February 20, 1999 Essay

The way our society views sexuality is that anything aside from being heterosexual is wrong. Homosexuals face many controversial issues, such as being banned from the military to marital laws. I feel that homosexuals should have all the same rights as heterosexuals and they should not be judged by their sexual orientation alone. Laws banning as well as states that don’t accept same sex marriages are absurd and should be prohibited from having such laws.
The government is in charge of quite a few things, marriages shouldn’t be one of them. There are some decisions that should be allowed to be made on a persons own without the government intervening. The United States criticizes Islamic Nations for the way they treat the women of their countries. They select a husband for her, and if she doesn’t marry him or she chooses another, she is shunned and in a lot of cases beaten and even killed. Yet, we justify telling people that they can only marry someone of the opposite sex. Marriage is a very personal and delicate thing and no one should be able to tell another person who they can and cannot marry.
There is always the issue of God and the Bible when talking about homosexuality and same sex marriages. According to the Roman Catholic Church, marriage is a “sacramental union entered into permanently between one baptized man and one baptized woman. With this definition, the idea of same sex marriage becomes meaningless. If God is such a divine being shouldn’t he be able to accept people of all races, social standings, and so on? If someone truly believes in God then they should know that he created everyone, so why would he make homosexuals if they were not equal to others?
Basically the banning of same sex marriage comes down to the fact that everyone is looking for happiness, so why should anyone else try to deny someone the opportunity to be happy if it is unharmful to others? Same sex marriages really do not hurt anyone, and they shouldn’t offend anyone either. They are a personal sacred bond between two people that love each other.

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February 20, 1999 Essay
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