Fiction and Reality Essay

Millions of Americas are entertained by watching television. The latest crazy trend right now is the reality shows like Courtv, Judge Judy, Divorce Court just to name a few. Law and Order seems to portray the realness of a courtroom. This paper is going to discuss the legal system as the courts handle it, we will take a look at fictional portrayals and an actual court case that occurred. The purpose being to ascertain the difference between the two if there is any. First of all when Law and Order comes on there is a voice-over which states that these are the events that will eventually lead up to that person going to court.

This show dramatizes the law system from when the crime actually occurred to it goes to trial. The objective of the show seems to bring the light issues that are presented in society’s real time. Law and Order is on television for an hour, so sometimes it goes off with no ending trying to figure out the rest of the story. As with a real court, there is no start of events that lead up to being in court. Reality-based court shows such as Divorce court, Judge Mathis and Judge Judy are dominating the television ratings every day. Since, most people watch court television, the judicial system is sometimes misunderstood.

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Fiction and Reality Essay
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This might be a majority reason why American having distorted beliefs about the laws, the trail process. The only major drawback to Law and Order is that all of the stories are fabricated. The show is in regards to portraying real-life cases it is missing one the thing the true facts. Law and Order, on the other hand, handles the situation differently. It utilizes the statistics to weave lavish tales that are undeniably fascinating and do put a light on pertinent issues like homicide, rape, and human trafficking. SVU’s grim tales of rape and molestation are compelling.

The major difference between the fictional portrayals of the court process and reality is that they are not fast-paced procedures. They are long and sometime boring. The first thing that once the criminal has committed the crime and arrested there is a bond hearing. The police officers and the prosecutors work closely together so once the prosecutor is assigned to the case. Once the case has been reviewed by the prosecutors, this is where the grand jury is called to be selected. A case can usually take some time. Attorneys debate for hours presenting the evidence and also ask questions. Another example of the court process is the bailiffs.

The bailiff’s role is to keep the courtroom in order at all times. They also swear in witnesses, escort the jurors to where they need to go, they even detain people who are unruly in the courtroom. The bailiff is appointed by the court system, sheriff police departments. When they go trial there are the court clerks. They are present when the defendant goes to trial. The court clerks are the ones that help to maintain all the paperwork and keep the courtrooms functioning properly. The victim, which is portrayed as being the main character in the show, is usually the one they put on stand.

The defendant is also in the show. Law and Order basically tells the events of what happened and shows that the police and the D. E. A. solving the case. There are some shows that they do not find the defendant until almost the end. The defendant in the show ends up confuse to the crimes. Also the other key court players are the prosecutors and the district attorney. The district attorneys are the ones trying to convince the jury that this person is not fit to be in society and whatever crime the defendant committed, they should be punished.

The prosecutors are the ones that are trying to convince the jury that the defendant did not commit the crime. Also, the prosecutors are to convince the jury that there is little to no evidence. The prosecutors are the ones who have the hardest job, because if there is evidence, it makes it harder for the jury to be convinced. In the movies and on television lawyers often win in dramatic ways; they bring in surprise evidence near the end of the trial, or a spectator in the courtroom jumps up and confesses to the crime. These things do not happen in real courtrooms.

The misconceptions about lawyers have become so widespread that practicing lawyers often question potential jurors about their perceptions. The American Bar Association (ABA) is taking an active interest in learning how the visual media affects attitudes about the profession. This is not to say that movies and television programs featuring fictional lawyers. When it comes to the victim, the prosecution and defense usually puts the victim on the stand to give their version of what happened. Also, they show the juror, while the victim is being asked the questions.

On these series, there is also frequent used DNA testing, with no mention of the costs or time lapses that occur in real life. This impression is given to the viewers is that DNA testing is the answer to resolving every case. The reality is that DNA testing is expensive and can be very time-consuming and even the basic fingerprinting equipment is also expensive too. Law and Order do show use of technology available in today’s world, but the results of the technology on the show have some flair to it. In my opinion, I believe that most of the stories that are on Law and Order, they make them similar to the real-life crimes that have happened.

The Law and Order SVU, they portray the real-life stories of rape, sexual content, and child abuse and abduction. I also believe when they go to trial that try to make it seem real. The difference between reality and the fiction shows is that there is a process to the court system. Courtv takes a real case and they stop to take recess or certain issues arise, for example; the case where the defendant pulled the sheriff’s gun and killed some people in the courtroom. I believe that the impact of the show has had some positive impact and influence on the American Justice System.


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