final exam stidy guide

Question Answer
Cephalic head
Cranial Skull
Facial Face
Frontal Forehead
Temporal Temple
Orbital Eye
Otic Ear
Buccal Cheeck
Nasal Nose
Oral Mouth
Mental Chin
Cervical Neck
Sternal Breast bone
Axillary Armpit
Thoracic Chest
Brachical Arm
Mammary Breast
Antecrubital Front/back Elbow
Abdominal Abdomin
Umbilical Belly button
Coxal Hip
Antebrachial Forearm
Inguinal Groin
Carpal Wrist
Palmar Palm
Pelvic Pelvis
Pollex Thumb
Digital/ Phalanges Fingers
Manual Hand
Pubic Pubis
Femoral Thigh
Patellar Front of Knee
Crural Leg
Tarsal Ankle
Pedal Foot
Digital Toes
Dorsum Top of Foot
Hallux Big Toe
Occipital Base of head
Acromial Shoulder
Scapular Shoulder Blade
Vertebral Spinal Column
Dorsal Back
Olecranical Back of Elbow
Sacral Between Hips
Coccygeal Tailboe
Gluteal Buttock
Pernieal Area between the anus and external genital
Lumbar Loin
Dorsum Back of Hand
Popiliteal Behind the Knee
Crural Calf
Plantar Sole of Foot
Calcaneal Heel
Superior Toward the head
Inferior Away from the head
Anterior Near the front of the body
Posterior Near the back of the body
Medial Near the midline
Lateral Away from the midline
Proximal Near the attachment of the trunck
Distal Away from the attachment of the trunk
Superfical Toward the surface of the body
Deep Away from the surface of the body
Ispilateral On the same side of the body but in different areas
Contralateral On opposite sides of the body and in different areas
Unilateral In one area of the body and only one side
Bilateral On opposites sides but in the same area
Dorsal Cranial- Brain
Vertebral- Spinal Column
Ventral Thoracic- Lungs, heart
Abdominopelvic- Stomach, spleen, liver, large instestines

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