Film Review on Constant Gardener Essay

English Constant Gardner Directed by Fernando The Film ‘The Constant Gardener’ Directed by Fernando Meircelles, Is fill confusion, entertainment and love. I thought the film was very good in the techniques the director used, but was hard to get my head around. ‘The Constant Gardner’ would be thought to be about gardening, but it’s just based around it. The concept of gardening is the story line of the movie. Two main characters Tessa and Justin are in love, but don’t know each other as well as you would think. the film is about Justin figuring Tessa out after her death.

The gardening concept comes into the storyline as Justin loves gardening, it’s his hobby, Tessa likes her gardens to be natural, no poison or chemicals. This relates Justin and Tessa together. Justin works for the British High Commission. Behind his back, there are secretes that Tessa is investigating on, which is the treatment they are giving to Africans that is known as something to help health, which is actually deadly. This investigation is actually deathly to Tessa so does not let Justin in her work to protect him. Only Justin Figures all this out after her death.

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Film Review on Constant Gardener Essay
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Parts of the film is a political thriller. It’s a thriller as it’s all secretive causing lots of danger. The political and government are tough people but don’t show it to the public, really behind closed doors they are willing to do anything to protect themselves including killing Tessa and to cover their drug corruption. They show that these government people are greedy doing this massive corruption just to earn them selves. Also to protect themselves they killed Tessa as she found out about this scandal and tried to get to the bottom and to stop them.

It takes the movie to tell us what really happens. At the beginning of the film it shows Tessa’s death and gradually runs us through the massive scandal helping us understand and discover what the beginning actually meant. Tessa’s death shows us how dangerous the government actually is. The love story in this film is about Tessa and Justin. The film shows us Tessa’s fatal death at the start and we only discover that it is actually her through the film when we get shown flashbacks of their amazing happy life they had.

The film is based on Justin figuring out Tessa. As we go through the movie Justin discovers more and more about Tessa and how much he loved her. He starts to become her as in understanding her beliefs and starts to say what she say’s, “This is one child that we can help. ” Their love grows even though Tessa is dead. Justin drives and imagines Tessa sitting in the passenger seat talking to him and see’s experiences they shared together and things that made Tessa laugh. This shows true love that they both shared.

The film was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards in 2005, including Best Motion Picture (drama), Best Director, and Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. They came out with the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role. Also won the 2005 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting role The film was nominated for four Academy Awards including, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Film Editing, and Best Supporting Actress.

She once again won the Best supporting actress. The film has won the awards of Best Film at the London Critics Circle Film Awards, British Independent Film Awards and Evening Standard British Film Awards. The film also gained the SDFCS Awards. Weisz has won six awards for the film altogether. The film won three prizes for Best Film respectively. Overall to date, the film has won 18 awards and a further 40 award nominations.


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