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In regards to blood circulation, where does the exchange of nutrients and waste take place? Capillaries
Blood that flows from the heart to the lungs and then back to the heart is which type of circulation? Pulmonary circulation
What does the nervous system control? All body functions
The 3 prong plug attached to an electrolysis machine is used as a what? Ground
Where does the skin and its appendages receive nourishment from? Blood vascular system
What do you call abnormal white patches on the skin? Leucoderma
What is the technical name for a wart? Verruca
What do you call the "standard disease protection practices"? Universal precautions
Which layer of skin provides contour and cushion? Adipose
What do you call the study of the circulatory system? Angiology
What causes the differences in male and female sexual hair patterns? Concentration of circulating androgens
If your client has pigmentation issues, the treatments should be short and ____. Scattered
What do you call a condition of oily skin, chronic redness and pustules? Rosacea
What do you call a disease that is of a short duration but is violent in nature? Acute
What do you call skin inflammation? Dermatitis
What do you call recognition of a disease based on its symptoms? Diagnosis
What do you call 2 or more hairs growing out of one follicle? Pili-multigemini
When using a steam sterilizer at 250 degrees F with 15 psi, how long should you sterilize unpackaged instruments? 15 minutes
Electricity cannot flow unless there is what? Voltage (pressure)
What do you call a fungal disease of the skin? Ringworm (Tinea)
What do you call the branch of science that deals with bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa? Microbiology
What can shallow insertions, high intensity and overtreatment of the skin cause? Blanching
Which nervous system controls voluntary actions? Cerebro-spinal system
What are the 2 main factors that can initiate or accelerate hair growth? 1.) Increased blood supply
2.) Hormone stimulation
What do you call a disease that is a long duration but mild in nature? Chronic
What do you call nerves that carry impulses from the nerve center to glands, muscles, etc. Efferent
List the 3 types of bacteria that can be pathogenic. 1.) Cocci
2.) Bacilli
3.) Spirilla
Which immediate skin reaction is of least concern after treating darker skinned clients? Erythema (redness)
The degree of follicle curvature is related to the ____ of the hair shaft. Flatness
Which nervous system controls blood circulation? Autonomic nervous system
Which nervous system controls involuntary body functions? Autonomic nervous system
The hair and the follicle are part of which 2 structures? 1.) Epidermis
2.) Pilosebaceous unit
Which endocrine gland secretes ADH? Posterior pituitary gland
Where do you find the germinative cells of the epidermis? Stratum malpigium
When sensory and motor nerves are connected to all parts of the body, which system are they part of? Peripheral nervous system
Which nervous system controls voluntary activity? Cerebro-spinal system
What are the 3 components that make up the pilosebaceous unit? 1.) Sebaceous gland
2.) Arrector pili muscle
3.) hair/follicle/papilla
Dysfunction of the internal glands or organs is considered to be what kind of disease? Systemic
What do you call the sensory nerves that detect touch? Meissner's corpuscles
Which 2 layers make up the dermis? 1.) papillary layer
2.) reticular layer
When both galvanic and thermolysis are available on the probe either separately or together, what modality is it called? Blend
What do you call the sensory nerves that detect heat? Ruffini's end organs
Electrons always flow from the ____ pole to the ____ pole. Negative pole to the positive pole
Where does the hair's mitotic cells grow? Matrix
Which layer of the skin is not always present? Stratum Lucidum
What is it called when an electrical current is diverted from its original course so that a very strong current flows? Short circuit
What do you call the disease that is characterized by hardening and thickening of the skin? Scleroderma
What do you call infected follicles? Folliculitis
What do you call the fibers that extend from the cell body of a neuron? Processes
What is a another name for lentigines? Freckles
What do you call discoloration of the skin? Chloasma
What is a symptom of asteatosis? Dry skin
What do you call the foretelling of the probable course of a disease? Prognosis
In which growth stage will the terminal hair be at it's greatest depth? Advanced Anagen (6)
Which probe size would be best to treat vellus hairs on the upper lip? .002
What is the best probe to use to prevent over inserting in the follicle? Bulbous
Archard-Thiers Syndrome is also known as what? Diabetes of the bearded woman
A sebaceous cyst or subcutaneous tumor is also called what? Steatoma (wen)
What do you call the study of the cause of a disease? Etiology
Which endocrine gland regulates the blood and circulation of the body? Adrenal
Formaldehyde is an active gas found in what? Formalin
What do you call excessive hair growth on the body, such as the arms and legs? Hypertrichosis
What can happen if you use a probe that is too short? regrowth of hair
Which layer of the skin provides strength and flexibility? Dermis
When the epidermis is ____, it could be problematic for the electrologist. Moist
In reference to the blend, "simultaneous current application" means what? both currents flowing at the same time
How do you determine which diameter probe you should use? probe diameter should match hair diameter
If a client had developed scars from treatment by a different electrologist and asks you why this happened, what should you do? Explain how it could have occurred without pointing blame
How often should containers that are used to hold alcohol be emptied? Daily
To test an epilator or the manufactures intensity calibrations the electrologist should attach the calibrator to the ____ and ___ intensity. Needle holder/increase
Which two chemicals are produced at the negative electrode? Sodium Hydroxide (lye) and hydrogen gas
To prevent infection, what should your client do for home care treatment? keep area clean and bacteria free
What alcohol strength is in a disinfecting agent? 70%
When should you wash your hands? Before and after treatment
Terminal hair on a woman's face suggests that she has an excess of what? Androgens
During treatment, failure to properly balance your timing and intensity on your machine could result in what? regrowth of hair
