Ferrero and Morocco Sample Essay

For the SWOT Analysis we have the Strengths and Weaknesses of the company and the Opportunities and Threats that the company might confront in the new Market of Morocco. We acknowledge as strengths the high in quality merchandises that Ferrero produces and more specific Nutella and besides the worldwide awareness the Ferrero Brand causes. With these chief factors Ferrero can depend on for its enlargement among the Earth and be able to pull more and more clients every twenty-four hours. every hr. Peoples merely by hearing the name Ferrero or Nutella will be ever more acute to purchase a merchandise from this company than from another more ill-famed one. Furthermore the packaging of the merchandise by itself can advance it and hold an instant client acknowledgment. We besides believe that the great sum of financess that the company has at its disposal is a immense advantage. because in instance there is demand for money to advance more the merchandises or to salvage the company’s face from a bad state of affairs they could make it really easy and without worrying on where they’ll happen the financess.

We can see as failings the company non puting a batch in advertisement. so there are really few and rare ad runs which do non assist a batch for bettering the trade name consciousness for the company and its merchandises. Besides the perceptual experience that chocolates and cocoa confectioneries are unhealthy might be a ground for consumers non to purchase the company’s merchandises. Refering now the Nutella itself a great failing is that one of its ingredients is palm oil which production causes deforestation and is truly environmental unfriendly so people with environmental concerns will non purchase it and possibly do a negative selling of the merchandise. Now. on the industrial portion. we think that a great chance is the ability of the company to establish new merchandises and make more people and more possibly forgotten mark groups. such as the diabetics. Besides. what Ferrero produces and sells can be considered as an low-cost indulgence. an low-cost small dainty for ourselves. particularly now because of the Worldwide Financial Crisis.

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Another chance can be considered the emerging economic systems to where Ferrero can travel and either green goods at lower costs or sell its merchandises. Finally. the menaces that Ferrero faces are rather few but about all of them. with the right handling. are manageable. To get down with cocoa and cocoa confectioneries. which Ferrero chief merchandises are in this class. are more seasonal and hence we might hold a great decrease of gross revenues in places/countries where for illustration the summer is excessively hot and people do non desire something excessively heavy as a cocoa or they image of a liquid cocoa might destruct the company’s image. Furthermore. as we already mentioned consumers are turning more and more to healthy diet and nutrients and hence such high in fat and Calories merchandises will non be appealing to them and Ferrero might lose a batch of possible clients. because for illustration female parents that do non let their childs to eat Sweets will cut down the gross revenues and besides these childs will turn into these healthy diet and will non purchase the merchandises nor for themselves nor for their ain childs. it would be a concatenation reaction with gross revenues dropping as a consequence. As menaces are besides considered the many and different replacement merchandises that Ferrero has to cover with. from other cocoa companies to Sweets makers to drinks. eating houses. pastry stores etc etc.

All these make Ferrero to hold to “fight” harder and compete with so many challengers that will hold to pass a great sum of money in advertisement and doing its merchandises better and better and more appealing to people. Besides precisely because of those replacements there is besides intense competition. which leads to fewer gross revenues to fewer net incomes and have to be considered and happen ways to get the better of it and be profitable plenty. Last but non least there is the menace caused by Greenpeace because of the negative rating the organisation gave to Ferrero for the usage of palm oil as an ingredient of Nutella. as we already mentioned. and the negative selling the company got which besides may take to fewer gross revenues because of the clients letdown.


Our pestel analysis is concentrated on the state of Morocco and how the different facets of this state will ease or perplex Ferrero’s entry at that place with Nutella. Morocco is a state of about 34 million citizens and has about 10 million tourers from around the universe sing it yearly. This makes it a considerable market for a company to come in. First of all. for the Political factor we must advert that Morocco is a Constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament. It has a stable authorities for more than 20 old ages and in contrary with other African states does non endure from public violences or civil wars which is really appealing for foreign companies if they want to present themselves to the African markets. To go on with the Economic factors. we must state that despite the Financial Crisis. Morocco has a turning GDP with an norm of 4. 15 % for the past four old ages and 3. 7 % for 2012. Its currency is the Maroc Dirham and has a really uneven exchange rate with the EURO and USD.

