M/FMS/08/08 Kanika Srivastava M/FMS/08/13 Pooja Jaiswal M/FMS/08/18 Rajat Abrol M/FMS/08/23 Sevesh Ranjan M/FMS/08/28 Watan Gupta M/FMS/08/35 National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 1 Fashion Retail Management OBJECTIVE To analyze a fashion brand and study it from the following aspects:- ? ? ? ? ? ? POSITIONING TARGET CUSTOMER PRODUCT MIX PRICING DISTRIBUTION PROMOTION

INTRODUCTION Arrow Arrow is a brand for people who admire and seek to reflect the youthfulness, industriousness, optimism, and freedoms that are the American Experience. It’s a brand that represents America’s magnanimity and diversity, celebrating its iconic creations and rich heritage. The Arrow Company is committed to providing quality apparel products that are fashionable and afford value to our consumers. At Arrow, our roots are firmly established as a fashion leader in men’s apparel.

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However, today Arrow has been transformed into an American lifestyle brand with a broad assortment of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel and apparel related products available in over 90 countries worldwide. The success of Arrow can be attributed to the brand’s rich heritage and the company’s attention to detail over the years. The Arrow lifestyle is truly American in its attitude, but is a brand that is global in its scope and application. Arrow embodies a new awareness of style, one that is sensitive to a traditional vogue, yet also adopts the vibrancy and the diverse expressions inherent in cultural trends.

POSITIONING 1851… A history of excellence Arrow’s rich past is a reflection of the American fashion over the course of not one, but three centuries. From a one-room workshop in Troy, NY in 1851 to an international corporation with distribution in more than 90 countries, it is too fine a heritage to be forgotten. After more than 150 years, we salute all that has gone before us – the rise of “soft dressing”, the fall of the detachable collar, the birth of the sport shirt and the influence of military uniforms. National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 2

Fashion Retail Management We witness the birth of sports – and with it, sportswear. Through the eyes of the Arrow Collar Man, we see exactly how fashion reflects and soothes the times we live through. The classic and unmistakable style of Arrow can be seen today in a rapidly growing range of apparel and apparel-related products. The success behind the welldesigned merchandise is a direct result of the cohesive image and strong identity that is steadfastly maintained. All Arrow licensed products utilize our consistent packaging and labelling to provide instant recognition at retail.

This makes each licensed item a strong standalone product plus a marketable component of the entire Arrow collection. The licensing agreement allows a licensee to use the Arrow Brand and Arrow Brand names and identifiers on all licensed products and related promotions. Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation provides artwork, colour palettes, lifestyle photography, long-term trend intelligence, and detail regarding the use of labels and associated trademarks in a comprehensive Brand Manual. Arrow is synonymous with credibility, it represent quality and fashion worldwide. Arrow History

Arrow – the premium men’s wear brand has come to be recognised as the leader in men’s fashion. Having conquered the American market, The Arrow Company, a division of Cluett Peabody & Co. Inc. , USA entered India in 1993. Since then, the brand has gained immense popularity in India and is the most sought after premium shirt for the savvy, fashion conscious Indian men. ARROW, the premium menswear brand, today launched Bespoke, a service that offers custom-made shirts to its customers. This gives the customers the freedom to design their own shirts and is a “unique initiative” undertaken by any apparel brand in the country.

Arrow brought to India by Arvind Brands, has been the voice of authority in formal dressing that understands the wardrobe requirements of its discerning male customers. The customer can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, collars, cuffs, plackets and sleeve length options available at the Arrow exclusive stores. The service initially is available in Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi. The customer will pay in advance while placing his orders and the finished garment will be delivered at his doorstep within five working days, the company stated. National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 3

Fashion Retail Management TARGET CUSTOMERS Arrow is the heritage brand which is dependent on its loyal customers. The target customer for Arrow customers is an achiever in his respective field and wants only the best. The main age groups which are its buyer belong to 25 to 55 ages. It targets the customers who are office going and strictly wear formals. Their main target customers are Executive and Elite class people. Arrow is one of fastest growing company in India. The brand has constantly worked on its product range and brought out collections that become synonymous with elegance and class.

PRODUCT MIX ? Belts/Accessories ? Boys wear ? Dress wear ? Eyewear ? Hosiery ? Neckwear ? Outerwear ? Sleepwear ? Sportswear ? Suits ? Underwear National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 4 Fashion Retail Management The Arrow wardrobe is available in four ranges: Americas Classic, Americas Premium, Americas Sport and Urban from Arrow. There are variants within these, Premium- This range has garments that are made with 100% 2-ply cotton and undergoes ETI treatment for a wrinkle-free effect. 2-ply yarn is more durable, stronger and lasts longer. This means the shirt lasts longer and looks better.

This label includes international designs, a muted colour palette, twotone fabrics and stylish collars. Classic- Arrow believes that cotton is the best fabric against ones skin as it is soft, breathable and 100% natural. As a result, Arrow has taken a policy decision that even the Classic range will offer the consumer only 100% cotton. Sportswear- This range is made of 100% cotton in sporty finishes, indigo knits, soft washes, fine fabrics and a sophisticated palette. Americas Sport range offers a series of khakis, indigos and leached fabrics. The range is supported by peached tussore trousers with fashionable styling.

