Final Exam Essay

Beginning Windows ?98
Instructor: Zita Podany
Final Exam
1. To format a high-density diskette to use on my PC, I would first click on ?My Computer?, (which is located on the desktop) and insert your diskette, then right click on ?3? floppy?. Go to format, then make sure ?Quick? or ?Full? are checked, then click on the ?start? button.

2. An ?Operating System? is the basic instruction for your hardware and software so that the user can interface with them. An example of an operating system would be like ?Windows ?98? or ?Windows 2000?.

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3. ?Word 2000? is not an operating system. Rather an application added to an operating system to allow the user to create written documents.

4. To make a folder called ?Inventory? on my hard drive, I would first click on ?My Computer? on the desktop, then click on ?C Drive?, then go to ?file? then ?new? then ?folder? and type in ?Inventory?.

5. To create a shortcut to my new folder entitled ?Inventory?, I would right click on it and then choose ?create shortcut? then click on the ?Inventory? folder, hold the mouse button down and drag it onto the desktop and let go. It’s done!
6. I want to look for a document and all I know is that it started with ?Train?. To find this I would click on the ?Start? button on my tool bar, then go to ?Find?, over to ?files and folders? then type in the word ?Train *. *?. Making sure that there’s a check mark next to ?subfolders? so that every possible place is searched. Then click on ?Find Now?. When the possible files pop up, you can search for the one that you are looking for by just clicking on it until you find the right one.

7. To change my wallpaper all I have to do is right click anywhere on the desktop and a menu appears. Choose ?properties? when the next screen appears, you can click on the down arrow to scroll through the different choices or you can create your own wallpaper by going to ?Paint? or ?Word? and creating what you want and then go to ?File? and save it, then go to your saved file and open it. Go to ?File? again and down to ?send as wallpaper? and it’s done!
8. To check to see how much space is available on my hard drive, I would click on ?My Computer? then right click on the ?C drive?, go to properties and this will tell you two different ways to see how much space is available on the hard drive. At the top it tells you how much space has been ?used up? and how much is ?free space? in terms of bytes. At the bottom of the screen a pie diagram is shown to give you a visual.

9. To find the ?Solitaire? game that originally came with your computer you would click on the ?start? button on your tool bar, then go to ?Find? and over to ?files and folders? then type in Games and (make sure that ?include subfolders? is checked) and click on ?Find Now?. Then you can look for the folder by clicking on it until you find the one you are looking for. It also gives you the correct address of where it can be found.

10. A shortcut is just a much faster way of getting to a program that you use a lot by placing it on the desktop. You won’t need to do the several steps necessary to retrieve that program now, unless you want to. It’s very useful when you are busy and don’t want to spend time searching for a program that you use all the time. With a shortcut, you just click on the icon that you have put on the desktop.

B. You can’t use the ?Screen Print? button by itself on the newer computers because it was just too easy for someone to come along and hit that button to see what you were working on. So you need to do the following steps: Hit ?Alt? button and ?Print Screen? then open ?Paint? or ?Word?, go to ?Edit? then ?Paste? then you can resize if you need to, go to ?File? and ?Print?. It takes longer, but it give you improved security.


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