Fever 104 Essay

Fever 104 also known as fever ek sau char is the In 2006, FEVER 104 FM, India’s youngest, hippest and most happening Radio Station that plays more music than any other was launched. FEVER 104 FM is a collaboration between HT Media Ltd. and Virgin Radio Fever 104 FM plays the latest hits, all day, all the time across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata ,  with its signature property of 40 minutes non-stop music. The tag line of the station is it’s all about the music. The color of the station is red.

This is because of its collaboration with Virgin and also because the color red radiates fire, energy and a zest to do something which is the same thing that the youth of today want to do which is also their target audience. Fever 104 FM, a private radio station from HT Media Ltd, is present in the most vibrant and important markets of India including Delhi-the national capital, Mumbai-the financial nucleus, Bangalore-the technology hub and Kolkata-the cultural capital. Fever 104 FM has pioneered format programming in India by offering the latest contemporary regional, national and international hits.

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The station stays true to its core brand promise of “It’s all about the music” with the best quality and maximum quantity of music on-air through its signature property of 40 minutes of non-stop music. Fever 104 has also been a trendsetter in organizing successful listener-focused promotions. Fever 104 FM has established itself as a discerning, witty, innovative radio station which seeks to bond with its listeners, through both its on and off-air tone and content. Fever 104 has also been involved in exciting and innovative concepts like Fever Jam, Music Election and the Fever 104 Concert with A.

R. Rahman, thus well and truly positioning Fever 104 as the brand that’s all about the music. In Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, three of India’s biggest radio markets, Fever made the most gains in listenership share, while in Kolkata it registered a marginal dip. Listenership share grew by 4. 7, 2. 5 and 1. 1 percentage points in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, respectively, while in Kolkata, the share dropped by 0. 5 percentage point. Big FM made the biggest gain in Kolkata—1. 6 percentage points. Listenership data was provided by Radio Audience Measurement, a unit of TAM Media Research Pvt.

Ltd, and latest figures are for the week ended 26 April. The collective listenership share for Delhi and Mumbai is the highest for Radio Mirchi, broadcast by a subsidiary of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. While Mirchi has a combined 40% and average 20% share, Fever has a combined 34% and average 17% share. There is no particular hierarchy that is followed in the station. There are different departments which have their heads. There hasn’t been any station head since a few years after the sad demise of their last station head. They are mostly chosen from Delhi.

Delhi crew comprises popular and talented radio jockeys namely, RJs Paran, Lokesh, Priyanka, Prateek, Rhicha and Aoneha. As Fever 104 FM is relatively new, the team of Fever 104 FM are conducting campaigns to popularise the channel in the city, one of which is the famous `Fever Bolo Contest`. `Fever Hot 20 Countdown` is one of the most famous shows on Fever 104 FM. This news channel exclusively gives hourly weather and news updates. The RJs of Fever 104 FM in Mumbai have specific nicknames. Some of the are Rohini (Material girl), Rima (Angel eyes), Divya (Dancing queen), Prachi and Abhinav (Hotstepper).

The Fever 104 FM play 40 minutes of non-stop music all day long, headed by Sowjanya Kashyap and has RJs Rajesh, Aarti, Sumesh, Neethi and Shraddha. Fever 104 FM keep their audience hooked to their channel all day long. In Bangalore, Fever 104 FM has been on air since January 2007. This radio channel was formally launched on March 6th 2007 and RJ`s started their programmes in April. In 2006, FEVER 104 FM was declared by the media as India`s youngest, hippest and most happening Radio Station that plays more music than any other was launched.

Fever 104 FM plays the latest hits, all day across the cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata with its signature collection of 40 minutes non-stop music. Some of the most popular programmes of Fever 104 FM are Balle Balle Dilli, Fever Hot 20, Back to Back and many more. The tagline of Fever 104 FM is Less Talk, More Music! Fever 104 is known for its tie ups with movies and other brands. One of the most effective of it was in Delhi FM station and Pepsi recently launched an innovative activity titled ‘Pepsi My Show My way”, wherein for the first time ever, a 10 feet high radio studio was created in the shape of Pepsi My Can.

The activity was held at different venues in Delhi. Fever DJs hosted their shows, live, from within this unique studio. With an introduction of such an inimitable concept, Fever 104 FM, together with Pepsi reinforced their brand image of being today’s youth icons. In 2009, India’s youngest and fastest growing FM channel, Fever 104 FM has gained the No. 1 position in in Mumbai leaving behind all the other FM channels in the city. With ashare % of 16. 9% (all people, 12+, Week 17), Fever 104 FM has stamped its authority on themarket, with the second and third players in the market being far behind


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