Fiji Water Essay

Fiji Water Mark Muraski BUS 330 Natasha Bell-Scott March 2010 Fiji Water Fiji water is more than just a rehydration product, it’s a lifestyle. In this paper I will explain how the three levels of product, augmented product, actual product and the core benefit relate to Fiji water. The packaging label is important to all manufactures and Fiji sells the idea well with its design. Fiji has used a new brand development strategy. When customers buy Fiji water they are showing that they are a sophisticated and informed customer.

Fiji is different from all other waters on the market today. Fiji water is drawn from an underground source on Vit Levu, the main island of the South Pacific country of Fiji [ (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008) ]. When customers buy Fiji water they are trying to be with the in crowd, it could be considered the high end line of bottled water. I would not have known any of this, without reading the assignment, to me it’s just another bottled water, besides the square pretty bottle, it’s no different than the filtered tap water that I prefer to quench my thirst with.

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The core consumer is the customer in which the product is marketed towards. Marketers must first identify this group in order to develop the product [ (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008) ]. In this case Fiji water is attempting to be the best most expensive water on the market. They needed to find a way to make their water different and seem better. There client would be the Mercedes driving Starbucks and Target customer as The Actual product consists of a brand name, quality level, features, packaging, and features [ (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008) ].

Fiji water is branded as the Natural Artesian water. It was given to celebrities, athletes, and put into movies using product placement. They wanted to show an upper-class lifestyle of clients. The quality level is extremely important for Fiji water. Since it’s marketed as the best it must be high in quality. Fiji water is unique in the way that is made, sad to be untouched by man it is said that its origins are from raindrops falling into Fiji’s pristine tropical forest and filtered through layers of volcanic rock for hundreds of years [ (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008) ].

Scientifically it is not as pure as distilled water but perhaps better tasting. The design and packaging of Fiji water is very important. When you are standing in a convenience stores isle with dozens of bottle water to choose from, its easy to go right to the cheaper product and when you are ask to pay twice as much as the competition for the product it better look twice as good. Luckily for Fiji water they did a great job on the unique square design and beautiful graphics on the bottle. The augmented product contains the delivery and credit, after sale service, installation, and warranty.

Fiji water has designed a special silver sleeve to put on the bottle when bought at restaurants [ (Kotler & Armstrong, 2008) ]. This is an excellent way to showcase the bottle after the sale has been already made. There are different ways to develop brands, Fuji, trying to make its presences known used the new brand strategy. Since no one else has water that is produced in such a way. Fiji water is unique to its brand. Almost all bottle water comes from springs; Fiji stands alone as far as volcanic filtered water.

After reading about this product I want to go out and at least try a bottle to see if it tastes different. Fiji has a great brand name and has an interesting story behind the label. I think they could do a little better on the advertising. It’s been out for years and I never knew anything about them. Smart water was only out for a couple of months and I was informed of their water making process. The next time I see someone drinking a bottle of Fiji, I’ll be sure to see if they fit the mold of the targeted customer. References Kotler, P. , & Armstrong, G. (2008). Principles of marketing. Upper Saddle River: Pearson.


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