Favorite Artist Power Point Project Essay

(Tupac Amaru Shakur )
10 important facts
Born in New York City
Born on June 16, 1971
He was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was killed while playing with a gun
His first song was about gun control
More of his music has been released since his death than when he was alive.

Ten albums have been released after his death in 1996; all have gone platinum.

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Favorite Artist Power Point Project Essay
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Tupacs real name was Lesane Parish Crooks.

Tupac wrote his hit song “Dear Mama” while in prison.

When he first moved to California, Tupac was homeless for 2 years.

Even though he considered himself from the West coast, he was born in Bronx, New York.

He was also known as Makaveli.

Death Row Records
Me Against The World
March 14, 1995
All Eyez On Me
February 13, 1996
DRPC 00003
Better Dayz
November 26, 2002
Until The End Of Time March 27, 2001069490843
R U Still Down? [Remember Me]
November 25, 1997
The Don Killuminati (The 7 Day Theory)
November 5, 1996
Time Line
1986- He is born in NYC
1988- Tupac’s family moves to Baltimore where he enrolled in the Baltimore School for the Arts. Here Tupac writes his first rap under the name MC New York.

1990- Tupac joins Digital Underground as a roadie/dancer/rapper
1991 Tupac achieves individual recognition with the album “2Pacalypse Now,” which spawned the successful singles “Trapped” and “Brenda’s Got A Baby.”
He was inducted into the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame in 2002 and Library of Congresss National Recording Registry in 2010.

He has given an outlook on Society from his position and he is influential because other people were/are in the same situations
his mother founded the Shakur Family Foundation (later renamed the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation or TASF) in 1997.(its mission is to provide training and support for students who aspire to enhance their creative talents.

He changed the world with his music, it had meaning to it unlike rap music today.

He has inspired many rap artists. “Every rapper who grew up in the Nineties owes something to Tupac,” wrote 50 Cent”


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