Which layer of the skin is responsible for elasticity? Dermis
Cysts on the ovaries are symptoms of which disease? Stein-Leventhal syndrome (PCOS)
At your place of practice, where should you keep your electrology license? Conspicuous place
In thermolysis, the smaller the probe size is, the larger the ____ pattern is. Heating
What does desiccation mean? Removal of mositure
Which 2 currents are involved with the blend? 1.) High frequency
2.) Galvanic
Which gland is considered to be the source of new hairs? Sebaceous gland
Where do you find the papillary layer? Dermis
Which hormone can stimulate face and body hair and is secreted by the adrenal glands? Androgens
What do you call people who's profession requires them to have close personal contact with clients? Person service workers (PSW)
When you are treating thick anagen hairs with thermolysis, what should you do if you want to treat a telogen hair? Turn down intensity
Automatic timing is ___ accurate than manual timing. More
When using the blend, which modality should you start with? Doesn't matter, one or the other, or both are acceptable
What do you call a swollen lesion that is usually caused by an insect bite? Wheal
In regards to a patient's illness, what should you never do? Diagnose
When a woman starts to develop thick hairs due to menopause, which areas are most susceptible? Chip and upper lip
Which form of temporary hair removal can cause hairs to grow deeper and darker? tweezing/waxing
What are 2 supplies that electrologists do not need? 1.) Wax
2.) Bleach
When treating with thermolysis, what starts at the tip of the probe and progresses up the probe at a uniform rate? Heating pattern
If your client has an ingrown hair, what should you do? Free trapped hair and let it heal
If your client has been tweezing every day, how often should you schedule their appointments? Depends on the area being treated
What do you call an open sore on the surface of the skin? Ulcer
What is the most common type of skin cancer? Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
What is an example of a general infection? Blood poisoning
What do you call organisms that live on dead matter? Saprophytes
List the 2 endocrine glands that secrete androgens. 1.) Adrenal
2.) Gonads
What is the method of destruction for galvanic? Chemical decomposition
What type of tweezers should an electrologist use? electrologist's preference, as long as it can withstand frequent sterilization
What should you apply to the client's skin for post treatment? Cooling topical antispetic
If a client has a low pain tolerance and is slow to heal, how should you schedule your appointments? far enough apart to allow follicles to heal completely
Dogs are not permitted in an electrologist's office unless they are accompanying whom? sightless person
What is the only method of permanent hair removal? Electrolysis
What type of room is not necessary to have in an electrology office? Reception area
What happens to your license if you disclose personal information about a client? revoked
A smaller diameter probe will have a heating pattern that is ____ in size. Larger
What is another name for the cerebro-spinal system? Central Nervous System
What is a normal skin response after treatments? minor redness and swelling
What can the board of medicine not issue? temporary permits
What happens to the epidermis/follicle if you remove an ingrown hair? epidermis will heal over follicle
The highest intensity a client can handle with the shortest amount of time required to achieve epilation is called what? Working point
What do you call a crack in the skin, such as chapped hands or lips? Fissure
What is the most common type of bacteria? Rod shaped (bacilli)
Where does the club hair begin to form? Catagen
What do you call nerves that carry messages from nerve centers to muscles? motor nerves
Hepatitis, HIV, small pox, and molluscum contagiosum, are all considered to be what type of microorganism? Virus
Chills, weight loss, swollen lymph glands and diarrhea are all symptoms of what? Aids Related Complex (ARC)
What does an electrical capacitor do? Stores electrical charge
During high frequency, what can occur that causes blanching that can lead to pitted scars? transfer of heat from the lower follicle to the upper follicle/epidermis
Which modality is considered to be monoterminal? Thermolysis
What kind of hair does a round follicle produce? Straight hair
What kind of hair does a flat follicle produce? Curly hair
What is the most important thing to do before beginning treatment? Hand washing
What does extreme stimulation of sensory nerves cause? Pain
Besides blanching, what is a sign of over treatment? Scabbing
Which modality would be best to use on a pregnant woman? Thermolysis
What two factors should your probe have? 1.) Disposable
2.) Sterile
When treating light colored hair, what can you do to help see the hair better? Adjust magnifying lamp
What would happen if you were to over treat the trigal area (inner ear)? Shrinkage
What must happen before a facility license can be transferred from one location to another? Both locations must pass inspection
What do you call blood vessels that carry blood to the heart? Veins
What is NOT produced by the galvanic modality? Heat
What kind of personality should an electrologist have? Pleasing
In regards to the client, what should the electrologists first consideration be? client's best interest
What are the 2 main types of hair? 1.) Vellus
2.) Terminal
What can cortisone, hormones and steroids cause? Excessive hair growth
What do you call the fluid in the blood? Plasma
What is the most important reason for obtaining a client history card? Reviewing the medical history
Pus on the skin is a sign of what? Infection
If you see that your client has a mole that has changed in shape or color, what should you do? Refer to dermatologist
When treating the upper lip, where should you begin treatment? Start at the outer corners and work towards the center
How long should you work on a client? Depends on the skin type and the area being treated
When using galvanic, switching from a larger probe to a smaller probe will cause the current to do what? Stay the same
When is the best time to explain the hair growth cycles to your client? Consultation
HIV/AIDS continuing education, that is require for license renewal, should be completed how often? 2 hours every 2 years
If a client has a herpes outbreak, what should you do? Do not treat!
