Fast Food Restaurants and Our Eating Habits Essay

The basic necessities of life are clothing, food and shelter. Food is a major component for survival – be it man or animals. It is necessary that we eat a healthy and balanced diet to lead a healthy life style. People across the globe have different eating habits. Eating habits depend on resources available and tradition of a region. The food habits of the Chinese vary from that of the Indians though we belong to a common continent. There is a staple diet that has been followed meticulously since generations in India.

It is a developing world today and its a general tendency of people to get easily acquainted with luxury and laziness. This is where the concept of fast food restaurants figures. In a country like India where the cost of living is increasing everyday, it becomes a necessity for both the couple to look out for job. In such a scenario, getting back home and cooking the staple food becomes a cumbersome process. This is where fast food restaurants have been helpful in reducing work. These days, children are found in Dominos and Pizza huts’ with wallet in their hands enjoying their weekends.

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Fast Food Restaurants and Our Eating Habits Essay
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Gone are the days when mothers used to prepare feast on festivals. Today’s feast lies in pizzas and burgers. Where is it all leading to? Fast food restaurants which have spread like an epidemic is creating epidemics like obesity and related problems. There are a handful of people who have the correct body mass index. The result – clinics which will help you reduce ten kilograms in ten days for only five thousand rupees. It is an awesome business which will never run out of customers. Fast food has become fashion of the day.


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