The range includes shirts, trousers, knits and jackets. Urban- Arrows Urban collection is created for the man with an innate sense of style and fashion. The collection is meant to be worn at social gatherings. It uses a cotton lycra blend and the shirts are tapered with a narrow fit and an international collar. Arrow offers wardrobe solutions and not just shirts. Through its various collections it caters to the different moments in a man’s life office wear, after-office wear, weekends and social events. National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 5

Fashion Retail Management The arrow company is committed to providing quality apparel products that are fashionable and afford value to our consumers. At arrow, our roots are firmly established as a fashion leader in men’s apparel. However, today arrow has been transformed into an American lifestyle brand with a broad assortment of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and apparel related products available in over 90 countries worldwide. The success of arrow can be attributed to the brand’s rich heritage and the company’s attention to detail over the years. The Arrow Collar Man

The Arrow collar man was an advertising icon made famous in advertising of the Clute, Peabody & Company of Troy, New York to promote Arrow brand detachable shirt collars. About 1905 the company began an advertising campaign that featured an idyllic young man wearing an Arrow shirt with the detached collar. The fictional Arrow collar man became an icon and by 1920 received more than 17 thousand fan letters a day, more than many of the popular film stars. Attached Collars In the early 1920s Clute, Peabody & Co. began manufacturing their shirts with attached collars in response to consumer demand and became the most successful company in the U.

S. at that time. Their sales increased to 4 million collars a week and arrow shirts with attached collars were being exported to foreign ports such as Jakarta and the Belgian Congo. The Arrow Collar Man campaign ended in 1930 having been one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history. COLLAR MODELS: ? Button-Down Collar : Descendant of the British attached-polo shirt (one couldn’t have one’s collar blowing into one’s face in the heat of the match), this adaptation has been an American hit since the 1920’s. It evokes a relaxed, Ivy League attitude. Goes great with either a four-in-hand knot or a bow tie. ? Hidden Button-Down : Gives the same snug fit as a button down, but has the look of a point collar. *As with a button down this shirt looks best with a four-in-hand knot or a bow tie. ? Curve Point: Is the leading fashion collar model. *Designed for a tight four-in-hand knot. National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 6 Fashion Retail Management ? Point Collar: Perfect for nearly all professional dress occasions, the classic point collar’s strength is its chameleon ability to flatter most wearers and suit any style. This collar style is suited for the four-in-hand knot or having it opened, about one button down. ? Spread Collar: This long time standard of British shirt makers has the advantage of maintaining a dressy feel, yet remains appropriate for sport jackets as well. The shirt has a little more space between the collar and rounds out a bit at its ends, this gives the shirt more room at the top for a wider knot. *This shirt is perfect for a full Windsor or half Windsor knot. ? Tab Collar: Fashion button closure for the traditional customer interested in a well turnedout appearance. The collar style only works with a four-in-hand knot, it keeps it tight to the neck while giving you a distinguished look. PRICING ? Shirts:Rs 1095-Rs4999 ? T-Shirts:Rs795-Rs2000+ ? Trousers: Rs1395-Rs4000+ ? Ties: Rs995-Rs3000 ? Blazers:Rs5000-Rs25000 ? Cuff Lings: Rs795-Rs1095 ? Base Belts: Rs595-Rs1295 DISTRIBUTION & PROMOTION Shirt brand Arrow, over the years, has established itself in India through consumer education. Some of its campaigns, while bringing out the brand’s strengths, offer guidance and advice to the consumer.

CONSUMER education as a brand marketing strategy is an important weapon to expand the market and build a credible brand. National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 7 Fashion Retail Management One of its ads says: ‘Our shirts will never lose their charm, elegance and buttons. ’ Another line gives out this info: ‘Arrow shirt buttons are sewn on with a self-locking thread and then thermally fused to ensure they never fall off. ’ This branding strategy is all the more relevant because in an ethnic culture, the usage of Western clothing is growing.

It has its distribution through Warehouse in Bangalore. They have a good plan in context to promotions of their products. They offer popular flat 40% off on the products (End on Sale). EOS sale in done in the month of February and July. The advertisement in the newspaper and customer relation fetch them lot of customers. The word of mouth gives an extra advantage to the selling of this shop. Factors promoting Arrow Brand: ? STRONG BRAND RECOGNITION: Licensees of the Arrow Brand gain immediate association with an internationally recognized company representing over 150 years of successful sales.

Consumers continue to recognize the Arrow Brand name and associate it with quality and fashion. WIDE PRODUCT RANGE : The Arrow Brand Management program promotes a very wide range of apparel and apparel related products. EXCLUSIVE TRADEMARK PROTECTION: Arrow and the associated Arrow Marks are well-established brands protected with trademark coverage and distribution in more than 90 countries around the world. CO-OPERATIVE MARKETING: Licensees benefit from the marketing support provided by Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation. Additional exposure is gained through cross-merchandising opportunities between diverse groups of licensees. ? ? THE GLOBAL FUTURE: A brand is often the deciding factor in a purchase decision. Great brands inspire loyalty through customer satisfaction. A brand is a promise kept, since it is an implied guarantee of having made the correct choice. Great brands are those that consistently deliver on their promise. Once launched, a brand takes on a life of its own, which is why it is necessary to monitor and nurture the brand carefully. At Arrow, our brand identity has been cultivated for over 150 years. National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 8

Fashion Retail Management The Arrow Company remains committed to providing quality, fashionable merchandise throughout it’s global channels of distribution. At Arrow, through research and development, we are constantly addressing the changing needs and desires of the consumer, resulting in brand awareness and consumer loyalty. Arrow continues to represent great American values such as freedom, adventure, individual expression, and style throughout the world. References : ? Mr. Arun Kumar (Store Manager) ? www. arrow-shirt. com National Institute of Fashion Technology Page 9


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