Finance – Kraft Analysis Sample Essay

The origin of Kraft started when. “J. L. Kraft started selling cheese organize a Equus caballus drawn waggon in 1903 ( Kraft 2012 ) . ” Kraft grew and evolved going one of the most profitable companies in the universe. Through their history. it developed different merchandises and shortly became the bosom of America. Kraft nutrients have been supplying an excess manus to the households across the universe. with their easy readying nutrients and drinks. This American pudding stone is comprised of many companies including Nabisco. General Food. Phillip Morris. and Kraft. Kraft’s portfolio is comprised of many trade names such as: Oreo cookies. Maxwell House java. Macaroni and cheese. and Marlboro coffin nails.

Kraft food’s corporate central offices are located in Northfield. Illinois. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman is Irene Rosinfeld. Irene was inducted as Chairman of Kraft nutrients in March 2007 and C. E. O. in June 2006. She has been an devouring employee for Kraft for over 20 old ages and has held many places within the corporation. Kraft employs 127. 000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 75 states globally. These states encompass North America. Latin America. Europe. Middles East and Africa ( Kraft 2012 ) . Additionally. Kraft has 223 fabrication and processing installations around the work and 15 research and development centres ( Kraft 2012 ) .

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Finance – Kraft Analysis Sample Essay
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Fiscal Statements





Summary of Financial Statements
Income Statement
For the old ages which ended Dec 31. Kraft Foods generated $ 54. 365 million in net grosss from goods sold to clients in 2011. This figure was a 21 % addition from the old twelvemonth which had a net gross of $ 49. 207 million. In drumhead. 60 per centum of net gross was generated. The goods sold to bring forth gross which is besides called cost of gross revenues was $ 35. 350 million. the tax write-off of the cost of gross revenues by the net gross resulted in a gross net income of $ 19. 015 million. There were a few operating disbursals which were selling. general. and administrative disbursals. these disbursals accumulated to $ 12. 140 million.

In add-on. to those disbursals. there were besides plus damage charges and issue losingss which costs – $ 6 million. and amortisation of intangibles which ended up being $ 225 million. The operating income increased by 6. 667 million. Interest and other disbursals. cyberspace amounted $ 1. 885 million. since involvement disbursal is money borrowed it is considered as a non-operating disbursal. The difference of the operating income and the non-operating disbursal is the net incomes from go oning operations before income revenue enhancements ( EBIT ) which was $ 4. 772 million. After all the revenue enhancements and net incomes were accounted for the net net incomes attributable to Kraft Foods was $ 3. 527 million. Balance Sheet

In a balance sheet there are two chief classs under assets which are: current and non-current ( long-run ) . The current assets of Kraft Foods for 2011 were hard currency and hard currency equivalents which was $ 1. 974 million. Cash is the most liquid plus ; these include money in unrestricted checking histories. negotiable cheques. etc. Due to the Kraft and Cadbury acquisition. there were many current and long term assets that were increased. Receivables and Inventories were some of a few. Receivables went up to $ 6. 361 million and stock list besides increased to $ 5. 706 million. Next. listed are deferred income revenue enhancements numbering to $ 912 million and last but non least. other current assets which were $ 1. 249 million. In drumhead. the entire current assets amounted to $ 16. 202 million. Subsequently following the current assets are the non-current or long-run assets. These are the touchable assets. investings. intangible assets. and other.

Property. works. and equipment includes land betterment. edifice and edifice equipment. machinery and equipment. in advancement building. and a tax write-off of accrued depreciation. All of the belongings. works and equipment totaled to $ 13. 813 million. Intangible assets are assets that are non physical ; Kraft Foods generated $ 25. 186 million in intangible assets which was diminution from 2009 and 2010. The other non-current assets include Goodwill. Prepaid pension. and other assets conveying the entire assets to $ 93. 837 million. which is still less than 2010’s 95. 289 entire plus count. Liabilitiess can either fall into current or long-run. merely like their opposite number. assets. To get down. Kraft Foods increased their short term adoptions by $ 182 million. Next. on the balance statement was the current part of the long term debt which reached $ 3. 654 million from $ 1. 115 million in one twelvemonth. Histories collectible was recorded at $ 2. 863 million. following by accumulated selling at $ 2. 863 million. accumulated employment costs at $ 1. 365 million. and other liabilities that were $ 4. 856 million. In add-on. entire current liabilities amounted $ 18. 445 million.

