Fetal Pig - Excretory System Kidney

funnel shaped chamber, collects urine before enters ureters
renal pelvis
dark tissue, characterized by high salt solute concentration when “pre urine” flows down loops of henle and water exits > concentrated “urine”, receives water from nephrons
medullary tissue
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Fetal Pig – Excretory System Kidney
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outermost portion of kidney, houses nephrons
outer layer adrenal cortex – secretes aldosterone (hormone for water balance)

middle cortex – produces glucocorticoids like cortisol, called “stress hormones”, lots of effects from carb balance to immunosuppression

inner cortex- produces androgen, involved in growth spurt and pubic hair in females,

medulla – produces norepinephrine and epinephrine, are neurotransmitters, produce fight or flight response, mobilize glucose, increase heart rate

adrenal glands
temporary storage of urine, transports from kidney to urinary bladder,
stores urine, between umbilical arteries
urinary bladder
tube that transports urine from bladder to outside of body
excretes urine and reproductive gametes
urogenital opening
1. remove metabolic wastes from the blood in form of UREA
2.monitor and adjust composition of blood (water + salts) so cells are in constant composition

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