Field Trip Report (Tan Land) Sample Essay

1. Company/Organization overview: briefly discuss the company’s merchandise and/or service offered and mark markets.

Ichitan group was established by Mr. Tan Passakornnatee after he sold his first Green Tea trade name. the Oishi Green Tea. to Thai Beverage Public Company limited. Ichitan group start off selling Double Drink which are juices. After a piece. Mr. Tan has launched Ichitan Green Tea to vie with his old Oishi trade name. The merchandise was foremost launched in three spirits. The first spirit is the original spirit that focuses on the gustatory sensation of original green tea by utilizing merely blossoming tea. The 2nd spirit is the honey lamon that combine a mixture between green tea and lemon every bit good as adding honey as sweetening. The 3rd spirit is Genmai which focus on the odor of Nipponese rich that absolutely matches with the gustatory sensation of green tea.

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Field Trip Report (Tan Land) Sample Essay
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After the three spirits of Ichitan green tea has become rather successful. they bit by bit launch more spirits in order to capture more clients. Nowadays. Ichitan has all together of 6 spirits. in which 3 extra spirit were added. One of them is green tea with Chrysanthemum a Chinese herb that absolutely blended together with tea and offers a new experience for clients. The following 1 is Midori Punch a new film editing border flavor the combine the gustatory sensation of assorted sorts of fruit with green tea.

Ichitan chiefly target group of Ichitan green tea are people age between 20-50 old ages old such as university pupils. office workers. and business communities who largely has income above 10. 000 baht per month. This group of people. particularly in Bangkok. tends to wish to imbibe green tea ; moreover with the tendency of wellness witting. many people are exchanging from dinking carbonate drink to imbibe healthier merchandise in which Ichitan grean tea who positioned itself as healthy organic green tea drink besides falls in the class. Ichitan green tea besides target people of age lower than 20 old ages old as a minor mark group. This group of client ; nevertheless. has lower buying power and might buy green tea less frequently than those in the first group

2. Operation Scheme: Identify and discourse the company’s competitory scheme. ( distinction. cost leading. or response )

Ichitan used a scheme known as best cost supplier scheme which is a mixture of both distinction and cost leading. Ichitan monetary value its green tea at 15 tical per bottle while Oishi is priced at 20 tical per bottle. This low-priced incursion scheme aims to pull client to exchange to purchase Ichitan green tea merchandise. Currently. a bottle of Ichitan green tea is priced at 16 tical per bottle. This scheme really works really good for Ichitan as the existent cost of the company is non that significantly different from that of Oishi. Ichitan provide 420 milliliter of the green tea volume while Oishi gives 500. which mean that Ichitan pricing scheme is merely a small cheaper than Oishi. As to give a better image. 1 tical that clients spend on buying the merchandise could purchase 26. 5 milliliter of Ichitan green tea ( 16 tical ) while get 25 milliliter if they purchase Oishi.

Even though Ichitan gives of import on being a low-priced supplier. it focuses more on its merchandise distinction. Ichitan produces organic green tea which is produced utilizing methods that do non affect modern man-made inputs such as man-made pesticides and chemical fertilisers. The company has received a certification to bring forth such sort of green tea and is presently the lone manufacturer of organic green tea in Thailand. Ichitan focal point on advertisement about its alone quality and place itself to be a healthier green tea comparison to other trade names in the market

3. Operation Description

3. 1 Operational Procedure Flows and Capacity

Located on a 76-rai ( 12-hectare ) secret plan of land. the 50. 000 square meters Ichitan Green Tea Factory was built with an thought of “Greenovation” which reflects the company socially responsible pattern in runing its concern with a committedness to esteem nature and aid make balance of environment. The works uses one of the highest-level engineerings taking to raise younger generations’ consciousness of the importance of nature and sustainability.

The company has developed Cold Aseptic Filling Technology ( CAFT ) . a cutting border engineering for make fulling high quality drink. to run into consumers demand for minimally processed drinks maintaining the best quality of alimentary ingredient. The fabrication procedure begins with go throughing boiled tea into a tea centrifuge from which all residues are filtered. Then. pure tea infusions are sent in a sealed-off unfertile environment to season blending armored combat vehicles taking merely 4 seconds which originally took up to 20 seconds. Once the heat is reduced to 30 grade Celsius. the sterilised merchandises are so filled in a container sealed under cold sterile conditions.