The monetary values of the trade goods are really low in comparing with other EU states which the foreign states must cover with. The disposable income is ˆ6090. 43 and its one-year growing for 2012 is 32. 4 % and this is a really fortunate thing for the companies to see and possibly put to that market. We should non bury to advert besides the buying power index is 28. 14 % . Traveling on the socio-cultural facet. the country’s citizens mean age is 25 old ages old which is an age where people love to eat Sweets and cocoas and Ferrero can concentrate on this and advance to this people chiefly its merchandises and particularly Nutella which no-one could defy and will ever be loved and preferred. Besides Moroccans are in bulk Muslims and follow the Islamic Law in their day-to-day life. so the company must be really careful on how it will advance Nutella and non to travel against their beliefs or offend their Law somehow. In Morocco co exist 8 different linguistic communications with Gallic and Spanish the linguistic communications spoken for concern and Arabic the most common in the day-to-day life. So likely the packaging should hold Arabic. Gallic and Spanish on it. The Maroc culinary art uses a batch of spices and that should be decidedly considered by companies associating to the nutrient and drink industries such as Ferrero and do their merchandises more appealing to the gustatory sensations people there are used to.

Finally. Moroccans love confects. cocoas and in general any sort of Sweets and since Ferrero is in that specific industry gives it an advantage. Now. on the technological facet. there is the Casablanca Technopark. which was established in October of 2001 and covers a entire surface of 29. 400m? . This is Morocco’s foremost industrial park in Casablanca and this undertaking is under the supervising of Ministry of Communications of Morocco. The industrial park proves that Casablanca is bettering in all facets including the technological facets. Assorted transnational companies are puting in Casablanca because the Park serves assorted indispensable intents in the society of Casablanca. Different types of activities are arranged in the Casablanca Technopark like its preparation and classs sing e-learning that is really helpful for the pupils in Casablanca.

Besides since November 2003 all duty barriers on Information Technology merchandises were removed. so by fall ining the Information Technology Agreement monetary values of Information Technology inputs in Morocco are more competitory and more appealing to foreign investors and advance local industries by doing Information Technology merchandises cheaper for Moroccans. Besides there is a positive transit system which facilitates any cargo transit within the state. something truly of import to Ferrero in order to acquire all of its merchandises to the preferable finishs. On the environmental facet we must advert that Moroccans and their authorities are acquiring more and more eco friendly. since their state has seeable amendss by the pollution and ill-treatment of the Earth. For this ground Morocco has signed International understandings for environmental protection issues and have put in action the National Environmental Action Plan.

The authorities besides offers decrease of revenue enhancements to persons or companies that are following a more environmental friendly attack. To complete with our PESTEL analysis. we need to advert some Legal factors that might act upon a company’s determination on come ining the Maroc Market. There are signed trade understandings with Europe. USA. other African and Middle East states. At the nucleus of Morocco’s attempt to lure foreign concern is the 1995 Investment Charter Law. The revenue enhancement inducements within the Investment Charter include a 2. 5 per centum discounted revenue enhancement rate for land acquisitions intended for lodging developments ; a 0. 5 percent revenue enhancement on any company lending to capital formation or capital addition ; and an freedom from enrollment fees associated with the purchase of land intended for capital investing. The Charter besides shields foreign investors from paying value added revenue enhancement ( VAT ) on imported equipment. stuffs. and goods ; and relieve start-up houses from licence fees. corporate revenue enhancements. and general income revenue enhancements for five old ages. Thereafter. new concerns are required to pay a revenue enhancement that is profoundly discounted.

In Morocco besides exist several Free Trade Zones and there are several extra sectoral inducements available to concerns that invest in one of Morocco’s several FTZs. These inducements include freedoms from: responsibilities and revenue enhancements associated with the acquisition of land. licence and “urban taxes” for 15 old ages. VAT on all exported goods. and corporate revenue enhancements for five old ages. with a decreased 8. 75 percent corporate revenue enhancement thenceforth. Finally. Morocco has strong Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR ) statute law. these aid Ferrero to guarantee its trade name and non being afraid of person stealing its logo or something like that.


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