The following class is long term debt which decreased from $ 26. 859 million in 2010. to $ 23. 065 million in 2011. Deferred income revenue enhancements increased every bit good by adding $ 6. 738 million to long term liabilities. Accrued pension costs and post retirement wellness costs are extra factors which amounted to $ 3. 238 million more. Afterwards. there were other liabilities that summed up to $ 3. 396 million. In kernel. entire liabilities came up to $ 58. 509 million. which was a $ 838 million difference from the old twelvemonth. The following class is equity. normally called stockholder’s equity on a balance sheet. Kraft Foods started this subdivision out with $ 31. 318 million in extra paid in capital. Next. was $ 18. 012 in retained net incomes and after that. there were two losingss. one was for $ 6. 637 million for accumulated other comprehensive loss and the other was $ 7. 476. and that was for exchequer stock. Therefore. the entire Kraft Food shareholder’s equity was $ 35. 217 million. in add-on to the non commanding involvement which was $ 111 million which so. brought the entire equity to $ 35. 328 million. Hence. calculating the sum of liabilities and equity peers $ 93. 837 million. Assetss = Liability + Shareholder’s Equity

Statement of Cash Flow
The statement of Cash Flows trades with liquid investings. hard currency and hard currency equivalents. Kraft Foods had $ 3. 547 million in hard currency provided by operating activities. There were few tax write-offs due to payments for acquisitions of stock list. payments to employees. payments to authorities revenue enhancements. payments of involvement disbursal or payments to providers for other disbursals. The hard currency flow minuss included plus damage and issue costs. receivables. stock lists. and other current liabilities. This brought the entire net hard currency provided by runing activities to $ 4. 520 million. Following on the statement of hard currency flows were hard currency used in puting activities which amounted in $ -1. 728 million. Subsequent to the investment activities. are the hard currency provided by funding activities.

Ratios and the Industry Averages

Key Statisticss
The most recent quarters have resulted in bring forthing nice draging price/earnings per portion of 19. 89 ( Yahoo Finance 2012 ) . The forward price/earnings per portion is conducted by ciphering the net incomes projection for one twelvemonth. This computation should co-occur with the market industry norm. anything that is runing from 10 and below is improbably low. every bit good as Numberss that are 30 and above are considered high. The price/book ratio helps the investor understand the growing in the company every bit far as their assets etc and where they stand. Kraft has a 2. 08 ( Yahoo Finance 2012 ) which is shows that it is a reasonably good company with continual growing. Kraft’s runing border is 13. 72 % ( Yahoo Finance 2012 ) which is good in comparing to the industry norm. As seen in the graph above. Kraft has a great sum of debt ; on the other manus. they have many different companies that represent Kraft Foods so there are an copiousness of assets with in this company. In kernel. Kraft has maintained their overall cost control by their 6. 62 % ( Yahoo Finance 2012 ) net income border. The volatility is less than the market because Kraft’s beta is. 30 ( Yahoo Finance 2012 ) .

Arrested development Analysis

Arrested development Analysis Graph

In set uping the shutting monetary value. an analysis of a 5 twelvemonth monetary value history of Kraft Foods had to be prepared. Then in order for the consequences to be read accurately. a permutation of the day of the months had to be changed to clip codifications. After. exhaustively traveling through the stairss of the arrested development. a graph and drumhead end product was produced with the consequences of the 5 twelvemonth historical monetary values. The stoping shutting monetary value equation was 26. 74408197 + 0. 158234268 * Timecode. Prognosis

Forecasting for OCT 2012

This prediction method was Traveling Average and it was done by The DecisionTools Suite Software created by the Palisades Company. All of the informations shown supra produced a prognosis for Oct 2012 of 31. 26. The consequence of this prognosis is lower than the 52 hebdomad low because as of October 2011 the depression was 31. 88. Judging by this prognosis. I would non unfit KFT and categorise it as a bad bargain because of the history. October’s prognosis shows higher than September’s forecast so although ; it has decreased from Jan 2012. Now. when analysing the existent shutting monetary values they are much higher than the prognosiss and September was really in the 52 hebdomad high class. Although. prognosiss are supposed to be educated anticipations based on the facts and figures of the past and present. I will non order my determination based on merely the prediction consequences. In decision. I do believe that Kraft would be a good bargain and I will urge it to investors. They are a reputable company and they’ve been making good over the old ages and proven to be a Fortune 500 company.


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