The fact that the merchandises are being packaged at the room temperature makes it unneeded to utilize thick heatproof containers. Polyethylene Terephthlalate ( PET ) bottles for cold sterile make fulling systems use merely 17. 5 gms of plastic while the heatproof containers use up to 27 gms. cut downing the usage of plastic by 36 per cent. PET bottles are besides friendly to environment and easy degradable. Furthermore. with an progress in engineering. CAFT allows Ichitan Green Tea to maintain up to five times the alimentary ingredient of its merchandises.

Another outstanding benefit of cold sterile filling system is the machine ability to run continuously for 120 hours contrasting to the old system machine which runs merely for 20 hours.

Presently. the works is running four production lines ; two lines are for UHT battalions bring forthing 20-30 1000s battalions per twenty-four hours and the other two are for bottles bring forthing 80-90 1000s battalions per twenty-four hours. Ichitan Green Tea merchandises are distributed in local markets by 90 per cent while 10 per cent are distributed in abroad markets among Indochina. Australia and Europe. Three best merchandising spirits are assorted honey-lemon. chrysanthemum and genmaicha which are wholly accounted for 65-70 per cent of the entire gross revenues.

The thought of “Greenovation” is besides included in the works building which makes the most usage of daytime. cut downing the usage of electricity by 20-50 per cent. Waste H2O intervention promotes energy to be used once more. The plant’s wall is plastered with heat dielectric cut downing the usage of air-conditioners. Some of the office equipments are made of recycled stuffs such as eco boards. recycled plastics. Presently. Ichitan is working on a cooperation with Siam Cement Group ( SCG ) to develop a production of Eco PlasTea Board. a recycled board made of green tea leaves from ready-to-drink fabrication procedure. It is expected to be a multifunctional board or surface which is extremely lasting and good at air chilling alternatively of the usage of plastic. The Eco PlaTea Board will be given to “Tan Pan Foundation” in order to utilize for its activities in the hereafter.

3. 2 Quality plans ( eg. TOM and SPC ) . enfranchisement. and issues

Ichitan mill has adopted the TOM or the Technology and Operation Management to be usage to finetune the whole operating unit. TOM is concerned with the”design. direction. and betterment of runing systems and procedures. ”

In footings of quality control. Ichitan applied the chief control in its fabrication lines. where the drinks are produced and bottled. A machine would guarantee that the drinks would be heated merely when needed to guarantee that all the best nutrition and vitamins are still integral. As the drinks move base on balls each station along the fabrication line. there will be a station that check the sugar and other quality issues. If any peculiar one do non go through the trial. the machine will force that bottle out of the line. There is besides a station dedicated to look intoing plastic labels and bottles.

Human capitals are used merely for monitoring and commanding the procedure to look into that the fabrication line operates at its full potency.

3. 3 Inventory attacks and issues

After the production of green tea imbibe both in bottles and boxes. the machines will automatically direct out the coatings goods to hive away at the
company warehouse. which is located in the mill. The finished good are stored in a box which each box can keep up to sixty two green tea drink boxes. The goods will be placed in a box exchanging way or horizontal and perpendicular as this could assist in cut down the impact during the transit. Each box is sealed with fictile wrap afterwards to forestall goods from insect or H2O. The boxes that contain the finished good are stored in the warehouse in two boxes overlap each other because each box can back up the weight of merely one another box above or else the goods indoors would ensue in defected as damaged goods. Therefore. this causes an issue of non adequate infinite in the ware house to hive away these boxes since the can merely be 2 boxes topographic point overlap each other. Subsequently on. the boxes will be shipped out every twenty-four hours to provide the overpowering demand in the market. The boxes will be placed into the containers and shipped further to assorted Ichitan distributers all over Thailand.

3. 4 Forecasting attacks

Ichitan’ s calculating attack is done by the selling section. They will concentrate on the demand harmonizing to the tendency from the earlier old ages. In Thailand. people tend to imbibe green tea during summer or in hot conditions – because imbibing green tea will do you experience fresh. This had made summer become high season for Ichitan green tea. On the other manus. Thai people do non be given to imbibe green tea in rainy season every bit much as during the summer – so showery season is their low season. So fundamentally. Ichitan based their prediction attack on this.

4. Experience at the company. What did you like? Didn’t like? Besides provide recommendation on how to better the field trip.

We found the company visits really educational and interesting ; we learned about Ichitan concern. its green tea production and packaging procedures. and the company’s socially responsible pattern. We besides learnt how they take portion in sustainable societal development and expeditiously use natural resources. This is an inspiration for us to be portion of protecting and continuing the nature and the Earth.

Everything was truly impressive ; the coach was clean and comfy. it did non take so long to get to the finish. and the teachers there were really nice and friendly. However. we think that it would hold been great if the exchange pupils could hold joint along our journey at the mill. instead than walking into a separate group.


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