Bacteria can enter the body through skin that is ____. Broken
What is an indication that the follicle is healing normally after treatment? Honey colored crusts (eschars)
What are the 3 accepted modalities? 1.) Galvanic
2.) Thermolysis
3.) Blend
What is the technical name for a birthmark? Naevus
Which type of probe will cause the least amount of trauma to the skin? Insulated probe
The principle parts of the nervous system include the brain, spinal cord and _____. Nerves
Which endocrine gland produces thyroxine? Thyroid
The clients health history assessment provides accurate records that allows us to create a treatment plan and it should also have the client's ____. Signature
Itching and burning are examples of which type of symptom? Subjective
When determining if a patient with a skin condition should or should not be worked on, what information is not important to know? Gender of patient
Lodestone, cobalt and iron are all examples of what? Natural magnets
What do you call a circuit that has a break in it and does not allow electricity to flow? Open circuit
What do you call a device that is used to change the voltage of a current? Transformer
An electrologist risks losing a client if they misrepresent their ____. Abilities
When nerve endings over lap, they provide a message of ____ ____. Double intensity
Itching is an example of which type of symptom? Subjective
What do you call an accumulation of epidermal flakes? Scale
What are the 2 methods of destruction for thermolysis? 1.) Electrodessication
2.) Electrocoagulation
Which electrode does cataphoresis use? Positive (anode)
When steam is produced at the probe tip, what could happen and why? Too much damage to the epidermis can occur because steam is a good insulator
When pulsing with thermolysis, compared to one long pulse, will more or less time be needed to deliver the required amount of energy? More
This is an accumulation of blood serums and pus at the skin surface. Crust
What do you call a chronic inflammatory disorder of the skin? Acne
When treating a diabetic patient, the electrologist's main concern is the client's ability to do what? Heal
Which natural hair color is the most deeply rooted an most difficult to epilate? Red hair
Pathogenic bacteria are also called what? Germs or microbes
This is a hypertrophic, secondary lesion of the skin caused by friction. Keratoma
What is the technical name for sensory nerves? Afferent nerves
Pituitary hypersecretion, adrenal tumors, and ovarian tumors can cause what hair disorder? Hirsutism
What do you call the microscopic study of the skin and it's tissues? Histology
Which 3 areas should you never treat with electrolysis? 1.) eyelids/eyelashes
2.) inside of nose (nostrils)
3.) inside of ear
If a client asks you to remove hair from a mole, what should you do? Remind client that state laws must be followed
What do you call the chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by silvery scales? Psoriasis
In regards to sterilization, the time it takes to heat up is referred to as what? Lag time
Unpackaged instruments should be re-sterilized within what time frame? 24 hours
What do you call a structural change in the skin? Lesion
Name the 3 layers of the hair. 1.) Medulla
2.) Cortex
3.) Cuticle
What 3 factors about the probe can affect the electrical activity of the probe? 1.) Diameter
2.) Shape
3.) Length
What shape are the cells in the cortex layer? Elongated
Sudoriferous glands serves which 2 functions? 1.) waste secretion
2.) heat regulation
Which 2 components make up the central nervous system? 1.) Brain
2.) Spinal cord
Is a macule flat or raised? Flat
What do you call a group of signs or symptoms? Syndrome
Draping a client serves to protect the client and electrologist, but what does it not provide? Sterilization of area
What kind of hair does and oval follicle produce? Wavy
What should you be suspicious of when a mole is black or slate colored and has an irregular shape? Melanoma
The flash technique of thermolysis uses ____ intensities for a ____ duration. Very high intensities for a very short duration
What skin condition is characterized by inflammation, crusting and oozing lesions that can be filled with pus? Impetigo
What happens to the skin if you try to use too large of a needle during treatment? Ecchymosis (bruising)

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